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I need a good thesaurus recommendation

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My oldest received the Simon ans Schuster Thesaurus for Children (non-Kindle edition)

5190XJDSFTL._SL500_AA246_PIkin2,BottomRight,-2,34_AA280_SH20_OU01_.jpg a few years ago. Perhaps it would've been more helpful when he was in 1st or 2nd grade (it is too simplified for our needs), but now as a 5th grader, it isn't that helpful. I still have my paperback, yellow covered Merriam Webster Thesaurus from probably college, which is sufficing OK, but I'm wondering if anyone has run into a better resource that I can put on my shelf.



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We use the standard: Roget's Thesaurus. You can usually pick up a nice hardcover version on remainder at Barnes & Nobles for less than $10.00.


When you look up a word, you get a few synonyms for each meaning of the word, and then get referred to a larger category to find more synonyms for the particular meaning you want. With very little practice, this becomes an easy way to operate.


We also use Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms - this is a thesaurus supplement. Often Roget's will yield a list of synonyms that each have slightly different meanings, implications, and usages. The Merriam-Webster book clarifies the subtle differences between the various synonyms and explains their individual usages clearly, along with examples.


Many others on the boards have recommended electronic thesauri from Franklin. If you search on "Franklin", you should be able to find some reviews/opinions on these.

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