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  1. We have the very same problem with my 5 yo DD and I have no earthly idea why she does it. If it makes you feel any better, though, I also find it infuriating and, even after talking to her about it time and time again, it continues to be an issue. Perhaps it is their way of handling stress? Either way, I sympathize with you!!
  2. Our Sienna that fits the three seats in the back is not a hybrid, but it DOES get about 24-26 mpg, and we contend with yucky stop and go traffic. We were shocked, but very pleased, at how good the gas mileage is! :)
  3. I very clearly remember her "very pretty" clothes from when I watched the movie as a kid. I always thought she looked so pretty, like She-Ra. :) I never had an interest in slinky clothes as a teenager and I am a pretty conservative dresser, so I don't think it did any long term damage. But I did love it and thought it was the best outfit. We recently showed the movie to our kids and my 4 year old boy was very quick to notice. He told me that night at dinner that Jabba captured Leia and took all her clothes away, but she got her clothes back when she was rescued. He said it very mat
  4. My friends have an Odyssey and we can't fit our three (Britax Marathon and two Recaro Sport) in her back row. We have a Sienna and have all three comfortably and securely in the back with extra room in case the car seats were bigger. My Odyssey friends drool. :)
  5. We bought some roller shades maybe 2 years ago from JCPenney for our Las Vegas house. They were inexpensive and did a great job of keeping the heat and light out. They did smell like plastic for a few days before they aired out, but otherwise, they were custom fit to the windows and didn't cost much at all. http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/XGN.aspx?n=4294964217&deptid=70751&pcatid=70751&catid=70822&cattyp=RLE&dep=WINDOW&pcat=WINDOW&cat=Blinds+%2b+Shades&refpagename=XGN%252Easpx&refdeptid=70751&refcatid=70822&cmAMS_T=XGN3&cmAMS_C=EDB&cmA
  6. I am also a noninterventionalist person, and I am a huge supporter to getting it clipped, even if it isn't causing an issue with feeding now. My eldest was tongue tied and we decided to skip clipping. She nursed fine, ate fine, had a few lisps as she got older. However, she had a tough time eating an ice cream cone, or a popsicle, or anything that required major movements of her tongue. Additionally, my husband is tongue tied and after talking to him more about it, he also had similar "quality of life" issues as a result of his tongue tie. The two of them, at ages 4 and 29, went to the EN
  7. We are also of the camp that brand names/more expensive clothing is preferred because it lasts longer. Janie and Jack, Gymboree, Osh Gosh, and even Merrell shoes hold up WAY longer than things I find at Wal-Mart or the military BX. That being said, we don't pay retail. Second hand and clearance rack at the outlets are where we do our shopping.
  8. It all depends on how quickly you plan on doing something with them (and how humid of an environment you live in, actually). If you think you can get them all processed into jam, consumed, baked into a pie, etc. within the next day or two, leaving them out on the counter should be okay. If you are going to need a few more days, I would put a stash in the fridge. We picked 15lbs a few weeks ago and the ones on the counter lasted about 2 days and the ones in the fridge were really fading by about 2 weeks.
  9. Isn't it so funny, though? I am the same way! I keep on thinking, "Maybe this one will come a bit early!" Who am I kidding. :)
  10. 38 weeks today with number 4! Due June 28th, though I am fully expecting to be late because, well, that is the trend in our house so far! We don't know the gender, nor have we decided on names yet. :) Congrats to all the other mommies!!
  11. This sort of thing happens to me after a stomach bug too. It seems to take weeks for my digestive system to get back to normal. Even though I could stomach food without being sick, there was always still loud digesting and excess gas all over...just one big no fun time, really. Milk and eggs were one of the very last things I could add back to my diet, even weeks after "recovering". I am guessing that these bad viruses strip the stomach and intestines of the enzymes and good bacteria needed to process the variety of foods in a normal diet. Hang in there! It should clear up soon!
