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  1. Do you mean in place of the Sudafed? Or in addition? I wish I could find the right combination. I don’t like taking the Sudafed because I have this fear it is making my AFib worse. But if I skip it and take only Zyrtec I start to get all congested in the back of my throat. It doesn’t seem to affect my nose....just a feeling of not being able to clear my throat and it will then go up into my head. So who knows maybe there is an obstruction somewhere. My boss says he has known 5 people who had the surgery and all bad outcomes. He is very against it. But I at least want to see what the ct
  2. I am encouraged by how many people were helped with the exercises.
  3. I think you can make do with the current space.
  4. Me too. And I am not in a small house. 1950 sf with 3 adults.
  5. He gave me a bunch of print outs for home exercises.....I will try them when I get home. I am already on so much allergy medicine constantly. I do the nose spray several times a week, sudafed (2 pills per day) and a zyrtec. And nyquil at night sometimes. If I don't my symptoms are just horrible.
  6. Thank you. Yes, he explained the dislodged crystals cause the vertigo. He said chronic sinus issues can cause the crystal to dislodge. (as well as a trauma to the head or I assume roller coasters) So my underlying cause is the sinus issues. Hopefully the ct will reveal more info.
  7. Last Thursday I suddenly developed vertigo. If I so much as toss my hair off my shoulder the room spins. After I get into the bed, the room is spinning. I stand up and the room spins. If I move slowly and carefully I can mostly keep it under control. I went to the doctor today. He thinks it is connected to my chronic sinusitis. I have had constant issues for at least 2 years, with probably 4 infections requiring antibiotic and steroids. So he has order a ct scan. And he said something about surgery. I am freaking out but I am also not going to be able to deal with this spinning
  8. Formica isn't heat resistant is it?
  9. I would love to see a picture of your kitchen! That color is beautiful. The more I see other colors though the more Prussian Blue speaks to me.
  10. Thank you. So far I am definitely getting samples of gentleman’s gray and Prussian blue and New York State of mind.
  11. I am with everyone else on this @Janeway You did not give your dad Covid. (((((Janeway))))))
  12. That is a lot of stress. Wow. So sorry. I too am so tired of wondering and worrying if every little thing is Covid. We have an employee out....2 weeks tomorrow. One of his kids tested positive and we really have no idea how long he should stay out. We will probably ask for a negative test before he comes back....but as we discussed her earlier, he could potentially need to be quarantined for 3-4 weeks.
  13. Thank you! I found a couple a on line samples of Annapolis blue. One seemed Navy, one seemed closer to Prussian blue. I definitely need to get samples.
  14. My floors are currently light tile but they will be redone.
  15. Yes. I keep coming back to Prussian Blue. I am going to get several samples around that color and see what I think. Dh will be removing the doors. Filling in the handle holes. Etc. So I have a bit of time.
  16. I can’t wait to see a pic. Hale Navy keeps coming up as a favorite and best seller. How did you decide upon it ? Did you try several samples first?
  17. Dh says you need to prime first. . 🤷🏻‍♀️
  18. I love it! That is the look I want. Of course my kitchen is much smaller than that but I have great natural light. I wish they would tell what color blue that is.
  19. Thank you! That looks great. And wow, that counter top looks great! I do think I want a color not quite as dark. But I don’t want super bright or neon or anything like that. Anyone else?
  20. Does anyone have painted blue cabinets in their kitchen? I am getting mine painted soon and I need to choose my color. I like Benjamin Moore Prussian Blue but I am still looking. My backsplash is white tile and counter tops will be white ( would also love some advice on countertop material that won’t stain—Dh suggests quartz)
  21. This is what my husband would recommend. They are super easy to install during initial construction. At one of our houses dh retrofitted one into our bathroom which was much more work.
  22. Full credit. But why in the world do they ask them to write a sentence using the word, presumably to demonstrate knowledge of the word's meaning....and then give them a sentence. Weird.
  23. Our dog is allowed on our bed but is not allowed to touch our pillows or sheets. And she doesn't sleep there. She has to get in her own bed before we go to sleep.
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