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  1. Oh Ok. Well, I was thinking that the dad is paying cs, so who knows. I would definitely be expecting the dad to pay cs.
  2. I had a half a cup of avocado....basically an entire smallish avocado. But yeah, still not much food over all. This morning I am having 2/3 cup of non fat plain greek yogurt, fruit and chia seeds. It has been my go to breakfast for over a year because it is easy to get a lot of my fiber in early in the day with this breakfast. I prefer to add pecans also, but pecans and chia seeds will really up the points. The slaw with the tacos is a good idea. I started this WW Monday with not much food in the house and no real plan. Going to the store today will help....and I guess for
  3. Wait, I thought the Covid vaccines were the first to use the mRNA process?
  4. The bolded makes sense. And I did not realize the dd is refusing to have the state collect child support from the dad. Hmmmm......
  5. I am definitely going after work to get a bunch of stuff for a yummy salad. I am also trying to balance a need for a high fiber diet with this points thing. Wine is going to be the killer for me. Honestly, if I had just cut out the wine completely I probably wouldn't have needed the WW program.
  6. I suspect this is true. I lost a pound in two days. LOL Well, and there are the 'weekly' points so even though I went over both days, I haven't blown it for the week yet.
  7. I feel the same way.....a psychiatrist told me and my son that there is a spectrum. And we are all on it somewhere. Some of us lean toward the anxious end and some toward the depression end. He said ds was toward the anxious end, but until it begins to affect your day to day life and relationships it is really not something that needs to be diagnosed or dwelt on. Basically we all have our quirks. I think smart people often have more quirks than others. And I am sure this is a major oversimplification of it all and that I have highly offended someone here.
  8. So I have only been doing this for 2 days so far and both days I went over my points. 7 over on Monday, 5 over last night. I feel like I did not have enough food yesterday and so by bedtime I was just starving. I had 2 TBLE of almond butter and an apple 1/2 cup avocado and 7 tortilla chips 1/4 cup of mixed nuts 2 homemade tacos (corn tortillas, taco meat with beans and corn (1/2 cup) and onions, jalapenos, tomatoes hot sauce) That left me with 4 points. I went over because I had wine and popcorn at bedtime. Sigh. I am printing off my list of free foods an
  9. So how do you know how much of non free foods you can eat?
  10. I am so thankful he is better today. I thought of him (and YOU) several times last night. I am glad the doctor wasn't worried about the tremors but I am sure you know it might be something to keep an eye on. Another reason of course he needs medical insurance. If I were you I would be screaming from the rooftops. There has got to be someway for this child to be insured. Call your representative. If that doesn't work call the news.
  11. I keep checking back for updates! I hope he is better.
  12. Most of what is on the free list on the green is fruits and non starchy veggies. I just figured up though...2 corn tortillas, 3 points, 1/2 c. taco meat with beans and corn is probably 4 or so. Tomatoes and onion and salsa free.....that leaves me 4 points for one glass of wine before bed!
  13. I have 16 points left. I am starving. I have a 1/4 cup of mixed nuts I could eat but it would use 5 of my points. Can I eat tacos at home (homemade) with 11 points. These first few days are always the roughest for me. I have not had enough to eat today I can tell.
  14. I know. I think @Jann in TX has addressed it before...the child's dad can't afford or doesn't have access to insurance. I hope she will keep trying for medicaid. There has to be some way to care for this child.
  15. I am going to show dh that app. He needs to lose weight too.
  16. Yes that is a great milestone!
  17. He probably can't afford it. Court ordering that hardship if he can't afford it won't help matters.
  18. About the same for me. Actually I did ok through most of last year. We had a 10 day cold snap here (It was near zero for days) and I put most of this weight on during that time. Weird.
  19. That is amazing. You and your friend. Dh and I bought kayaks this weekend and we are ready to get some exercise and sunshine. I know I will feel better if I lose at least 10 pounds. I would LOVE to get back down to what I weighed 11 years ago when I met dh which was 127 (20 pounds) But that might be a stretch at this point in my life.
  20. This is pretty much exactly what I was going to say.
  21. 26 pounds since September!? That is amazing! My clothes are really getting too small for me. I just can't stomach the idea of buying new clothes in the size I am in now. I need some new clothes but I want to lose weight first.
  22. This is me, but I thought that was pretty much an introverted trait. I enjoy socializing but I need alone time to recover.
  23. I am on the Green Plan. It has been a couple of years since I was on it. Anyone else doing it? I just have to reel myself in on my eating. Hopefully some accountability for a couple of months will help. I need to lose at least 10 pounds.
  24. I scored 21 on that test. I did not and do not think I am on the spectrum. My son probably is closer to being on it than me.
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