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Gave away my last copy of LCC...

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Should I replace it or wait for the revised edition? I'll want to refer to it this summer when I have my yearly planning session/homeschool identity crisis.


(Read: Exactly how long am I gonna have to wait for the new one?!)


Well, if you need it, I'll be happy to loan you my copy. It's the least I could do :D.

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Well ...


Do you like the multiple streams approach to history? Or would you prefer one continuous stream?


If you like the multiple streams approach, buy another copy now. The update will have a single continuous stream (still with religious studies as a separate subject, though).

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I know this one! I received this emailed response from Memoria Press today:



Thank you for your interest in Andrew's titles. We are hoping to have the updated LCC printed by this summer. The Memory book will be a few months behind the Latin Centered Curriculum.




Bryanna Anderson

Memoria Press



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I should add that the changes are more substantial than just a shift from multi-stream to chronological history. Unless you absolutely cannot wait until summer to plan, I would recommend holding for the new edition. :) Or you can try to get a copy through interlibrary loan. There are a couple of copies in the Western Massachusetts library system, so ask your ILL person to look there first.

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