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  1. This is what I keep thinking about the whole thing. I am also religiously conservative. My dh and I are very affectionate but he would never behave that way in front of ANYONE! There is not a human alive that dh would say to me in front of them 'Does that turn you on.' Bizarre is a good word for that.
  2. That seems way over the top to me too. And I don't typically even worry about my privacy much. But yes, I agree it could be a sign of other things you won't like.
  3. It would be good for your case, but sounds like at this point she has already sunk herself. That poor baby. How does he act when she goes on those rants? Does it upset him?
  4. Same, that I never heard of ATI until this forum. Duggars are from my home state so that was always of interest.....but yeah clearly now that we all know more they are outside my world as well.
  5. That is really interesting that you saw through it all as a child. As to the bolded, count me as one who has had their opinion changed. But I will say that I knew next to nothing about them. I just have always loved big families and liked that part.....I did not know about the crazy cult like religion that was causing so much harm. Same with "On Becoming Baby Wise". I read that book when my son was a newborn and I honestly DID gain some insight to a baby's sleep schedule. I 1)apparently had a revised edition and 2)do a lot of tossing out the bad when I read child books. Once
  6. I loved my double oven slide in range 2 houses back. I used both ovens a lot too.
  7. I had electric for most of my adult life until 1 1/2 years ago. Personally, I don't notice a great benefit to the gas over electric and it is MUCH more difficult to keep clean. Glass top electric is super simple to keep clean. Then again I am not a gourmet cook....ds20 really likes it. Edited to add that it has been nice when power was out a few times and I could still make coffee....boil water and use my camp coffee pot.
  8. I completely understand the total fear you can feel. You can press on anyway though. Once you really believe that you CAN change this situation you will be able to move forward with some steps.
  9. That is exactly who I thought of....scary stuff. Mental illness often gravitates to religion for some reason.
  10. Good for you. That is shocking that they would have allowed that!
  11. I don't think I have ever seen that requirement put quite that way. But yes I do now see the humor in it.
  12. Also be very careful to clear your history to places like what you are posting here. I see you have a 12th grader. How is he feeling about all of this?
  13. And it is really great that he showed his behavior toward you to others. Are those people who would be willing to sign affidavits on your behalf?
  14. What do you say to your kids about his behavior?
  15. Yes, to this and especially to the bolded. If it is legal in your state I would suggest you tape your conversations with him. Try to meet with an attorney and see what suggestions and resources he might have for you.
  16. So I really did not do terrible yesterday. Our oldest came and brought his wife and baby....we had a good time. I had one rib, a serving of salmon, big green salad with 2 points on dressing....1/16 piece of pie (8 points) . I skipped the potato all together. I had a couple bites of appetizer ( pita chips and spinchage/artichoke/cheese dip , but I definitely did not over do it on that. All in all I probably went over maybe 5 points for the day ( I was very good for breakfast and lunch) and that is what the flex points are for--days like this. And then last night, friends invited us t
  17. I am thinking that a back splash is not that important since he won't have a stove and won't be cooking meals. Unless you just want it for the look, I would not worry about it. And that is an easy thing to add later if you decide you want it.
  18. Our cat has this one https://www.chewy.com/frisco-72-in-faux-fur-cat-tree-condo/dp/129326
  19. Yes, I do remember it is a lifestyle. Smoked salmon is one of my favorites and low in points. Big green vegetable salad is zero before dressing....so it won’t be to difficult. The pie though! 16 points!
  20. I haven’t started one. We can keep using this one. I am doing terrible. I have to get my mind right. Well yesterday I did ok, I had one yogurt, a container of hummus and pretzels (single serving) and then a slider and jalapeño poppers at Arby’s. I only ate half the bread of the slider. All of that was 30 points which is my total for the day. Then I had some 3 point popcorn near bedtime. Today though, dh’s oldest son is coming for the afternoon with the baby and wife. Dh is smoking ribs and salmon, I am making a big green salad and roasted broccoli. And baked potatoes.
  21. Same here. It is weird. Not the end of the world but not really wide IMO.
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