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  1. 18 hours ago, sassenach said:

    I’m so behind but I finally finished the last episode of season 3 and it was brilliant. I love the queen. I wish she was my queen. 

    Don't feel bad. I just started watching Downton Abbey last night! 🤣 I needed something British to tide me over until the next season of the Crown...

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  2. 2 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    Well the new thing being raided at our grocery store is CEREAL. I guess America wasn't largely eating breakfast at home and now is, lol. So if these places y'all are tapping into have cereal, that may be the next hot thing to look for. I couldn't even believe it last night when I saw the shelves wiped out on cereal. And it wasn't even on sale!!! Usually I just go in and buy whatever is half way healthy that is on sale. The only thing that was on sale were the blueberry brown box shredded wheats that nobody buys, haha, so that's what I bought. 

    So I don't know why our store supplies are going DOWN when they've had time to stabilize this, step up production, etc. At some point people are going to take what they can find. And I agree with the idea of people buying milk, etc. at unusual places. I normally wouldn't buy milk at Target because my dh likes another brand (Kroger), but I was like deal with it, I'm not going into more stores just to get your favorite brand of milk.

    That sounds fun! Will you can it or use it all up fresh or freeze?

    I will freeze all of the curd, in 4oz and 8oz jars, so that I can sneak a spoonful when I need it. I am *not* sharing! I will gift some of the marmalade and store the rest. I am also hoping to make a raspberry & meyer lemon shrub; I've never had a shrub before!


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  3. I had my first delivery from a restaurant supply company just yesterday!

    I did have to order an entire case of apples, but my kids will eat those before they go bad or I can make & store apple sauce. I was able to get a few containers of strawberries, yogurt, 5lbs of tomatoes, a big package each of bacon, sausages, and 80/20 ground hamburg (which I split into smaller packs and put into the freezer), plus a 50lb bag of flour and some olive oil. I also splurged on a box of Meyer lemons to make marmalade and lemon curd. I will probably order again next week (chicken, cheese, pasta, canned tomatoes, etc). 

    The prices of some things were comparable to brand labels around here. Some other things looked more expensive (their butter is $$$). But, the delivery was free and I didn't need to go to the store, so it was worth it to me.

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  4. 40 minutes ago, square_25 said:

    Hmmmmm. Would you be OK if he just jotted some notes to himself or do you want him to write out a full solution?

    I would be thrilled if he would jot some numbers down while he solved the problem - it would make his thinking go so much faster.

    I do also want him to practice writing out a full solution every once in a while, and to recognize the importance of being able to logically communicate your solution on paper to another person. 

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  5. Thanks, all. He's doing well at home, and seems *almost* back to full strength. We have lots of follow-ups coming up, with multiple specialists, as well as the brain injury clinic. Thankfully, many of those will be telehealth visits, with more imaging to be done in a few weeks.

    His birthday was yesterday, and we are very thankful for his continued improvement. It could easily have been so much worse.

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  6. 1 hour ago, square_25 said:

    Ah, hmmm. Can you give me an example of a problem like this? And how much writing would you want him to do? 

    The problem that he got wrong today was: (abbreviated) A train travels 324 mi at 50mph and makes the return trip at 40mph. To the nearest tenth of a mile, what was the train's average speed for the 648 mi trip? 

    So, you have to calculate the time (first part), calculate the time (second part), calculate the time (total), and divide the distance (total) by the time (total) to the nearest tenth of a mile. He attempted the solution without writing any numbers down, trying to keep them all straight in his head. He got the answer wrong, but I'm not sure if he made a conceptual mistake or if he made a computational mistake, because he wrote only the answer! It also took much longer than it should have, because he had to keep revisiting the numbers he was trying to remember so he wouldn't forget them before he got to the point where he needed to use them (I think?).

    Anyway, we will start our work tomorrow by working that problem again. 

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  7. 15 minutes ago, SeaConquest said:

    because he wouldn't write out his solutions so his professor could never award him partial credit if he made small errors on his exams

    This is my point that I make to him - if he doesn't write the work down then, when he gets a problem wrong, we cannot easily identify if he made a simple calculation error or if he didn't understand the problem or whatever the issue was.

    We might alternate some chapters where he only works out one or two problems that I pick in advance and some chapters where he only has to write out full solutions for the problems that he gets wrong on the first try.

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  8. On 4/11/2020 at 8:40 AM, square_25 said:

    And what is the purpose of doing that all the time for questions that are obviously already easy for him?