  12. I live in a higher cost of living area, and the zumba class nearby charges $5 an hour. It is a bit of a fun loving, let your hair down and go all out class, but it is so much more comfortable than one would think because the class is filled with people of all sizes and fitness levels, and everyone is laughing and having a good time. While it might seem intimidating at first, it is really neat to be with so many people who are all having fun dancing and working out together.
  13. I used to have this happen to me before my pregnancies, and it turned out that I had some fibroids, which caused the quick and dirty onslaught of menses, and any bleeding that happened outside of that related to "relations" was due to a friable cervix (yes, friable! It means that it bleeds easily when bonked around a bit). :lol:
  14. I am a sucker for Jim Brickman instrumentals and older Yanni songs. Those two artists light a fire under my tushy to take on the world with my shoulders back and head high!
  15. Ohhhh, that is tempting! I remember seeing all the great warranty stuff that Kia offers. How great that they replaced your burned out bulb without any questions or trouble!
  16. Oh yay for you! We haven't quite made it there yet, but we will be getting rid of years (aka boxes and boxes) of either boy or girl clothing once this current baby makes his/her appearance in a few weeks. Part of me is sad to see the clothes go, but that decluttering part of me is a bit excited to move it on to another family.
  17. We traded in a Honda Accord for a Toyota Sienna almost 2 years ago and haven't looked back since. We were debating an Odyssey van, but read all over the net that it was having transmission problems, so we went with the Sienna instead. LOVE IT! Spacious, regulates temperature well, fits 3 car seats across the very back row (which an Odyssey can't easily do). When we run this one into the ground, I am thinking we will go buy another one.
  18. I would totally vote for a Mac Laptop. In short, we have owned a variety of PC brands, all of which had a hard drive fail or some major component break shortly after the 1 year warranty. Our HP laptop even caught fire, and all HP told us was too bad so sad and that the laptops will do that if you don't keep it dusted properly (????). The HP was our last PC computer, which had us running to try a Mac. We own both a Mac desktop and laptop, and they are both fabulous. The laptop is preferred because of the portability, but otherwise they are essentially the same. They are a bit more ex
  19. To me, "fake" food is something that is made with "food sciences", so most prepacked snacks, cereals, etc. aren't real food. On an even more detailed level, I would think that taco shells purchased at the store are not "real food" at its fullest. Ideally I would make my own taco shells with my own ingredients.
  20. I am the person who voted that it is a requirement, but there is much background behind where we are now. The kids never ever used to drink juice. I was almost on the other end of the spectrum, not even allowing juice by virtue of the fact that I never bought it. Then the kids started catching colds and this that or the other as they got older and were exposed to more kids. I was introduced to Emergen-C which I really thought was great and we got into the habit of having an Emergen-C with breakfast every morning, including the kids. The incidence of colds/fevers, etc dropped and it w
  21. Ohhh we use lemon basil in all sorts of our cooking! In chicken dishes, pasta dishes, sauteed with fresh greenbeans, in mashed potatoes, with roasted veggies, really anywhere you can think of adding it for a bit of a lemon flavor. It is fabulous!!
  22. Agreed on all accounts! We only paid a smidge of our principle down on our Vegas house, but that is the way it goes until slowly but surly, more and more goes to the principal while less and less go towards interest. Gotta love amortization. As for how much the rent our house in Vegas runs, this past year we rented it for the amount if the interest of our mortgage, while we are still forking out some each month but it goes towards the principle part of the mortgage. So all we are really doing is buying time, with someone paying for the cost of borrowing the money and we stash every pe
  23. I can totally sympathize! We did this too in 2004 when we bought our first house. We had an 80/15/5 which means we had a normal mortgage for 80%, a second higher interest rate mortgage for 15% and we put down 5%. PMI is only charged on the first mortgage if it is higher than 80% of the value of the home at the time of the sale. The second loan is not considered a "mortgage" in legal terms--it is a home equity loan used to pay part of the mortgage. That is how the OP was able to avoid paying PMI. Anyway, in the end, we ended up putting every spare penny into the higher interest rate
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