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  1. The first thing that popped into my mind was a nature walk during which you would gather leaves. Then come back and compare and contrast all the different leaves: shapes, vein pattern, etc. Then do a leaf rubbing!
  2. We used Fifty Famous Stories Retold using the study guide from Cake in the Morn. The book is free in the public domain and the kids had tons of fun with all the narration questions and keeping a journal about what we did for the year.
  3. I spoke to the owner yesterday and she is arranging a meeting between me, the head coach, and herself. I will keep you updated!
  4. Wow, so many great responses! Thank you all and I am very grateful to have the insight from so many people who are weighed down by the daily ins and outs of this. Fresh perspectives are good and I agree with all you have all said. To catwoman--I have had two sit down conversations with the coach and it didn't get us anywhere. It seems to almost make matters worse. I am careful about what I say because, in the end, I dont want her to change gyms and if I can manage this in a way that will resolve the problem without making it worse (and I am not being very successful!), that would
  5. Jen--yes, the owner is at the gym and knows my daughter, often laughing and giving her high fives and things. She is not involved or out on the floor when my daughter is practicing though. The owner coaches the higher levels and is either focused on them or off the floor. I can watch the practice and while I can't always hear what they say, I can see everything and the info comes from my daughter, the girls in the carpool, and the head coach.
  6. Jan--she is right smack dab in the middle and I do agree with what you are saying. Stacypbu--yes it does! Oh, I need a cup of coffee. :) Thank you all for your advice, support, and someone to talk to about it. It is good to hear other perspectives and other mama instincts to try and sort through the whole thing. I foresee a meeting with the owner and head coach in our future.
  7. Thanks speedmom--my husband is deployed right now (and the coach knows this too) but when he gets back in a few weeks, I am thinking we will have a meeting with the owner and the coach to get this resolved. I would just hate for the visible things to be fixed (she has her locker) but the coach to be even more resentful and continue to treat her unfairly in class.
  8. LMA--I have thought of doing that! But, in the end, I think she will end up getting in bigger trouble. I do agree with Jenn that it is a control issue. Jenn--when they publicly call her out, the coaches will say things to each other, but loudly so that it is heard, "Boy, H sure isn't behaving well. I wonder if we need to move her to preteam." or when she was supposed to be standing in line waiting her turn, instead of watching her teammate, she was watching another level practice so the coach said, "Want to watch the other team? Go ahead. Go watch them. Go sit and I will tell you whe
  9. Hahaha! What great insight and it makes perfect sense! The coach is born and raised American and just seems to have a major issue with my daughter. She is very precocious and charming and everyone in the gym knows her and smiles and waves and it seems the other coaches find her endearing. I am not sure what he has against her, but this whole thing has really become a large source of stress for me! I really think it has become a battle of the wills.
  10. Thank you, PiCo, for your great response. This coach is the head coach for Level 4, but not the owner of the gym. He is one of the prized coaches, though, and has won many awards and everyone adores him. I have had one meeting with him already where he said that he would think of a concrete way to decide when she can get the locker back and then tell her what that would be. That was 2 months ago and nothing came out of it. I then had a follow up meeting with him last month where he was very agitated and didn't have anything to say other than my daughter needs to focus more. He still
  11. Ohh tough one. Are you a costco member? Usually costco can beat out all other places by a good amount of money, especially with electronics. It might be worth checking out.
