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  1. But in the case of having small children who have it......you are being re exposed constantly. So although I think he will have to get tested before he can come back I don't know long that will take since they have 4 young children.
  2. No, not more than a minute or two before he was told to leave the office. We have asked the shop workers to stay out of the office....but anyway, I am not so worried about my exposure because I think it was low risk....except of course the shop manager might have been near him more than that, but anyway, if he has to be out for 2 weeks it causes huge problems for our work flow. Such is the nature of a small business. My son's friend who is also my friend's son (haha) was wreckless IMO. He now has Covid and is very sick but he also risked exposing his parents....his mom is critically
  3. He works in a shop where he is not near other people--never for more than a minute or two. He is probably the most low risk full time worker there can be. But now his child is sick and our entire business could be shut down for a bit.
  4. And at the same time I am aggravated with them for taking risks. They were out to eat when the child's fever came on. And I've seen them eating inside restaurants when I have gone for take out. She is a SAHM and so they could have been a low risk family but they chose to up their risk level. And we all suffer for it.
  5. One of the employees where I work. And no he cannot do his job from home. Not at all. I feel so bad for them. But also don't want to be exposed any more than we probably already have been .
  6. I just thought I would ask your opinion. One of our employees has 4 small children. Tuesday night the 5 year old suddenly turns sick with high fever 102.5 I think. The employee calls us the next day and he is told he needs to produce a negative test for his child before he can return to work. The child tests positive. How in the world does that work? One site I read said the employee would need to quarantine for 7 days past the end of the child's quarantine. But if it runs through the rest of the family....could it potentially keep that family quarantined for weeks?
  7. So very sad. I don't know if I think the police deserve the blame but it sure is a shame to see such young boys lose their life.
  8. These are very generous and wise ways to help while protecting your own family. I am glad you had the valid reason of the foster child being there....it might have been near impossible to resist bringing her there to your home otherwise. I do kind of wonder if she would have even come though if she has a boyfriend where she is now.
  9. Exactly.lol. But it probably did not say I love the devil right?
  10. This reminds me of wallpaper shopping years ago.....there was this beautiful bathroom wallpaper with French writing....I was so disturbed that I couldnt read it! Mind you this was before the net.....the sales clerk told me it said something about love.....I said I hope it didn’t say I love the devil. 😂😂
  11. I thought I was going to read about a smart cat. 😉
  12. I just read on CNN that the FBI has credible info that all 50 state capitols have been targeted for armed protests. Threats against Biden and Harris and Pelosi and especially threats of violence if the 25th amendment is invoked. I hope she will leave the city.
  13. Wow, people are crazy sometimes. I bet you are just exhausted with that level of work and then rude people on top of that.
  14. I would be very frightened if my kid lived there.
  15. I was raised up in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains.
  16. Dh has over 2 weeks of vacation available now. So I am definitely dreaming of something later on this year. We have both received emails saying we can get the vaccine in phase 2 so we are hoping for appointments soon. My parents already have appointments for this week but they have to drive 100 miles each way to get it. I imagine we will do another rv camping trip in AR with dh's family. That seems pretty safe.
  17. Oh AR is so incredibly beautiful. I was raised up there and only moved away when I was 47 years old. What part of the state are you looking at?
  18. Lol not ignorant at all. I know several use their real name. Others choose not to because they want to remain anonymous.
  19. So sweet @Murphy101
  20. Yes because they think I am too hard on my step son.
  21. Yep. When I dared to complain about my step son.....
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