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Achilles tendonitis...any advice for me?

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I have pain, stiffness, and swelling in my Achilles tendon; the doctor agreed with me that it appears to be tendonitis, and probably from the antibiotic I took for my sinus infection. Sigh.


I am icing it, keeping it elevated when I can, and taking ibuprofen. I got a "brace" (like an Ace bandage) for some compression to help with the swelling.


Any tips? How long will it take to feel better?



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My son was recently diagnosed with achilles tendonitis...too much jumping and running without stretching, I guess! The doc said no jumping or running for a few weeks (ideally 3, but we are talking a 9 yo boy here), and to baby it as much as possible for that time. He also recommended a "heel cup" for his shoe. This is not a sole insert, but something that is just in the heel and cradles it, and relieves pressure when running and jumping. He said they are available at pharmacies...Target didn't have them and I still haven't checked Walgreen's, but they probably will.


Hope you feel better soon!

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I have had similar, and what helped me was wearing shoes with a heel at least one inch higher than the ball of my foot. YMMV, of course, but I could feel an improvement within a week or so.



Or put heel wedges in.


I have a hard time "resting" legs. I like a walking boot as it forces me to. :)


I'm allergic to those kind of antibiotics, lucky me, but it can even cause rupture, esp. if you are taking steroids as well. So take it easy! I've never seen it, but I've heard about it in law suits.

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We use bromelain for all swelling issues here. It's a pineapple enzyme that you can buy at health food stores. It is sold as a digestive enzyme but if you take it in high doses in between meals, it works as an anti-inflammatory that works much better than any of the prescription meds. My first midwife told us about it. Dh had tendonitis in his thumb so bad he couldn't use his hand. After 4 months in a brace, taking two medications, he had no improvement. After the midwife told us about bromelain, he was completely healed in 3 weeks. I use it for carpal tunnel. We find that overuse injuries will begin to reoccur after about a year but if we take it for a couple of days at the very beginning of symptoms, it goes away for another year.


It is sold in different concentrations. I look for the 2,000gdu and take 2 of them two or three times a day on an empty stomach. It is contraindicated for those allergic to pineapple and those on blood thinning medications. It is a mild blood thinner (like aspirin is) so you should also stop taking it before scheduled surgeries; but taking it after can help with healing.

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