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  1. I wouldn't differentiate by age so much as comfort level of everyone. Really, some families either have no choice or have no cultural problems with it. I shared a bedroom with two brothers for a significant period of time growing up. The household had 7 children, two parents, a grandfather, and a great-aunt all living in the same house. No one gave it a second thought. We changed clothes in the bathroom.
  2. Interesting concept! Thank you. I'll research this. Can you point to any of the studies?
  3. No specific vehicle suggestions. A place like CarMax is convenient with the set price is what you pay. You can browse their vehicles online for all locations and usually have a specific vehicle sent to your local facility for a reasonable fee. You could get a better price than CarMax by negotiating at a traditional car dealership but their inventory tends to be more hit or miss. Finally, the best deals (and largest risks) are found in private sales. Good luck!
  4. DD19's doctor is recommending magnesium supplementation. She first recommended magnesium glycinate as DD doesn't need the laxative effect of the other forms. We bought a bottle and the pills are way bigger than what DD is comfortable trying to swallow. We tried crushing them and mixing them with a small amount of food but DD couldn't get it down due to taste/texture. So, at a recent follow up, the doctor asked about it and then suggested Calm, a magnesium supplement powder that can be dissolved in liquid, even though it isn't in glycinate form. We picked up some in rasberry/lemon flavor and DD barely managed to drink it down dissolved in warm water and that was starting with the quarter-dose recommended to start with! Any suggestions? Does anyone sell magnesium glycinate in tiny pills (DD would be fine swallowing several of those at a time)? Tips for making the Calm powder more palatable? The one thought that DD had was making a mug of hot tea and stirring the powder into that. However, she's to take it at bedtime and I'm thinking the caffeine in the tea would be counter productive! Maybe an herbal tea where the rasberry-lemon wouldn't clash? Suggestions? Many many thanks!
  5. I should have acknowledged your genius as well! I agree with the puzzle solving aspect so I do try to provide updates. I'm often left hanging on threads where we don't get an update/resolution and then months later it'll pop into my head "I wonder if WTM101 ever managed to return the new purse with the torn lining when she'd misplaced the receipt?" ha!
  6. Thank you for explaining this. I really wasn't getting what people were referring to! I've never noticed this as we keep the armrests down even with family. We LOVE the new theater seating and reservation system so much that we go to the movies a lot more than we used to! Not only are the seats wide and reclining, they also have a lot more space to walk between rows, no more stepping over/on people! Our seats also have built in heaters which one DD and I enjoy as we always get too cold during movies. We even bring a light blanket to toss over us as well. The only downside is that I've been known to drift off in the middle of a movie. 🙂
  7. You are a genius. This is EXACTLY what it turned out to be. I now have another 30 pills and an appointment to see the doctor. Thank you everyone for your input and experiences! My insurance requires that I go through a specific pharmacy for any long-term medications and I built up a good relationship with the pharmacist that i saw there. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her in a few months and I keep seeing new faces every time I go in. Some are more helpful than others.
  8. Is this a sudden huge change from his typical sleeping habits? If so, try calling the doctor office on-call line and ask for guidance. I'm hesitant to use after-hours emergency type care but with someone who can't tell you what they are feeling, i just might. No fever is encouraging.
  9. I have a prescription originally filled in February for a 90 day supply and the bottle states 1 refill by February 2020. I went to the same pharmacy today to get the refill and they insist that there are no refills available on this prescription. I didn't have the bottle with me at the time. Is it worth going back tomorrow with the bottle in hand? Will the label allow them to override their system? I'm thinking not since people probably pull all sorts of stunts to get additional refills. This one is not for pain or anything else that would be sought illicitly. I wasn't planning on scheduling a doctor visit this week but looks like I may have no choice. [SEE UPDATE POSTED ON MAY 26, 2019]
  10. I recommended against it but DD has been trying to use her cellphone to video the instructor tossing assignments on the floor for retrieval. She says that whenever she gets her phone out and aims it at him, he places the stack on the table. Last exam went really well. Just the final left, I think. Fingers crossed that she'll never take this guy again.
  11. Update on the old pup. He's doing really well. He is eating and drinking like normal and finally moving things out in the other direction (sorry!). He is perkier and happier. . .unless we have the cone of shame on him, which he must have if we can't sit right by him and watch every move he makes to keep him from chewing out the stitches. Trying to give him time with Kongs and chew bones while he is being supervised so he can get some breaks from the cone. Thanks, everyone!
  12. Well, its gabapentin which I looked up and seems to be an odd choice for post-surgical pain. DH did give him a dose and the dog has been sleeping the past couple of hours. Thanks for the info on the anesthesia. Maybe he will start feeling a bit perkier tomorrow.
  13. My elderly dog (almost 15) had soft tissue surgery yesterday morning and we just brought him home. His discharge instructions include giving him a medication for pain as needed. They did not give him any this morning at the vet hospital. He is not panting or shivering but seems "out of it" and not sure what to do with himself. He is normally "over the moon" happy to see me but was very low key when he saw me upon getting home. So is he in pain or simply still feeling the after effects of the anesthesia. I don't want under medicate the poor fellow but also don't want to keep him doped up if he is feeling ok. Thanks.
