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  1. I am unsure of what is to be included in the school profile on the Common App. If anyone can point me in the direction of a sample, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Dixie Epp
  2. My son is taking GC 5 this year at WHA along with Rhetoric 1. Between the two, I feel that he is covering plenty of reading and writing! In GC 5 he has had or will have had to write essays for the second, third, and fourth quarter as well as for the mid-term and final exams. He has a list of 18 books of which many have been read in their entirety, and then some in part. Assignments over the readings vary but quite frequently consist of comprehension questions and discussion questions. My son's 10th grade year is comprised of the following: Pre-Calculus - WHA GC 5 - WHA Rhetoric 1 - WHA Pre-AP Chemistry - WHA Spanish II - WHA Latin II - Lukeion He is a motivated, self-disciplined student and yet spends long hours daily on school work due to the heavy load. He also plays basketball and cello. HTH Dixie
  3. Did your child do BJU Physical Science? My son had completed BJU Physical Science and BJU Biology so I had him take WHA Pre-AP Honors Chemistry this current school year as a sophomore. I felt like the BJU Physical Science was enough of a physics introduction that he could move forward without taking WHA Physics 1. He plans to take AP Chemistry next year as a junior.
  4. In addition to weekly homework, there is another weekly assignment as in a quiz, open book assignment, or a discussion. Chapter coverage varies based on the length of the chapter. The first 5 chapters were covered during the first semester, but they have completed chapters 6 and 7 and started chapter 8 already this semester. There are a total of 13 chapters in the book. They did one full lab during the first semester. He has to do a lab demo and result write up next week and he thinks that there will be another full lab this semester as well. It has definitely not been a lab heavy class.
  5. My son said that other than prayer at the beginning and end of class there has not really been any religious discussion. He estimates that the top time spent on Chemistry in a week for him would be 6 hours, but on average he puts in around 4 hours of study time per week. He is my son that loves math and Chemistry and the Chemistry seems to come easy for him. My husband is a PhD Chemist so is able to discuss things with him if needed as well.
  6. My son is taking Pre AP Chemistry with Mrs. Bailey this year and absolutely loves the class. She is one of his favorite teachers. He also really likes the textbook that is used. He said he has no complaints about her class! He is also taking Rhetoric 1 with Mr. Vierra. He said it is a hard class but good. We have really enjoyed our experience at Wilson Hill Academy the last two years.
  7. I am looking for a live, online Physics class for my 11th and 12th grade sons. I prefer something other than Apologia Physics. Does anyone have feedback on the Physics class offered through the Potter's School. I am also open to other suggestions. Thank you, Dixie
  8. I am looking for recommendations for an Online Spanish class for my high school boys. They will have completed BJU Spanish I by the end of this school year, but they are in need of more live interaction. Thank you, Dixie
  9. OhElizabeth, Do you know when the new BJU Geometry is to come out? Thank you, Dixie
  10. My second son has done BJU Life, Earth and Physical Science as a 6th, 7th and 8th grader. He did Algebra I in 8th grade with the Physical Science. My third son is following the same sequence. Dixie
  11. Sorry to hijack your post. In reference to the above quote, are you referring to BJU in regards to the 10%off? If so, do you know what the combo deals are for this year? Thank you Dixie
  12. I believe there are 170 lessons in BJU Life Science.
  13. I am glad to see that I am not alone in my dislike of using the Bosch for cakes or cookies. I use my KA stand mixer for cakes and cookies! Dixie
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