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THis is going to sound like a silly question, but my dh has had the hiccups for 24 hours, off and on, and they won't go away. He has tried everything to get rid of them. Any ideas or suggestions to help him.


I suspect they are stress related, but he thinks it's nerve. Would a call to a chiropractor be helpful? Any medicines he could take.


He can not go to work and successfully do his job when he's hiccuping constantly.


Thanks for your help.



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This is what works for my kids. (I got this from some acupressure web page). Their face has to be completely relaxed. I put my finger just below their nose. There is a bump below the nose but above the lip. Your finger should be horizontal. You put FIRM pressure just above the bump. Hold the pressure for 30 seconds. When I first started doing this it took me a couple tries to figure out the exact placement and such. But now it works every time. Good luck.

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