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Not one more piece of curriculum! Well... maybe.

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Oh no! I just got an email that the talented Amy Pak at Homeschool in the Woods has a new release: http://homeschoolinthewoods.com/HTTA/AP/Composers.htm

It takes us awhile to finish our projects but the end result is something my dc show every family member and neighbor. This one is on the great composers with music samples and can be downloaded. I have books and CDs on composers. Do I need hands-on projects? Someone talk me out of this.

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We already have *2* art programs- 2!! We never even finish ONE per year, so what possessed me to get 2, I'll never know. We already have a music appreciation program. I do not need this product.



DOn't need it.

Not looking.



Seriously, I was just coming here to lament my extreme over-scheduling for next year, and what do I find? More stuff I want to buy! (not necessarily use).


SO cut it out, you.


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i just told my dh tonight that i want to order it and do it when the cd is ready, so I can't stop you. it looks great! Do you have something with info about each composer or do you plan to just use the internet, or what? (Did you see that Amy said it doesn't include that, just the projects?) We have Story of the Orchestra and all of the Beethoven's Wig cd's, but that is all. We've never really studied composers. I am excited!

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Nice job at restraining me, fellow posters.:glare: Thanks to your rather feeble efforts, I am the proud owner of the Composer study. Someone had to satisfy everyone's curiosity. And I am happy that I obliged. There isn't a text like the Time Traveler's series, but information on the classical music period, numerous vocabulary definitions, and the purposes for certain types of music is included. I plan on using my Meet the Great Composers books for thebiography information. You could certainly use the Internet. So for $20, you have a fairly complete overview and a nice project to show for you effort. We will be studying ancient history next year but if you are on the Middle Ages, you could schedule the musicians and periods chronologically. I think. Superb justification for making yet another curriculum purchase. Don't you think? Yes, I am sure my dh will agree with you all.

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