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  1. My middle three boys (10, 7, and 5) all have birthdays in the next 6 weeks. I am in need of book recommendations for the 10 and 7 year old boys for birthday gifts. They both burn through books from the library, but I just can't figure out what to BUY for them this year. Gift giving is usually my super power, as my family and friends will attest to, but my anxiety is up lately and I'm having trouble coming up with good ideas. Both are excellent and voracious readers who usually have more than one book going at a time. 

    Favorites of DS10: anything by Rick Riordan, Stuart Gibbs (Spy School series), Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl series), Gordan Korman, James Patterson, Amulet series, Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales, etc. He has asked recently about reading The Hunger Games, but I'm not sure if he'll like it...

    Favorites of DS7: mostly non-fiction (science, math, coding, ciphers, logic), Ben Hatke (Little Robot, Mighty Jack), Secret Coders series, Science Comics series, books on crafting and building (origami, pop-up books, Legos, etc), David Macauley, joke books, etc.


  2. The problems in each chapter are numbered from 1 through 100-something, so if you turn to the first problem you have in the book you will know exactly how many problems you are actually missing. (For example, if page 8 starts with question #9, then you are only missing 8 questions). Looking at book 2D which I just grabbed off the shelf, you might only be missing 5-10 problems. The solution to those problems are written out IN FULL in the back of the book, so you might be able to recreate them if you really wanted to... Hope that helps!

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  3. On 3/14/2020 at 9:47 AM, Noreen Claire said:

    I spent hours the other day placing literature, history, and math books on hold for the next six weeks of school. I can 'suspend' the holds, and set a date in the future to have them automatically 'unsuspend', so that they will roll in weekly, instead of all at once. Five minutes ago, I went back into the website and 'unsuspended' all the books. I need them to come in before they decide to close all the local libraries completely!

    I may go back in and request some science books...

    Gah. The children's librarian just called to say that they will be stopping interlibrary loans as of this afternoon. So, I won't be getting any of the books that I requested if they aren't already in transit. Boo! 😭

    (Of course, I totally understand this and am in favor of whatever makes everyone safer. But, still.... Boo!)

  4. Saw this tweet this morning about starting a journal to detail how we get through this period of time. 

    There was a book made from the journal of a woman in England during WWII called "Nella Last's War" that I've just requested from the library. I'm not much of a journaler, but I'm going to start one today. I may ask my DH & kids to add to it, as well. It will give us something to do!

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  5. I spent hours the other day placing literature, history, and math books on hold for the next six weeks of school. I can 'suspend' the holds, and set a date in the future to have them automatically 'unsuspend', so that they will roll in weekly, instead of all at once. Five minutes ago, I went back into the website and 'unsuspended' all the books. I need them to come in before they decide to close all the local libraries completely!

    I may go back in and request some science books...

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  6. We made sure to get in two museum/aquarium visits within the last two weeks, because I guessed that this was coming. With DS5's speech therapy now cancelled, we can get in some extra school-type stuff in on Wednesdays (we usually only do math, logic, and read literature) so that when everyone else goes back to school we can ditch and go to the beach!

    Though, with DH home for the next two weeks (at least), it will be a bit harder to run school around here. Let's hope he has a project he wants to work on, by himself, in the garage... 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, KungFuPanda said:

    Ds doesn't like fish sticks. 

    DS10 could eat his weight in fish sticks if I let him. I have to cut him off at 3 servings. Seriously, 600+ calories of fish sticks is enough for one sitting! 

    On a related note, one of the local supermarket chains had a buy-one-get-one-free sale on the large bags of fish sticks for Lent and I *may* have bought six bags. 🤣

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  8. I would like to say that I will use my time to knit through my stash and finish some the mending and knitting projects BUT DH will be home from both his teaching jobs for at least the next two weeks and, honestly, I fear that I will just have *more* work to do. It's harder to get school work done when he's home, and I tend to cook more complex meals when he's home for dinner. There will be more people in the house, so more dishes, cleaning, etc...

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  9. After this Saturday, when DS7 will participate in his first Sacrament of Reconciliation, I will be keeping the younger three boys home from church. DS 10 is the only alter server, so he and DH will probably continue to go for as long as they continue to have Saturday mass. (We attend a slowly-dying congregation, and there is usually +/-10 ft between each group of parishioners in the pews already.) I will still request/pick-up books from the library, but we won't go hang out in the children's room anymore. DS5 will not attend speech therapy at the public school (they have not yet suspended classes). 

    The younger 4 boys are getting very good at coughing into their elbows and washing their hands.

    We are pretty well stocked for food & supplies, and I have some cough meds and things coming from Amazon early next week. I will make any quick trips to the market for fresh fruits & veggies first thing in the mornings, so as to minimize exposure to larger crowds. We have milk delivered to a box outside the kitchen door on Tuesday mornings.

    DH's two schools (he teaches both high school and community college) have both closed as of today for at least the next two weeks. The only person I am truly concerned about is DS24, as he works in the busiest supermarket in the city. He was called in early today, and says that it's very busy. I keep reminding him about wearing gloves, washing his hands, and using hand sanitizer (they have it in the back for employees). Unfortunately, he is my kid who nearly died from whooping cough as a newborn and then H1N1-related pneumonia in 2009, and has had pneumonia several times in the last ten years. He's also an asthmatic and a vaper, though he's cut way back in the last 6 months. I have no doubt that, if he catches covid-19, he will most likely end up hospitalized, or worse. My anxiety is high right now.

