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  1. I told my best friend as soon as the stick turned blue. Told my mother a few weeks later. We won't tell the kids until after the ultrasound (3 more weeks), as I had a prior loss at 18wks and it crushed my oldest. My coworkers were all really awkward around me for a while after that loss, too. Now, even though I'm definitely showing at 15 weeks, we wait as long as we can. 


    Good luck!

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  2. All four of my boys would go anywhere from 5-10 days between bowel movements. Breast milk is a laxative - exclusively breast-fed babies are rarely constipated, unless there is another medical issue. Please be aware that putting *anything* into a baby's rectum can cause serious injury - this is why most doctors no longer use this type of thermometer on babies.


    My first had colic due to multiple, life-threatening food allergies (food that I ate, as he was exclusively breast fed), and boy #2 and boy #4 were/are needier than I was prepared for. Warm baths with mom (and dad nearby, in case either of us fell asleep) helped immensely. Also, I gave in and just nursed, nurse, nursed my boys. They never cried with a boob in their mouths. ;-)


    Good luck, mama. Hang in there!

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  3. I would not expect a little 6yo person to have good spelling skills yet. At his age, I would still continue working on phonics and reading, and wait for the spelling until he's reading fluently.


    OPG is more comprehensive than ETC, but I would pick one or the other. OPG definitely doesn't need any supplementing; many dc learn to read just fine with ETC.


    That's the thing...He passed the reading and word identification portions for all 8 books with a 90%. I don't expect the remaining ETC books to improve his reading much more, but he would like to work on spelling. (He was DISTRAUGHT that his spelling wasn't correct.) 


    If the OPG will help his spelling, I'll add it in. If not, should we just move to Spelling Workout A and start there? I don't expect him to become proficient over the summer, I just don't want to bore him to death doing more phonics if it won't improve his reading much and won't help his spelling.

  4. This sounds like my oldest, who was diagnosed with 'nonverbal learning disorder' (that was 6-8yrs ago, so may be a different term now). Basically, he could do whatever he wanted *out loud*, but, if you stuck a pencil in his hand and told him to write it out, was gone. Just not possible. His teachers tested him orally whenever possible.


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  5. I just gave my (public school) 1st grader the Explode the Code placement tests. He scored fabulously on the reading and word identification portions (tests 4 & 6), but placed at about book 3 or 4 for spelling (which, I guess, is about grade level). Should we work through the rest of the ETC books (books 4-8), or should we strictly focus on spelling instead? I bought Spelling Workout A for him to do during the summer, but he hasn't started it yet.


    We also own The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading - would there be some benefit to working through that, as well?


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :-)

  6. I had my first at 21. Then, three more boys at 34, 37, and 40. (Full disclosure, I had 3 miscarriages when I was 36.) I'm now 15wks pregnant and will be 42 when this bub is born. The oldest has had the most health issues, probably due my crappy diet and lack of caring for myself.


    We refused all genetic testing, with the exception of the level 2 ultrasound. What happens, happens.


    My midwives say eat well, exercise, sleep, and take your vitamins; they are very supportive of older moms. Finding supportive people to surround yourself with is a great first step! Good luck!

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  7. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a perennial favorite in my house. The 7 & 4 yr olds are watching it again - we have watched it through with my kids *at least* 3 other times over the last few years. You can get the DVDs through Netflix (it isn't available streaming) or through the library.



    However, We have NOT watched the follow-up show, The Legend of Korra. As much as I would like to see it, and the reviews are excellent, it does have some darker themes and, I've been told, a same-sex relationship that my husband was uncomfortable with for our kids until they are a bit older.

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  8. We have a 7, 4, and 2 (next week!) and another on the way in Oct. Also a 20yr old, but he's not home much. ;-)


    We have a loose summer schedule that we worked out last year, mostly to keep me & my husband on the same page. It worked out great *most* of the time. It gives everyone a general idea of what kind of activities will be happening when, and allows the kids some structured and some unstructured times during the day. 


    In the afternoon, the toddler naps (thank goodness), the 4yr old plays quietly by himself happily during 'quiet time' (this took a few months to teach - started at 5min and now he goes about 90min most days), and the 7yr old will do school work, mostly things that he can/wants to do independently while I either nap or do housework. We try to get to the playground or local swimming hole in the afternoons but, if the weather is wet/too hot, we run errands or go to the library. The kids get 30-60 minutes of screen time while I prep dinner. 


    Just another idea to throw out there!



    {Summer Schedule}



    breakfast & clean up

    brush teeth, wash face, get dressed

    morning chores

    outside/active play



    lunch & clean up

    afternoon chores

    Nap time/quiet time/school time

    swimming/free play/library/errands

    tv time/dinner prep



    dinner & clean up

    evening chores

    family time (walk/reading/quiet time)

    snack, brush teeth, pajamas

    story, prayers, bedtime


  9. DD is my main concern.  She has lots of trouble with spelling.  She reads/comprehends well, but doesn't seem to really grasp the phonograms.  She'll sound out the words correctly but put down the wrong letters when writing.  


