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  1. Happy birthday! I love your books. :)

  2. Hi Drew, Many thanks for LM, LCC and your comments here! I am in the early stages of working with a group of parents from my church to start a classical UMS model school. Few others interested "get" classical, though I think the church admin generally trusts my judgment and the other interested parents have an intuitive sense that their kids can know more and "do better." We are neo-classicalists, (my ultimate goal being thouroughly classical before my 2 littlest graduate-lol, though I am slowly but surley getting over my grammar and foreign language phobias = ). Any wise words of counsel that you'd be willing to pass along regarding anything related to this venture?

  3. Love your avatar! :D

  4. Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :)

  5. Popping by to say how much I adore Living Memory. It will serve us well. Great job! :)

  6. I'll have whatever Beans is drinking. :D

  7. I'm taking a much-needed board break. Be well, all!

  8. Is that you, Evan? Welcome! - Drew C.

  9. Don't you know it! I'm counting down the seconds. You rock, Plaid Dad! Hope you had a happy bday.

  10. Only 1460 days! :D

  11. Thanks for the fab plaid birthday wish! It made my day. :)

  12. Happy Birthday, Drew. :)

  13. Thanks for posting the link to the Tridentine Mass article! :)

  14. Sending you the virtual bevvy of your choice and wishing you a peaceful evening.

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