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Happy - Sad Dance AP Scores arrived

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DS AP Scores arrived. He's now an AP Scholar with Distinction :)


and he scored a 5 in AP Statistics --- I'm surprised cause I thought he would squeak by with a 4. Guess he knew it better than I gave him credit for knowing it.


In Chemistry though, every pretest he took had him on the high-end of 5. He came out of the test feeling like he had really nailed it. His score wasn't a 5, it was 4, and while that earns the same credit at the local university he is obviously disappointed and :confused:


His other two tests, Eng Lang and Eng Lit were just where he expected them to be.



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Yay for the great scores!! And also for the AP Scholar honor!


My dd had a similar flip-flop this year in physics. She was very confident going in on Physics Mechanics (high fives on all practice tests), but a little worried about Electricity/Magnetism. She received a 4 on the Mech and a 5 on E&M. As her teacher, I'd say that her self-assessment was more accurate than the College Board's scores:).


Oh, and you know that you can order their free-response booklets? It's helped us in the past to compare them to the answer keys that CB puts online later in the summer.



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It's possible to get the College Board to rescore the multiple-choice section only. This is from their site:


Multiple-Choice Rescore Service


You may request that your multiple-choice answer sheet be re-scored by hand. This score and your free-response score are then appropriately weighted and combined. The resulting score is converted to an AP grade and compared with the reported grade. The multiple-choice section is not disclosed, and therefore scores on this section are not available. The free-response section is not reread. Studio Art portfolios are not reevaluated. AP Services must receive your signed, written request by mail or fax by October 31 of the year in which you took the exam. The fee is $25 per exam. Please allow six to eight weeks for a response.

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Thanks all,


We're going to have the MC section hand-graded and requested his free-response booklet too. At least maybe if we can look it over we can help him see where he could improve on the next test, whatever it is.


DS's AP Chem teacher wrote the nicest note to DS, very nice.


And DS is doing the :party:



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