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  1. Happy birthday! I love your books. :)

  2. Hi Drew, Many thanks for LM, LCC and your comments here! I am in the early stages of working with a group of parents from my church to start a classical UMS model school. Few others interested "get" classical, though I think the church admin generally trusts my judgment and the other interested parents have an intuitive sense that their kids can know more and "do better." We are neo-classicalists, (my ultimate goal being thouroughly classical before my 2 littlest graduate-lol, though I am slowly but surley getting over my grammar and foreign language phobias = ). Any wise words of counsel that you'd be willing to pass along regarding anything related to this venture?

  3. I didn't read any of the other responses, but no, I don't find it funny at all.
  4. The teens I know almost all have summer jobs or are involved in things like community theater.
  5. Almost all U.S. colleges accept Latin as a foreign language. A few specify a modern (spoken) language; I know a few military schools want this. When in doubt, check with the colleges your students are interested in, as requirements vary.
  6. I consider it a back-handed compliment at best. Mostly it's an expression of envy.
  7. I do. Our system isn't perfect, but I can get most of what I want through ILL. We do have books at home (and very limited living space), and dd has by far the largest collection. But I don't need to own even a small fraction of what I read in a year. I only keep books I will re-read or refer to regularly. We also only have one child, so when she outgrows books, we don't have a reason to keep them around for the next one. That makes a big difference.
  8. I'm an "other." I'm busy planning a Pre-K-12 curriculum for our classical school in New Hampshire! If all goes well and the school opens as planned, dd will be entering 3rd grade there. :)
  9. Online translation tools are notorious awful. "Garden of hope" is "hortus spei" in Latin. (There is no grammatical or pronunciation difference between classical and ecclesiastical in this phrase.)
  10. :D I go to a Polish church and there was just a piece in the bulletin about this. Have fun!
  11. Some of the models are drawn from retellings of Homeric stories, but actual translations of the Iliad and Odyssey are not assigned.
  12. $10 for two paperbacks: Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and Tales of Ancient Egypt. Next year's history budget is $40 for MP's FMOG set.
  13. The Apology is not something that would lend itself to abridgment; it's only 40 pages long in a recent English edition. If your dc aren't ready for it, why not just wait until they're older? I'm not sure why a middle schooler would be reading Plato in the first place! ;)
  14. The Pixie Hollow books are pretty fluffy, but they usually have some sort of positive message: "be kind," "have courage," "honesty is the best policy," "know your limits" that sort of thing. They are not great literature by any means, but they're better written than I had expected.
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