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  1. 2 minutes ago, annegables said:

    Music lessons. I love silence. I know learning an instrument is super good for a person, yada yada, but I just cannot bring myself to live in a little house while a kid learns how to play the violin or something. I am not that saintly of a person. 

    This. House is <1500 sq ft and there are seven of us. My kids are loud enough already. I do feel extremely guilty, because I know that DS10 wants to learn to play all.the.things, but my nerves can't handle it. I have issues with loud noises, and my kids are loud enough on their own!

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Jaybee said:

    Would a rebounder for kids help? If you have a small house, it might be hard to find a place for it. But if you do have room, maybe you could have him jump on it to "get the antsies out" when he gets too unruly.

    I look at these every so often, and they look good *in theory*. In practice, I would have four boys fist-fighting over who gets to use it. These kids fight over the piano, seats on the couch (we have three couches, for crying out loud!), the bottle of get the picture. Sadly, I'm pretty sure that it would cause more problems than it would solve.

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  3. We have two baskets for the books the boys pick out (one for younger books and one for older books) and one basket for the books I check out for school reading. They are also metal framed, but with a stiffer material.

    We have also lost many a basket to someone attempting to use it as a step stool!



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  4. 14 hours ago, happysmileylady said:

    When the older two are doing school, what is your 5yr old doing?

    Before the holiday break, I would work with DS5 first, then he would play with DS3 while I worked with the older two. I would switch out crafts and fine motor activities at the kitchen table for the two of them to work on without me. He would do a phonics lesson (OPGTR), a logic puzzle, a handwriting page, and as many math pages (Singapore) as he wanted. 

    I'm going to tweak the schedule to more of a 'one room schoolhouse' type plan, where we will all do the same subjects at the same time. Maybe, if he's doing 10-15 minutes of work every hour, spread through the morning, rather than all at once, it might help. 

  5. 4 hours ago, J-rap said:

    Have you tried creative activity?  I was surprised at how much creative activity seemed to use up excess brain energy in my kids.  For example:  art projects at home, creative activities through community ed, music lessons, local community theater, etc.

    This will be easier when he's older, but there isn't much available for a five year old around here. He's very imaginative, so he's got a box of hand puppets and stuffed animals in his room that he can use, and I swap out Duplos and castle blocks, plus they just got a Playmobil castle set for Christmas.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, amyx4 said:

    I have boys and it's winter here. What are they doing from 2-4:00? Unless one kid really needs that much down time, I would like to encourage you to think about replacing  some of that time with physical activity.

    Some YMCAs have a sliding scale based on income. Ask other local moms what available in your area for physical activity.

    They have, since giving up their naps, had quiet time alone in designated rooms to listen to audiobooks, play with toys, puzzles, or single-player games, or use simple art supplies. They look forward to this time and I think they appreciate the time apart from each other (it's a small house, and they share bedrooms). DS5 does occasionally ask to start or end his quiet time outside, and I always agree. 

    I'm still looking into opportunities for indoor exercise. DH teaches a night class twice a week through most of the year, so we could do something after quiet time those days before/after dinner.

  7. I could possibly put my kids in open swim if we joined the YMCA that is 15min from here. But, when would be the best time of the day to go? Would it be better earlier, or after lunch/school?

    Breakfast here is around 7:30 most days. DS10 and DS7 school M,T,R,F from 8 to 2, including breaks and lunch. Wednesday mornings is speech therapy for DS5, then we go to the library until lunch. We usually have quiet time from around 2-4pm each day. Dinner is at 5pm, the kids take turns with the tv from 6-7:30, then snack and bed.

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  8. I would love to put the younger four boys (10, 7, 5, and 3) into swimming, but the only option for that around here is really expensive. We could *probably* work it, but my husband's eye starts to twitch when the budget is tight. The McDonald's playplaces around here have all been torn down, and the trampoline park up the street is also pricey. *sigh* I hate winter!