  12. My daughter is competing at level 4 at a very good, well known gym in Maryland. She is 7 and absolutely loves the gym, her friends, the whole thing. This past year, though, we have had a major problem with her head coach. At the beginning of the year, all the girls were in the locker room and, all of them being new to lockers, were having fun opening and closing the locker doors. When they were called out on it later and asked who was playing with the lockers, my daughter very honestly said she did while no one else fessed up. They took the locker away from her and told her she had to go
  13. A living book is any book that has some form of redeeming educational value that isn't a textbook. There are a lot of books out there that tell stories with kids being rude and no real plot or teaching point. There are also a lot of books that teach about so many different subjects. Check out Autumn is Here, for example. This is a book written by a current author that shows about the changing of the seasons. You can read this book to your kids, talk about the pictures, see if you can spot any of these same changes of the season where you live, etc. You can also use it outside of season j
  14. Salmon, steamed broccoli, and steamed rice. Sounds sort of plain writing it out, but boy was it yummy!
  15. Autumn is Here! is really great, especially for the younger crowd. This link is to the kindle version which has a bunch of previews. There is a hardcopy version too--just search amazon for Autumn is Here. Lovin' this fall weather!
  16. It isn't a scholastic book, but the book Home to Boston is pretty inexpensive on Amazon. It is a good kids history book that talks about a bunch of the different landmarks around Boston, so there are a variety of references to the Revolutionary War. It might be worth a shot! It is only on Kindle, but you can use a the free Kindle Cloud app to read it on your computer. Hope this helps!
  17. Yeah--we are STILL without power. Clean up is just starting on our street and traffic lights are still out all over the place. What a mess! Yesterday I had to drive around the beltway at normal rush hour to get my kids to gymnastics from where we are hiding out in VA, and there was NO ONE ON THE ROAD..no one. I think there were 4 cars on 495 as I passed Tyson's Corner. That is unheard of.
  18. It WAS scary! Sheesh. We are actually down in Fairfax now at my sister in laws, in a place with tons of overhanging power lines, but I guess they were in a small pocket of calm as the storm passed through. What a mess! We are blessed to have a refuge--I couldn't imagine trying to wait this thing out with my kiddos and no food at hand that I KNOW is safe for my PA kid. I will be happy when we are back home snugs as bugs in rugs.
  19. We were in the same storm and were able to find someone with power to stash our food. There are pockets of people with power--perhaps you know someone who has a bit of spare space in their freezer? I know Safeway just started selling dry ice, though they might be out now. I also saw on the news last night that people are starting to steal generators out of people's yards, so if your home is in an area where you think that could happen, don't drive around trying to find one. I vote find a friend, church, somewhere that does have power that will let you borrow some space. Good lu
  20. We are still sitting without power at our home, but fortunately we have a place we can stay to wait out the heat. The storm really freaked me out and I couldn't shake it, so I wrote about it! Here is my Derecho story--while not very scary in the long run compared to lots of other stories out there, I was a nervous wreck in the thick of it! Hope you enjoy! http://cakeinthemorn.hubpages.com/hub/Surviving-the-Derecho?done
  21. We LOVE Corduroy---it is such a sweet story! I had forgotten about it, but I am going to go dig it out now!
  22. Agreed!! Ambleside Online is our core curriculum, to be supplemented with WWE, FLL and other extra things we like to do throughout the year. There are some wonderful book suggestions, even for those that don't want to commit to the whole curriculum.
  23. I think that lots of parents get really excited to start school with their kids, and I don't blame them. It is so much fun to plan and to see your kids growing up and it is so hard to hold off. Being where we are now, though, with my bigger kids doing so well without all the early textbook stuff, I swear by reading an insane amount of books and lots of playing in the younger years. Sure we do some "school" topics when we read the books, like talking about the science things we see in the pictures, but we don't go hard core until a little bit later. It has worked out really well for us.
  24. Whoo hoo! I love it when Amazon surprises you with good deals! Yay!
  25. My personal thought.. I would stick with keeping everything rolled together, i.e. literature and history. They compliment each other so well and the two subjects I feel are best learned when taught at the same time. I also suggest keeping your 8 yo mixed in and don't hold back too much for the 10 yos. Explain to your older kids that the reason why their workload is more is because they are older and that when the 8yo is 10, she will be doing the same thing. It might be tough at first, but one of the wonderful aspects of homeschooling is the cohesiveness of family that you can cre
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