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  1. I don't have this book but I think what they are doing is telling a story and it will build on that. The 10 is in the ones place to show the children the 1 in 10 means 1 group of 10. Seeing it as a group of 10 before moving the 1 over may help teach the place value better.
  2. I print each book in colour when needed using a Brother inkjet duplex printer set up with CISS, costs pennies a page. Then just use a comb binder. Highly recommend a CISS.
  3. Done! I have to admit, I hated math in high school but teaching my child at home.....I now love it!
  4. I'm not sure if it will work but here is my code.... 547931BYB2016
  5. I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this for us.
  6. Last year, I bought Reading Lessons Through Literature, actually, I got the first 2 levels and the English Lessons Level 1. Love this curriculum. Last year, we were given the option of choosing which level we wanted, this year, it's just the Reading Level 1, no option. That was a disappointment because I was wanting to get level 3 reading or level 2 of the English. I bought the Elementary Bundle 1, let me know if you have any questions about it. I have a CISS on my printer and so it works out cheaper for me to print than to buy the book. Also, having the digital version means I can print for each of my children as they need it. I would choose the used book sale by a homeschool group over the BYOB!!! lol. I agree though, not enthusiastic at all about this year's sale even though I did get a few bundles. It just feels very fluffed up by Teachers Pay Teachers bits. Not that that is a bad thing but they lowered the price and added way too much fluff.
  7. I got some great deals last year. I was hoping to get level 3 or 4 of Reading Lessons Through Literature, but they didn't have the option of choosing the level and was only offering level 1. Also, the prices are higher and all the marketing was saying how they would have bigger and better bundles at lower prices. I felt there were some great digital products but the majority that is bulking up the bundles are products that are a few bucks. I didn't really see the great math curriculum they were going to offer either. I did end up getting Elementary Bundle 1, Charlotte Mason bundle and the Upper Grade bundle 2 for $63, well worth it but could have down without the fluff. Also, the bonuses that you get with every purchase, nothing like last year, there were some amazing free stuff. This year is more coupons and discounts. I was thinking of getting the Mystery Bundle. Can you share what was in it? Thanks The only bonus last year was they extended the sale by one day and gave a half off any bundle for those who purchased a bundle already.
  8. For my son, writing them out is laziness for him but more so recently, he is learning that if he doesn't write it down, he has to start from scratch which will take more time. So he is now writing it out, very sloppily but at least it's a start. When I sit down and go over the confusing bits, he really gets it and then takes off. I feel there could be more instruction with MM. Today, we were working on ratios and fractions and there was a large instruction box. Then we went to follow the instruction box but we needed to follow the instructions from the last topic. This was very confusing and no explanation. It was easy to do once he realised but would have helped if it was in the last topic. I have BJU grade 1 and grade 2 and rarely use the teacher's manual and just sit with them and explain things. They get it. Each day, new math facts are added but we use a different system. I think were we struggled is we jumped into BJU math 6 for my son who never used BJU and might have benefited from reviewing BJU grade 5. I feel the instructions were great but just didn't work for my son. He is really getting on with MM now and next year will be doing AOPS Pre-Algebra.
  9. One of the biggest differences between the 2 is that MM is taught to the student whereas BJU is taught to the student by the parent. Our first attempt with BJU math 6 was a bit difficult for my son. He isn't mathy at all and I felt some instruction was missing. I'm assuming this is because perhaps the topic was more of a review. Anyway, I wasn't going to have my child continue to struggle. So while I researched, we went back to 5th grade MM and I pulled out all the topics that he needed help with. (I already had the complete curriculum). As we covered those, he really started to understand more so I just printed out book 6a. We are just about ready to finish and he has only really struggled with fractions so we are reviewing and working together before starting book B. I feel pretty confident, my son could now easily switch back to BJU but he is happy where he is so that make me happy. I feel that at times, MM is lacking some instruction and when that happens, I just look up supplements to help guide us. A math cheat sheet has come in great hand for him. I feel there is plenty of review with MM, sometimes more than what is needed and for topics my son gets, we skip some. You can create worksheets and there are extra workbooks that you can get as well. We got all the books with the kit we ordered. I didn't feel that BJU was more advanced, just taught differently and we felt a bit lost jumping into grade 6 without any BJU math experience. I do use BJU Math Grade 1 and Grade 2 and my children using those grades do very well in math. My daughter really wants to continue with BJU Math 3 but we are in the UK and it's so expensive to get here so she will be doing MM Grade 3 in Sept. Also, do you have to give the tests? I have yet to give my 6th grader any of the MM tests. If he is getting all the work completed correctly and does well on the review, that's enough to show that he's got it and we move on. I would highly suggest a cheat sheet (reference sheet) just to help remind him of the steps needed to complete the problem. Make sure he is showing his work so he can go back and see where he went wrong. It was like pulling teeth to get my 6th grader to do this (pure laziness) but now that he shows his work, he can easily see his mistake. How is his multiplication fluency? If he isn't fluent in math facts, this can slow him down.