  9. DS5 is the fourth boy out of five. I had not had a "terrible two" until he came along; his twos were hard and his threes were harder. He is also the LOUDEST CHILD I have ever met (his hearing is perfect, it's just his personality). He chilled out quite a bit around four, but has just gone off the rails lately. He is suddenly full of sass and back-talk, constantly arguing with his brothers, starting fights, hitting, calling names, and being disobedient. It is causing the other boys to react in-kind, and it is just getting out of hand.

    We are trying to get back into our routine this week, now that DH (public school teacher) has gone back to work and the holiday excitement is over. I will make sure that he gets his dedicated one-on-one time with me every day during school time, and add in a bit more later on in the evening with either myself or DH. I am trying to find him real work to do around the house, which he loves. He is going outside as much as possible, with it being winter in the northeast, and plays kindy basketball one night a week. He gets plenty of sleep, takes a multi-vitamin and vit D, and eats very well. He is prone to night terrors when he's sick, but he hasn't had them in a while. He might be cutting molars, as he's been putting his fingers in his mouth for a while, but I'm not sure. He was recently tested for articulation issues and has started speech therapy, though he has an extremely advanced vocabulary and everyone here can understand him just fine.

    I was already reading Transforming the Difficult Child by Richard Glasser, ironically, for help with other children. What else can I do? Books that you can recommend? Anything else to look for that I'm missing?


  10. *sigh* DH wants to keep the tree up for another week. It's DEAD dead. I refused to be the only one who watered it this year and, therefor, it was never watered not once. It smells when you get up next to it. There are needles everywhere. it is making me twitchy. But, apparently I will have to deal with it for another week... *sigh*

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  11. 25 minutes ago, Plum said:

    Toast some panko bread crumbs in a pan with butter and a touch of paprika before baking. The panko is my favorite part. 

    I do this, too. Also, I have switched from baking my mac n' cheese in a regular 9x13" pan to a rimmed half-sheet (18x13") pan. My family loves that there is twice as much crunchy stuff!

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  12. 18 hours ago, Gil said:

    I'm pretty sure (95.8%) that Python won't run directly on Chromebook. You'll need to hop through some hoops--probably have to run a virtual machine, or use a cloud-based solution--to use Python from a Chromebook.


    I have found directions online to load it through Linux, which my machine runs in beta. I just don't have the knowledge myself to be confident in not screwing up the process!

  13. 7 minutes ago, maize said:

    sometimes kids who are used to being at the top in a small local pond get into a situation where they are average and don't know how to cope.

    This was my experience. I went to a tiny, Catholic all-girl school and was told consistently how brilliant and special I was. I was tops in my honors physics class, and was invited to be part of the honors physics program at my university of choice. I was not in any way prepared for that program. I was *stunned* in my mediocrity. Even though I've gone on to earn a B.S. and an M.Ed, and be ABD in my doctoral program (before I bailed to have more kids), the imposter syndrome and feeling of not being smart enough is STRONG to this day.

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  14. I started easing into IF in April, and I've since lost about 25lbs. I started by not eating after dinner, then started delaying breakfast, then skipping breakfast entirely. After a while, I picked two days a week to also skip lunch. I now fast two or three days a week from after dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 3 (so, 36-42 hours or so), having only water or tea with a splash of whole milk. (I'm in it for the weight loss, I'm not so hung up on autophagy. I've tried to drink bone broth, but I don't like it.) It took about 6 months before I could go 24hours. Some weeks, if I'm not feeling well I may skip fasting days completely, or maybe just eat small lunch or dinner. I make sure to take my vitamins on non-fasting days, as I can't take them with an empty stomach. I used to have a serious problem with sugar, and intermittent fasting has helped tremendously. I would highly recommend reading any of Jason Fung's books. My regular diet still needs work (too many treats, not enough veggies, etc) and I don't exercise enough, but IF has helped me feel better.

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