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  10. As someone who went a good loooooong time with a picture of Chris Evans as Captain America set as my phone's wallpaper, it is entirely possible that it is innocent. 

    On the other hand, as someone who's first husband cheated  - blatantly - in the small amount of time that we were actually married, I would try to get to the bottom of it, one way or the other.

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  11. I had my annual physical yesterday morning. It had been rescheduled a couple of times, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I only got my flu shot yesterday.

    By the afternoon, I noticed that my arm was very sore, unlike vaccines in the past. By the time bedtime rolled around, I was feeling cold. I shivered all night and developed a headache. DH got me another blanket and 800mg of ibuprofen over an hour ago. My temperature is currently 99.6°F by mouth. My arm feels better and I'm not shivering anymore but my headache is still there.

    DH just left to setup his classroom for a substitute for the day, and should be back before the kids get up. 

    Do you think I managed to pick up the flu at the doctor's office, or do you think it's a reaction to the vaccine? I've never had a bad vaccine experience before, but I know my kids are always warm and cranky the day of/after getting their shots. I had the flu four years ago, and was down and out for 10 days over Thanksgiving. It was awful, but I don't remember if it came on this fast.

    What say you?

  12. I took my kids to the Museum of Science on Monday. While I was reading the descriptions of several displays to my younger two boys, a woman approached us and said, "Wow. I thought that was a recording! Was that you reading? It sounded so professional!" I muttered something about reading lots of books so I've had lots of practice. She pushed her stroller away while repeating, "That sounded so professional. I thought it was a recording!"

    Can I get a part-time gig somewhere reading the display captions in a museum? Or audiobooks? Or something? How does one even try to find out if this is a possibility? I will eventually go back to teaching and send the kids back to school, but in the meantime I wouldn't mind bringing in some extra cash!

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  13. On 2/23/2020 at 12:37 PM, desertflower said:

    But I wanted to chime in and say if you have any child who is sensitive the book titled "the girl who drank the moon" may not be a good fit. Let's just say I am so glad I preread that one before reading aloud to them.

    Oh, this is one of my favorite books, and I give it as a gift as often as I can. Thank you for saying this, as I never would have thought about it being an issue for sensitive children. Will have to keep that in mind...

  14. I have nothing really to add, except that I had both DS7 and DS10 take the CogAT and the Iowa last week, and have been going over the results this morning. They seem fairly reliable to me. 

    (I wish I had actually tested them with a higher-level of the exam, to see what the actual ceiling would have been for each. That might have been more helpful, in our case.)


  15. We've always done the usual of giving up candy, or alcohol, or soda, or whatever. This year, DH is seriously considering giving up meat. 

    I've been trying the last few years to add something in, instead of just giving something up. This year, I think that I'll add in an extra daily read-aloud to my kids after dinner, which will have the added benefit of limiting their nightly screentime. We will also try to do a decade of the rosary during our after lunch basket time on school days.

    I also need to give up swearing. Again. 😔

  16. I can't remember the values for 6x7, 6x8, or 7x8, without starting at 6x6 or 7x7 and then adding up. I have *never* been able to memorize those three math facts. ..... I have a degree in math. 🤷 It's a hole that makes no sense! I work around it, obviously. 🤣

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  17. 1 minute ago, Ktgrok said:

    Because carrying around the cash tends not to happen, but I could have their debit card in my wallet so if they spot something at the store they can use it, rather than us trying to track me paying for it, then them paying me back. Or alternately, me not having cash on hand to pay them for a chore that they did, so then I owe them. So right now, I owe my 7 year old 9 dollars. I think. He's says it is 9 dollars, and he's pretty good about that, and I can't remember exactly how much after he did a few chores I said I'd pay for, but then I used my card to buy stuff on target because he didn't have his wallet, etc etc. 

    The ones I'm looking at have apps so the kid can basically have a budget set up - at a minimum they have separate spend/save categories, some have even more options. 

    If we had one of these then when a kid say, cleans my baseboards for $2 I can instantly transfer the money from my account to their account. And I can set up on some of them a set percentage of their money to go to savings, giving, etc. 

    That makes sense. I rarely take my kids to the store with me unless it's a special trip with just one kid, so they can take their money with them because we know ahead of time and they have an idea of what they want to spend it on. 

    Also, my DH always has cash (I rarely do!), and is almost always able to immediately pay out allowances or chore payments, so I never have to think about that part! If that weren't the case, an app/debit card might make it much easier.

  18. I just took my 10, 7, & 5 year olds to the credit union to deposit their allowance money and exchange coins for paper money (they like the machine counter). I think it's beneficial for kids to handle cash, like counting, splitting between save/spend/donate, pre-planning to have enough money for outings, etc. Though, my credit union would issue a debit card for each kid's account if I wanted. Is there a specific reason you prefer kids to have a debit card? Asking honestly...

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  19. First, I am so sorry that this has happened to your daughter, and also that she had to go back to work so quickly after giving birth.

    My oldest has had seizures since childhood, but is male, so no clue about preeclampsia-related seizures. However, if she does get prescribed Keppra *specifically*, please make sure she also gets prescribed vitamin B6 to take concurrently. Keppra can have an adjustment period that includes rage, anger, depression, and/or anxiety. Vitamin B6 can help mitigate these side effects. (We have lived this experience.)

    Good luck to your daughter. May she recovery quickly.

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