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  1. Funny story. I was cleaning out the storage closet and I found a bag that said Dyson replacement parts. I checked the model number and sure enough it was for the Dyson we have there. So my boss comes along and opens it up and it was the OLD brush roller and some other OLD part. SMH. Pack rats of the world. Not my boss.....but a former office mate.
  2. Those are canisters only I think. And pricy! But so are Dysons.
  3. I am shopping for the office. It is about 1000 sf of tile and a few entrance flat carpet mats. We have dogs here most of the time. 4 inch stained base boards and crown moldings with10 feet ceilings. And 2 inch wood stained blinds. We have a very old Dyson. When my boss needed to use it the other day he told me to get it replaced. LOL He likes Dyson, but very open to whatever my research brings. I have the Shark Navigator professional. I like most things about it, but I HATE the instability when you try to use the hose. It will tip over every time if you are not holding the base w
  4. @fairfarmhand Your cat and son are precious! 🙂
  5. @Indigo Blue that is adorable! Beautiful cat!
  6. That sums it up for me too! I certainly do not trust her for sure.
  7. I filled out ds's portion and I still had problems! I clicked on box wrong and it started telling me I needed divorce papers from his dad. Eventually I figured out what I had done wrong and corrected it.
  8. Ha. So true. Our cat gets up on top of the upper cabinets. And on top of every piece of tall furniture we own.
  9. I remember this job I had.....100% phone customer service for a large furniture manufacturer. A lady had been in the department for 20 years and was well regarded. There was a change to the shipping policy....I can't really remember the details (it has been 25 years) but we started requiring minimums before shipping. This was a BIG change and little dealers did not like it. BUT there was some incentive, like if you ordered so much you got the frt cheaper or something like that. In other words we had a big change to a long time policy but there was a positive way to present it. This long
  10. If my child was enjoying it I probably would not pull him out. Definitely get refunds for the classes she misses. And if it keeps up I would tell the school.
  11. Lol to the bolded. And dh FREAKS out to think about having an animal on the counter. You just have to make sure you keep things put away that you don't want her to get into. And before meal prep you always disinfectant the counter tops. Life with animals.
  12. Exactly. My dh and ds think they are going to 'train' her to stay off the counter. SMH. The other day I caught her on the counter and told her to 'get down' and her response was to run away from me while staying on the counter.
  13. What is required is self reflection. People can't change if they can't take an honest look at themselves. I clearly remember someone telling me that I was a 'button pusher'. This was someone that I was really angry with but she had no beef with me and so was able to calmly tell me that before she disengaged. I then took stock of what I was saying to her and realized she was exactly right! So I have tried very hard in thee last 25 years to not be a button pusher. I have a lot of other bad tendencies that I do work on but I do remember that one as standing out so clearly. I do not bel
  14. I thought they were born knowing how to do that. LOL
  15. It is interesting, the part about people needing to be heard. When they come to our shop for vehicle repairs they almost always want to tell me the entire story. They really do, just like Quill said, NEED to be heard. Sometimes they are embarrassed, sometimes they are shaken up, sometimes angry at insurance companies. I listen and soothe and explain as needed. I enjoy it. I know for a fact some people HATE it. My former co-worker that quit when the Pandemic hit, was not a fan. She was easily overwhelmed with other people's problems and came across as rude at times.
  16. I blame The Crown for making Prince Phillip a real person to me. I mean, obviously he is a real person but he seemed very obscure to me until I watched that series. I too hope he reaches 100. My understanding is that they were in the same castle together until he went to the hospital. Not sure if they still spend a lot of time apart now or not.
  17. No I can totally see myself not being angry at my brother.
  18. I don’t remember knowing you hate the phone. The majority of my working life has involved the phone. I feel like I fumble around some but I generally excel at making people happy with my phone calls.
  19. I was just coming back to post a similar thought. I went through something 18 months ago that was horrific for me. I am never going to be the same. So @hippiemamato3 I don't know if that will make you feel better or worse, but I think when I acknowledged to myself that I was permanently changed I was able to start looking toward the future. Of course, this for you is all VERY fresh. Jan 1 was only 6 weeks ago. It will take some time to feel some sense of normalcy. Even now I have days of such rage at certain people that I just want to scream. I called a good friend who knows the
  20. Oh that is great! My dh is likewise handy. He figured out the central heat this morning. The condensation line was frozen up. So he cut it and it is temporarily draining into a bucket. Whew!
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