    Honestly, once he stopped writing out his solutions his work got *much* slower, which I think is partly because the problems are more complex and partly because he is trying so hard to hold all the numbers/calculations in his head. When he does write things down, he just works faster! He's got a perfectionism streak, and I think he believes that has should be able to continue to do all the work in his head, like he used to when it was easier. 

    When he starts the next chapter next week, we will put in place the practice of writing out on one or two problems in each section, chosen by me in advance, and see how that goes for a few weeks. We weren't planning to take an April vacation this week but, with DS7's concussion, everyone will have an easy week this week...including me!

  9. DS7 (turns 8 tomorrow!) sustained a concussion on Friday (along with a nasty gash on his forehead and several fractures to his frontal sinus bone) in an abrupt meeting between bicycling boy and tree. This happened right after lunch, and the rest of the day his speech and thought processes seemed very sluggish; he answered every question and had no problems with memory, it just took him longer to form his thoughts and to speak them. The next morning (Saturday), his language and processing speed seem to be back to normal. He was initially a little unsteady on his feet, but that seems to have resolved (we are still going up/down the stairs with him, just in case). He read two pages in his book before bed last night, (Sunday) which is much less than his normal amount of bedtime reading, and went to bed a bit earlier than usual. As of this morning (Monday), he's no longer complaining of a headache, and he doesn't seem to be having any issues with bright lights.

    I've eliminated all assigned reading/writing lessons this week, and promised him read-alouds and one science/history documentary every day that he feels up to it. It is going to rain today and tomorrow, so that helps with staying inside and resting. We always have had a quiet time after lunch, where he can read and/or listen to audiobooks in his room, and will make sure he continues to get that time away from his brothers so he can rest his brain.

    If you have had a child who has had a concussion, what are other signs that I should be looking for? We were told that he could seem fine and then have symptoms again, possible off-and-on for up to eight weeks. What else should I do to help him heal that I might have missed?

  10. 40 minutes ago, Forget-Me-Not said:

    Late coming in, but glad he’s ok. Were you able to be in there with him?

    Yes. I rode in both ambulance trips and stayed in his room the entire time. Both hospitals were under strict visitation guidelines and every single person had surgical masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Though, I did hear the nurses discussing how to care for their ONE n95 mask. (We weren't in a respiratory ward. Both hospitals had separate dirty/clean sides.)

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  11. We're still under observation. He's broken several tiny bones in his frontal sinus cavity, both the front part under the skin and the back part near his brain. They are watching to make sure he isn't leaking cervical-spinal fluid into his sinus cavity. He's in good spirits, though he does have a headache. He's under concussion protocols and sinus injury protocols. They believe the fractures will heal themselves sufficiently, so he doesn't need surgery to correct them now. However, we have to watch out for sinus issues in the future. They have yet to decide how long he will stay under observation in neurosurgery.

    Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. It's been a long 24 hours here.

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  12. DS7 is spending the night on the pediatric neurosurgery floor of children's hospital for observation. He lost control of his bicycle and hit a tree. He has a concussion, stitches, and facial fractures. He's had an x-ray and three CT scans already, and will have another at 6am. 

    I watched the lead-up in slow motion. I knew what was going to happen before it did, but I was too far away to stop it. (DS5 also went off the pavement and into the woods/trees, but he is smaller and was on training wheels, so wasn't going as fast and didn't hit a tree.) 


    We're still under observation. He's broken several tiny bones in his frontal sinus cavity, both the front part under the skin and the back part near his brain. They are watching to make sure he isn't leaking cervical-spinal fluid into his sinus cavity. He's in good spirits, though he does have a headache. He's under concussion protocols and sinus injury protocols. They believe the fractures will heal themselves sufficiently, so he doesn't need surgery to correct them now. However, we have to watch out for sinus issues in the future. They have yet to decide how long he will stay under observation in neurosurgery.

    Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. It's been a long 24 hours here.

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  13. DS24 mentioned today that his friends were looking for formula for their baby, born premature in January. He drinks a specific type of formula, and the local stores have been cleaned out, just like toilet paper and water bottles. They are on WIC and food stamps. I went to Amazon and ordered them a 3-pack of powdered formula and a 3-pack of diapers to go along with it. When DS24 was sick as an infant, he needed formula by prescription that I had to order at the pharmacy counter with my WIC checks, so I have been in a similar situation. I hope that it gives them some peace of mind.

    (I did not include my info on the shipment. The baby's father is my son's best friend, baby's mother is the sister of son's girlfriend, they all live together with girlfriend's mother (who I haven't met yet) and grandmother, and I don't want them to feel weird. Did that make any sense?)

