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  1. Time Left: 14 days and 14 minutes

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    Price is "Set your own price" plus media rate shipping. Although I don't accept Paypal, I will take a money order or a gift card to Walmart or Amazon. Smoke-free home. Books are in used condition. Lial’s Basic College Mathematics, 6th edition. Lial’s Introductory Algebra, 8th Edition, plus Student’s Solution Manual Lial’s Precalculus plus the Student Solutions Manual, Fourth Edition Lial’s Precalculus (two copies so that I could help Thomas) Jacob’s Elementary Algebra (just student book) Science Harcourt Science, the Purple book with a tiger on front, plus the workbook. I used the already-written-in used workbook to help me to cover the material in a cursory manner. Cover of the hardbaack is beat up but the inside is fine. What Smart Students Know (1993) Maximum grades, optimum learning, minimum time.


  2. Easy Biology Lab: All in one highschool DOT com I like their biology lab. Easy to do at home, and I skip whatever anti-evolutionary parts I choose. The site has tons of other subjects but I've never looked at them.
  3. Hello, You asked about history and science for middle and high school. My son took several of Mrs. Stanley's middle school history classes last year (pre-recorded). Very engaging and not too hard. My son needs school work that is "just enough" and not too hard, or he shuts down. I learned a lot watching her classes. Occasionally there were glitches in the pre-recorded class but not too many. I have watched bits of the high school level history classes. Some teachers are more engaging than others. We'll be watching the most fun ones. I've only watched bits of the biology course. F

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    Lost Tools of Writing, Level 1, Teacher's Guide. Fifth edition, copyright 2015. Good condition, has minimal highlighting, underlining, and some teacher notes. Comes with the access code and link to the website where you can watch all the videos. $67 includes continental USA media mail postage. I accept US bank account personal check or money order. thanks for looking!



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    Lost Tools of Writing, Teacher's Guide, Level 1 Fifth edition, copyright 2015. Good condition, has minimal highlighting, underlining, and some teacher notes. Comes with the link tot he website where you can watch all the videos, and the access code to enter the website. $67 includes media mail shipping to continental US. I accept a US personal check or money order, and I mail after the check has cleared. Thanks for looking!


  6. We will be using the Chakerian USB thing for geometry, which sells for $79.99, and using Kolbe Academy's plans (my son in enrolled). Do we need to buy the text book as well? My son will be learning mostly from the computer (I assume).
  7. Something else for people to try: I posted earlier about Epsom salt, but that stopped working for me. So after trying several other things, I thought I'd try cheap vitamin E capsules. Surely something so easy and cheap couldn't work. But it is working so far! For four months I've been piercing a capsule with a safety pin and squeezing it onto the affected areas. I try to keep the toes oily all the time and to wear sandals around the house. I also wear moisture-wicking socks to bed and keep the feet uncovered by blankets. One big toe nail is one-third clear, the other is one-fourth clea

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    Teaching the Classics Worldview Supplement with DVDs (not the latest version: Worldview Detective) VGC ---- $25 TWSS: Teaching Writing Structure and Style, copyright 2001. All DVDs included except the intermediate (middle school) sample lesson DVD (can't find it!). Includes Student Resource Notebook and the supplemental "Mini books" and sheets with the stories told in three pictures. The teacher book does have my handwritten notes in it since I used it for more than one child. The SRN has some additional adjectives and such written in here and there. $79 High School Essay Intensive: College application essays and SAT essays (this is the older version but still good for the college apps). Includes DVDs. VGC $19 (regular 80) Windows to the World Literature Analysis, Teacher book only VGC $9 Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons, Teacher book only VGC $9 Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons, Teacher book only VGC $9 Fix It! 2007 coil-bound version where you print off the student pages from the CD. Cover has some rub off from shelving it each day, but inside is fine. $21 Tom Sawyer (grades 3-6) Frog Prince, or Just Desserts (4-8) The Little Mermaid (6-9) The King and the Discommodious Pea (7-10) Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (9-12) I accept personal checks and will ship media mail to the lower 48 states. Non-smoking home.


  9. Just wanted to say that I just finished reading the library's copy of Scattered but Smart for Teens, all about executive functioning. You probably don't need to read it, however, because the advice given to you is very similar to what is in the book. Help, respectfully, as long as they need it, slowing drawing back how much you help.
  10. I prayed for your precious daughter this morning and will continue to do so. Have hope!
  11. Hello, My ninth grader has significantly slow processing speed per a Woodcock-Johnson test. I approached the school system to see if he could get tested by an educational psychologist for free (in order to get a diagnosis so he could get extended time on ACT / SAT). They declined because they saw that he was doing well academically with the accommodations I have been providing him. He took the ACT as an 8th grader and scored a 20. Our next step will be to see an educational psychologist. The woman who tested my son suggested it, and said our choices were either a professional or a
  12. Hello, The woman who did the Woodcock-Johnson test for my ninth grader last August said that he should have an educational psychologist diagnose him around October of his tenth grade year so that the time frame is correct for the ACT/SAT people to grant him an extended time accommodation. Have any of you heard that? Is the time frame correct? She's assuming he'd be taking the test in spring of junior year and fall of senior year. Below is the link to his story. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/623519-slow-in-decision-making-and-processing-skills-woodcock-johnson-test/
  13. So sorry to hear that your son is sick. Somewhere on the internet (possible www.earthclinic.com) I read that coconut oil helps persons recover significantly faster. Either he could spread it on bread or mix it in instant oatmeal or put it in a cup of hot chocolate. Many use coconut oil for all sorts of physical problems -- antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, etc. I pray that he has a mild case of it.
  14. Thank you Heather, Storygirl, and Elizabeth. Wow. You answered my questions and gave me additional info. After reading your responses, and looking into the local public schools' websites and reviews, I think we're going to stick with homeschooling. Also, I called our curriculum provider and she told me that it's fine with them if he does more video learning than text reading, as long as he's writing about what he learns, as in "what is important about this." Question for Heather: what are "immersion sw" and "inspiration sw"? How does your son use Evernote - to take notes, or for oth
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