    Does she have trouble writing other things, or is it just spelling? This sounds a lot like my oldest, who could read and comprehend at/above grade level but couldn't do pretty much anything written anywhere near correctly/at grade level. Turns out, he had a non-verbal learning disability. Ask him a question and he knew the answer; ask him to write it down and it got lost between his brain and his hand.


    Just a thought.

  10. My aunt has been a translator for the deaf for pretty much my whole life. She was really impressed when my son was 2 (now 7) and he wasn't speaking but he was signing tons. We watched the "signing time" videos. They are aimed at younger kids, and aren't a language class, per se, but they made it possible for him to have a conversation with her when he wasn't yet verbal. It's a good place to start - even better that you can borrow the DVDs from pretty much any library!

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  11. I know that anecdote does not equal data but, just to throw my two cents in, my last two babies were macrosomic babies, born 9lbs 6oz at (41wks+3days) and 10lbs 12oz (at 41wks+1day). My 10lb 12oz baby actually had the nurses stunned, as to both his weight and head circumference. He was diagnosed with 'congenital macrocephaly' (his father and I both have large heads) and was followed by a neurologist until he was 1yr old. All of my kids were born vaginally, no vacuums or forceps. My midwives were sure that they could deal with big babies and, with their help in positioning, they were right.



    Edited: I wrote 'micro' instead of 'macro'. Oops.

  12. Ugh. I so wish we had an Ikea somewhere near us! The cost of shipping is MORE than what the items themselves cost us. 


    Okay - this is ridiculous! We have this mattress from Ikea for the top of our Kura bunk bed. It literally comes with the air vacuumed out, rolled up in a tight little tube, and weighs 8lbs. I checked shipping to my house (in MA) and it was $169! Do you know anyone who lives near an Ikea who could pop it into the mail for you? Shouldn't cost more than $20. It is comfy (my 7yr old says so) and has NO BOUNCE.


    Good luck!

  13. Good grief. They don't even have a beverage vending machine on the maternity floors here. 


    There is a small room, right across from the nurses' station, that is STOCKED with pre-made sandwiches, peanut butter, crackers, bread and toppings for making toast, an ice machine, coffee & tee, milks, soda, and juices, cereal, and fruit cups. It is self-serve for anyone on the floor from the moment you arrive until the minute you leave. Just be careful not to accidentally take one of the nurses' lunches out of the fridge!


    Each room also has a mini fridge that is stocked with juices before you arrive. It's a really nice place.

  14. I once got my son a book that was printed with pictures of him as the hero and his name in the text. I could not wait to see the look on his face. I thought he would love it. Instead he cried and said he hated it. When I asked him why he said that he felt it was making fun of him. I tried to explain how it wasn't but he would not change his mind. He has not even looked at the book since and it has been 2 years. I felt like a failed mom too!


    Oh, no! That's too bad. I'm sorry. What we do to try and make kids happy!

  15. My oldest, now 20, had a phone early - maybe 9yrs old (I was a single and very nervous mom). I didn't really ever worry, until he became interested in a girl in high school. It wasn't that I was worried about him looking at porn (though I should have been), but that I was worried about HER behavior. Turned out I was right to worry. She sent him images via every social media site possible, as well as texts/emails/whatever. As this was his first serious relationship, we were unprepared.


    What we ended up doing was that the cell phone (and his tablet) lived in the living room/kitchen of our house. If he wanted to use it, he had to be in a 'family' area. It was NEVER allowed upstairs. He did take it when he left the house, but I had no control over those times - we told him our expectations and expected him to abide by our rules. He had to understand that WE WERE PAYING THE BILL, so WE MADE THE RULES. Also, we had long talks about pornography and sex and relationships and and and and...


    It was bad. It was ugly. It was stressful for all involved. We didn't give him access to the household internet until we moved 6 months ago, when he turned 20. He had started paying his own cell phone bill when he got a job at 18, so he did have internet that we could no longer control, but as he was now starting to act like an adult, we decided it was time to oblige. We set down rules (we have 3 small boys in the house as well) and we hope that we've done our best.


    Also, I pray... A LOT.

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  16. The food sucks at all of them. Think elementary public school lunch room food. Which I wouldn't mind if I could just opt out if being charged several thousands of dollars for not eating it. My dh or friends usually brought me food and we always packed stuff in the hospital bag anyways bc dh is type 1 diabetic and we want to make sure he has a carb boost if he needs it while with me.


    I know that we've left his topic behind BUT.... My hospital had fantastic food! I had the best turkey dinner while in early labor for my second child. :lol:  Also, each room is stocked with take-out menus from the surrounding area and all the restaurants deliver to the maternity ward nurse's station. That was great.

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