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  14. 2 hours ago, prairiewindmomma said:

    I'm chuckling a bit because we had the same hiccup with our oldest at that point with the same book.  I'm so sorry.  Don't each chocolate chips like I did, daily. I'm still working to lose that weight. 🙂 Writing the solution IS solving the problem. Coming to the correct answer is only part of the solution.   

    We ended up switching away from AOPS pre-algebra. It wasn't a great fit personality wise for Oldest, and the battle was seen in writing the proofs.  We went to Aufmann instead (which is used in Chalkdust). The algebra book from AOPS is written in a different style, and you can probably go back to it, but Oldest decided to stick with Chalkdust and did all the way through.  His first day of college calculus was spent with the professor lecturing about formatting writing solutions.  I felt a bit validated....8 years later.

    So. Many. Chocolate chips! 😉

    I like the statement that is in bold above. I'am going to use that, thanks!

  15. 54 minutes ago, mathmarm said:

    Ooooh, that's hard. I'm a stickler for written, logical work. But since he's able to do a large portion of the problems in his head accurately, and he's demonstrated in BA and PreA that he knows how to write solutions, what would happen if--just for the rest of PreA-- you made the rule that when he misses a problem done mentally, he must write out the full solution on his 2nd attempt before trying again?


    Or if you looked over the work ahead of time, designated 2-3 problems as MUST SHOW FULL SOLUTION and then let him solve the remainder of the problems however he liked?

    Both of these are great ideas. Thank you very much!

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  16. DS11 (today is his birthday!) is working through AoPS pre-algebra. Back in the fall, he would write out pages and pages of beautiful work to solve out problems. (I used to text pictures to my BFF, who is a college math professor, because they were so nice!) At the time, my only complaint is that he would write across the page, rather than down the page. Fast-forward to lately, and it is an absolute battle every single day to get him to write down anything at all besides the answers. (If and when he does write things out, steps are still horizontally across the page, rather than down, but this is now the least of my concerns.) Usually, he will sit for a while, talking math calculations out loud to himself, and then he writes down the answer. When he goes back to check the answers, it is impossible for him to figure out where any mistakes were made, because he has no written work to consult. (FWIW, he doesn't get many wrong, so this doesn't seem to be a problem to him.) 

    I am frustrated that he won't write out his work.  We worked really hard last year, when finishing up Beast Academy, to write out solutions in full. We've talked over and over about how mathematics is a language, and he needs to be able to communicate his thoughts and solutions to other people, clearly and logically, on paper. But, he JUST WILL NOT DO IT.  Add into all of this the physical growth he's had in the last year, and the long periods of cloudy-hormone-growth-spurt-brain, and I don't know how to handle this. (He's grown several clothing and shoe sizes over the last year; as my husband says, 'He's going to be a big dude.") If I had the disposable income, I would just enroll him in AoPS pre-algrebra 2 and have him be required by someone else to write out some of the work. DH is home during this time, but he's no help on school work. 

    Any ideas on how to approach this? Or, should I just let it go for pre-algebra, and start the fight anew when we start the algebra book? 

  17. 15 minutes ago, Kassia said:


    Where did you buy the oximeter?  We bought one to prepare for quarantine, but I ended up shipping it to my son who has asthma and had Covid19 symptoms.  I couldn't find them online anywhere so now we don't have one for ourselves.  

    I was just talking to DH about the shortage of jigsaw puzzles now!  

    I ordered a pink one on Amazon. It won't ship for a week or so.

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  18. 46 minutes ago, Syllieann said:

    Ok, found one.  Looks like they are claiming fair use because all the copies owned by libraries throughout the country are inaccessible to taxpayers due to the emergency situation.  Maybe they will take it to court with this one.

    But, they are not inaccessible. You can still borrow ebooks, even with the libraries closed. My library has added a whole bunch of extra ways to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, etc while they are physically closed.

  19. Before it started, I bought two cases of shelf stable milk boxes (chocolate and strawberry, to entice picky DS7). We have local milk delivered every Tuesday, but sometimes have to run out to get another gallon before the next delivery...this keeps us from having to run to the store. I just put the first 4 boxes into the fridge for tonight.

    Just the other night, I ordered an oximeter (asthmatics in the house) and a blood pressure cuff (to keep DH from going to CVS to use the blood pressure machine).

    I was going to buy jigsaw puzzles to keep the younger boys busy, but they are suddenly hard to find online!

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