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  1. Interesting. Is the murderer still in jail?
  2. Right? I remember when my mom bought a washing machine on credit when we first moved to Arkansas from Washington when I was a kid. No dryer. We hung clothes all apartment and there was a line outside I believe. It was actually a duplex and we had a yard. After she paid that off she got a dryer. That was a joyous day.
  3. I feel like I can speak to this.....I have a very very boy name. It has never generally been a girl name. I am not a fan. And oddly xh was given a name that girls eventually took over and he HATED it with a passion. It was very difficult finding a name for our son that was unlikely to be used for girls.
  4. I generally come down on the side of doing one's best to get along with your spouse's parents including putting up with some things you would not from other people. There is a limit of course. Everyone has their own limit.
  5. You nailed it. I learned this in dealing with my former MIL.
  6. I am ready. I have never had a flu shot but I am ready for the Covid vaccine. Glad your dh was able to get one. My parents are both over 75 as well as MIL so they will be in the next group to get it. They are ready too.
  7. That is amazing. I am pretty proud of myself for meeting my goal this year considering all I have been through. It has actually been soothing to me spiritually to bury myself in God’s Word and shut my mind off to other things that have unhinged me.
  8. Not that I know of. This was just a few people who were doing various year long plans.
  9. I struggle with balance about finances. I hate feeling like I have to always be the one to reign things in and be the ruiner of all fun. Dh wanted an electric smoker. He was looking at $350 ones and I was like whoa big boy slow down, that is ridiculous. Then I started to research them myself and wow are they ever expensive. I went to see my friend and her husband told me he had just bought on that he loves.....it has WiFi controls and everything, so o went home and checked it out.....$1300! At some point I was thinking about our 10th Anniversary coming up and I decided, you know
  10. Bumping because I know there were a bunch doing the read the Bible in a year plan.
  11. It is probably a similar feeling I have for and relationship with my brother. He is 4 times divorced and just announced a new girlfriend to us. I am pretty sure he has moved her in with him and his 9 year old son, but I won't ask. She is the 2nd one in a year since his XW left (she later died) that he has moved in to his home. I feel so so sorry for my nephew.
  12. My cat gets on the very top of our china hutch which is about the same height. Not sure why she likes it. It is only about 2 feet higher than the top of her cat castle.
  13. My sister is pretty upset for me for not coming to her daughter's wedding. Thankfully not to the extent of refusing to speak to me. I do think she will get over it. I am really curious how an Uber-Catholic justifies living with a girlfriend. Also, why not just get married. Sorry, people just fascinate me. Especially when it isn't my own people affecting me. 😉
  14. Once again, I can't find it. I wanted to report that I think I am going to make it. I have a 4 day weekend coming up and another week beyond that. I have already printed off my schedule for next year and I am determined to do it again and stay on top of it better. How is everyone else doing?
  15. And I guess that is what it boils down to....what a person's definition of 'better' or successful is. I remember my now XH, when he realized I was going to divorce him, said, 'do you think you will find someone more successful than me?' I just looked at him and said, 'define success.' He did not have a word to say to that.
  16. The bolded just made me laugh. So she thought that was the only reason you weren't working because you didn't have a degree? I mean she does realize that people work all of the time WITHOUT degrees? Or did she just think it was a waste that you weren't working since you have a degree?
  17. And I think that is a separate part of it. But doing it because you so fear things that very well will never happen is probably not the best use of energy.
  18. Mine was 26 years into the marriage. Things just work out it seems.
  19. Everyone has to do what they feel is best, but again this is sacrificing your time and energy now, for the things you know need you (your children) for a outcome that is just a potential. I was in that situation. I had not worked for 10 years when I was put in the position of having to divorce my now XH. I still don't regret not working for those 10 years.
  20. Thank you. (((Hugs))) You and @happysmileylady have made important contributions to this thread and the topic in general.
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