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Co-op ideas needed


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I'm thinking of doing a small co-op in the Spring with a few other moms.

This is not something fancy, just a small once a week, or maybe every other week.


I have thought about doing a Science class, and have several science curriculums. I thought that Real Science 4 kids Chemistry could be fun. Has anyone done this as a co-op, and if so, how and how long did it take?


If anyone has any suggestions or ideas how I can make a small co-op (less than 10 kids) that is run by 3 moms to be effective, please let me know.



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I've been involved in two small co-ops (and two larger ones)! The first one was a history and science group with 3 families total. We planned our schedules so that the families would go at about the same pace through our chosen history & science curricula. Then, we planned to meet a couple of times a month to do either a history or a science enrichment activity, meeting at the home of the person leading that time. This was when our kids were young.


In the small one we're involved in now, a couple of us teach the same subject each week. I teach Latin and a friend teaches writing to our small group. (Latin only has 4 kids and writing has 6.) We don't charge for teaching -- we benefit too by providing accountability and fun to our own families.


Oh, and last year another local family used TOG, and we alternated leading go-along activities every few weeks. This worked out very well!


So, one option for you could be to have another mom or two choose a subject to teach to all the children and make a day or a half day of it (with 2-3 classes each time). Or, you could just all use the same curriculum (the science you like) and then take turns leading the experiments and activities.



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Thanks Profmom, that is helpful information.


I was wanting this co-op to be free also. I was wanting to start it to encourage my own children as well give them some added companionship.


I would love to do Latin and writing. I am willing to teach and hoping to get some other moms to do the same.


I have only done co-ops in the setting of me paying for my kids to attend with someone else teaching. I have never done anything like this and I"m wanting it to be real teaching, real learning...not something for the kids just to play. I am a bit nervous that "free" will be taken to be "drop your kids off and run" :glare: which I don't want.


I wish I had more co-op experience so I can plan this to run smoothly.:001_smile:

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I have never done anything like this and I"m wanting it to be real teaching, real learning...not something for the kids just to play. I am a bit nervous that "free" will be taken to be "drop your kids off and run" :glare: which I don't want.



Yes! So, you'll want each participating family to actively contribute in some way. If some aren't comfortable teaching, then they need to contribute in other ways, like hosting at their house, snacks, picking up supplies (costs to be split among participants), etc.


I hope you can find a couple of moms who will be willing to teach a subject in exchange for their child getting to sit in on the other classes!

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I just started a co-op here in our area. We are a little bigger. We have 10 families and 25 kids. We require all the moms to stay and help. They are assigned a specific job each hour. Moms either teach, watch little ones, assist in classes, or be the Hall Monitor/Floater. Some of the moms were very hesitant to teach, but they've really stepped up on helping and cleaning up, things like that.


We found a church that is letting us meet there for free. We did charge a $30 per family registration fee for supplies, and we should be able to give the church a donation out of that.


We have a preschool class, K-2nd, 3rd-5th, Jr/Sr High. We meet from 9:30 to 12:30. The preschool class is doing some art projects and learning games, having outside time, snack, time and play time.


The K-2nd grade has a geography class, Around the World in 8 Weeks. They are studying geography/map skills, visiting a continent each week for crafts, food, games. The last week will be a study of Christmas traditions around the world. The group has a 30 minute group game class, then snack/RR break time. Then they have an Art class.


The 3rd-5th has a Pilgrims Rock class, an in depth study of the Pilgrims. They are creating a timeline. They have a geography class like the youngers, but older activities. They also have an art class called "A Work of Art". They study an artist, then do projects in similar styles.


The Jr/Sr high has the geography class and art classes, but again, geared for even higher skills, then they have a state history class.


If you have anymore questions, like to see our policy manual, pm me and I'll be glad to share.

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We are in a medium size coop I guess, bordering on large (several new families joined us this year). We have a rule that if your children participate in the classes you have to help with some aspect - it can be set up, teaching, babysitting the littles, or clean up, but you have to do something to help.


As for the classes, I have found that if you are interested in it that helps a lot. I am leading a geography class called Destination Earth, and it seems to be going well so far. As for science, I am not a huge fan of RS4K in general, but its 10 week set up would probably work well for that application.


Good luck!

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