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  1. I will say that I have pets that I dearly love. If my pet was ripped from me with no warning and no way of fixing it I would be devastated. But I also recognize that ANIMALS take back seats to humans. It is too much to ask to allow a pet to pee on carpet in ones home
  2. I disagree. Getting rid of a pet who is peeing on the carpet is not cruel. It is cruel to the mom to expect her to tolerate that.
  3. Sweetie you know you are one of my favs but still and yet, animals are animals and people are people. This cat might very well be happier living in a barn catching mice. Either way, a households harmony is more important than any animal....and if the animal needs to go it needs to go. Seriously, I could not keep a cat inside that peed on anything.
  4. Exactly. We don’t post when things are rosy because we don’t want to brag. Then we post when things are rough and we want to rip our kids hair out and we are are abusive.
  5. Not every kid who doesn’t keep a clean room has executive unctions issues. Not every husband who doesn’t want a cat peeing on the carpet is abusive. Not every mother who is on the brink is the problem. sometimes kids are just kids and parents are just parents.
  6. That is awesome! So happy for you. My parents got their second shot yesterday. I am super excited. I get my first shot tomorrow.....just before I attend my bio dads Celebration of Life on Zoom.
  7. I did not say it was the cats fault. But I would not have that situation. Animals peeing in my house ON CARPET just would not be tolerated. She already said she can’t trust her child to not let the cat in her room.
  8. Interesting that yours is mounted outside. Does that eliminate the need for a vent through your ceiling/roof? That was the biggest deal when dh put in our tankless.
  9. Same for us when we switched to the tankless. The previous electric tank was under the staircase which dh hated.
  10. Ours was gas too. And yes dh installed it. He is pretty handy and he had some consultation help with our plumber friend. I am pretty sure our friend says he charges $2000. That is the installed price.
  11. Our tankless was only about $1000. Those prices you listed above, was that the installed price?
  12. We put in a gas tankless in the house we just sold. It has been about 5 years probably. We loved it. Absolutely loved it. We got the rebate and dh put it in and we still spent about $300 in materials. Our plumber friend charges a fair bit to put them in but since we live in rural OK, I am sure the prices won't compare. The people who bought out house also love it and called me to ask about it because her son wants to put one in his house.
  13. Beautiful patterns! I can't wait to see finished product.
  14. My niece is 19 so not child trafficking, but certainly she is going through some real stuff. But she wasn't snatched off the street. She was lured in, probably through social media by people pretending to be her friend in increasingly twisted ways. Her parents are in close contact with the police in several cities as well as advocacy groups trying to get her help. So far no mention of Hollywood or politicians being involved. My niece is from an upper middle class family. She has had everything given to her. Her 3 siblings, while not perfect, have not fallen for this trap she is in
  15. I like this trend. My niece objected to the VERY low neckline of a dress she was asked to wear for a wedding she was going to be in. The bride melted down and the friendship was ruined. So weird.
  16. I knew she was a person not to be trusted when she referred to the destruction of her children’s FOO as ‘conscious uncoupling’.
  17. What a bunch of hooie. And it might be bad for you. Probably.
  18. You get used to it. LOL There are just a few things you must bear in mind. Never leave food on the counter. Always sanitize the counter top before you start cooking and the table before you sit down to eat.
  19. And I don’t know if I mentioned this but I also thought there was no adjustment for carpet height. I bought a new vacuum when we moved to where we have carpet because I thought my shark did not adjust. SMH.
  20. Ok I feel pretty foolish. The Shark I have has a little rolling stand that you can put the canister on. When you do that and use the wand it tips over zero. This is like having a new vacuum.
  21. And it doesn’t tip over when you pull out the wand?
  22. Yes, this is the problem. I texted the man who cleans our offices and he doesn’t even use the vacuum that much. He did comment existing one is pretty old. So I don’t think I want to spent a bunch, but I don’t want a piece of junk
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