  10. The link is vague because the bundles aren't revealed until the sale starts. I will say, it is an amazing sale if you use anything in the bundles. Last year was my first and I bought 3 bundles and got so many bonuses as well. Loads of well known curricula in the sale. I make sure I'm on the mailing list. If you sign up for the enter to win, you will get you own link. They give you a special link so you can get as many people to sign up and whoever gets the most sign ups wins all the bundles.
  11. Reflex all the way for us. Worth every penny. My son has only been using it for 5 weeks and he is 98% fluent in multiplication and division. My daughter is nearly 70% fluent in addition and subtraction. You only need 20 mins a day but my son is sometimes on it for 40, lol. He loves the challenging games.
  12. My daughter is crazy about horses too. I've got this but haven't used it yet. http://homeschoollegacy.com/product/horsing-around/ and we've got another horse unit study but it's no longer on the site. If you use pinterest, there is a lot on there for horse unit studies too and you might get some other great ideas. For reading books, we came across this series and have the first 2. The first one is free on their site but it's a great series. http://www.sonrisestable.com
  13. I suggest a school atlas but you want the most updated version you can get. They are constantly being updated so if you get an up to date one now, it will last you a bit longer. We've got a few school atlases rather cheaply and then bought Philip's Atlas of the World that is huge. The Philip's atlas is from 2014, so not the newest edition but contained the majority of the changes of a few new countries such as South Sudan.
  14. pamela722, on 09 Mar 2016 - 11:47 AM, said: My boys started reading on Bob Jones K5 before we switched to OPG. I was looking at the 2nd grade reading program last night after reading your post. They don't have a good look at the teacher's guide so I couldn't tell if it was something that would get us through a year or if a lot of the week is used on reading comprehension and things like that. Is the 2 or 3 pages a day a whole story? I am assuming there are not 180. I have no idea how to quote so I've just put yours in blue, lol. So sorry. I have the older edition (blue books) so can only base my knowledge from that. The stories are quite varied. One might be 3 or 4 sections but you are only reading one section per day and the corresponding work text pages. So each day, she reads 2-3 pages and then completes her work text. Sometimes, the reading is a play, a poem, or a simple story. There are a few odd days where you don't read anything in the book but complete 4 pages in the work text called Skill Days. It really is so much more than reading comprehension. There are lessons of spelling rules and vocabulary. Also, the work is so varied in the workbook, very inviting. We started in Sept and just started the second book and looking at the number of lessons left, she will finish before the end of the school year. I'm not very good at describing but it's very engaging and I couldn't be happier with it seeing my daughter learn to love to read. It took me many times telling her how good of a reader she has become because she had no confidence at all.
  15. I bought the complete set of MM. We used 1a and 1b last year for my 6 year old and she did fantastic. However, I had bought Bob Jones Math 2 not long into so this year we are doing BJ Math 2, she is doing fantastic with this as well. Due to finances, we will have to switch her back to MM3 for Sept. She wasn't happy about this because it's not at colourful and I will admit, there is a bit more on the page so we will work a bit slower with MM 3. We took my son out of school mid year 5 but we took a step back and went through MM4 and MM5, skipped about in 4 a and 4 b just to gauge where he was. Then moved him to Bob Jones Math 6 and he couldn't stand it, he really struggled but I he really never gave it his best shot. So we tried this Answers in Genesis math and used it for about 2 months and his a road block with it. Yep, right back to MM6! lol. We are a bit behind but he's nearly done with book a and will finish book b before Sept. He's been back on MM since the beginning of the year and he is doing so well with it and really putting though into his work. I never thought I would find a math curriculum that would work for him but I'm so glad we had MM. My only complaint is that in some areas, there isn't enough explanation and I have to go and google for more help. This has happened about 3 times since we've started so not bad but for some of the difficult stuff, would have loved more explanation. There are YouTube videos for math mammoth as well.
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