  14. The good news is that this is a temporary increase and won't cause any lasting damage. I understand your shock, though, at seeing that blood sugar reading! I had to have IV steroids during chemotherapy and while my type 2 diabetes is normally diet controlled, my oncologist insisted that the steroids were not optional and that I would need medication and/or insulin while doing chemo. However, I was able to make it through chemo without adding a diabetes medication. I did have to eat almost zero carbs in the days around chemo treatments and my blood sugar still ran higher than I would like. You can bring down blood sugar levels in the short term by drinking lots of fluids and exercising. Keep eating low carb and those numbers should keep coming on down. Your doctor should have prepared you for this probability!
  15. DD tried one more time to talk to the professor about this assignment. He finally told her that he actually drops the lowest two assignment scores for each student at the end of the semester but doesn't announce it to the class to keep students from "counting on it" and not doing their best on all the assignments. So, he genuinely believes that this missing assignment will not hurt DD in any way. We are both still fairly annoyed but at least somewhat mollified.
  16. This is a good idea. Especially because I suspect the professor would change his story if DD tries to take this situation up the chain of command. Argh! DD is not very assertive either, although she has impressed me with how she has been handling conflicts with some of her TAs and professors. DD might scrape an A in this class but it could easily be a B, especially with a zero on the books. So, certainly not catastrophic in the big picture but so, so frustrating. Yes, it was a math assignment that had to be done by hand. She is definitely considering sending an email to him to document the interaction so far but I suspect he won't respond at all. Everyone - I sincerely appreciate the feedback and validation. It actually makes me feel better and I'll pass along your suggestions to DD. Other than sympathizing with her and letting her vent to me, I don't plan to intervene myself. I struggle with being one of those parents that wants to jump in and fix things for my kids but have been forcing myself to allow my adult children to handle things on their own. It's hard!
  17. DD19 is upset with one of her professors. He lost an assignment she turned in on time and gave her a zero. The first time she talked to him about it, he acknowledged remembering her turning it in because she asked if she could add it to the stack that was already on the table, but just shrugged and said he didn't know where it ended up. She talked to him again today and he said he did not find it and the zero stands. She's offered to re-do the assignment and he refused. His argument seems to be that she will probably "do fine" in the class with the zero if she gets good scores on the remaining assignments/quizzes/exams. Not to muddy the issue above, but he appears to have no respect at all for the students. His method of returning quizzes and assignments is to toss the stack on the floor for the students to retrieve. I'm afraid if I encourage DD to talk to the dean that the professor would hold it against her for the rest of the semester. Any suggested course of action?
  18. This is very helpful. Thank you. I remember doing quite a bit of research years ago when I was choosing a regular cat food and this guidance rings a bell. An added bonus is that Fancy Feast and Friskies are both so easy to find in local stores.
  19. Sadly, even though some Foster & Smith brand products are still available through Petco, the canned cat food is not. I did find the F&S joint care product that I buy for my dog on the Petco website but it has been repriced from $45 to $60. *ouch*
  20. I'm so disappointed that Drs. Foster & Smith have sold out to Petco. I have been buying their brand of canned cat food for years, finding it to be a pretty good quality for the price. I did manage to stock up a bit when they were clearing out the last of the stock at a significant discount, so I am good for about the next 4 months. But, I will need to find a new source. Where have you found the best combination of food quality and price for canned cat food? I've heard good things about Trader Joe's but my local store always seems to be out of stock or only have the fish flavor, which I try to avoid. Thanks, Peggy
  21. I like to remind folks each year that you are allowed to optimize your AOTC even if the buik of your student's eligible expenses are covered by grants/scholarships by having the student claim a portion of those funds as going towards non-eligible expenses and claiming that amount as income. This only works for grants/scholarships that do not specify that they MUST be used for tuition, etc. Here's a fact sheet on how it works directly from the U.S. Treasury website: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/tax-policy/Documents/Report-Pell-AOTC-Interaction-2014.pdf it's relatively simple to do using TurboTax but I have to do a quick help search each year to refresh my memory on how to input things correctly.
  22. I'm loving the stories and thought I'd share another "best directions" anecdote. I was on my way to visit some relatives who live way out in the middle of nowhere on a narrow gravel road that connects to other narrow gravel roads. I knew ONE way to get there from my direction and could wiggle my way there from the nearest small town (on the opposite side from where I was coming from). I was driving by myself when I encountered a roadblock across the parkway, just a couple miles from where I would turn off onto the labyrinth of gravel roads. I pulled over and to study an old fashioned paper map, trying to figure out how to get to the small town and find my way from there. An angel in the form of a park ranger stopped his car and asked if I needed assistance. I explained where I was trying to go and that if I could find "small town" that I would be ok. He started to try to verbally give me directions on how to get around the roadblock and back to the parkway but then stopped and just said "follow me." I followed him for 25 minutes and through such a convoluted route with so many twists and turns and lots of nothing that I figured I was done for. There was no way I could turn around and backtrack it myself. Finally, he pulled into a nature trail head parking area and waved me past; as I past him, I saw a sign back to the parkway on the other side of the parking area, not far past the roadblock area!
  23. Oh, and just to balance, here is my favorite BEST directions ever received, from my brother, who apparently knows me too well: Once you take the exit and get to the stop sign, it will FEEL like you want to turn right but you actually need to turn left. He was correct! It "felt" like right would be the correct direction. Weird.
  24. I'd love to hear some stories about the worst directions that you have actually been given. My own favorite is being told by my grandmother the following for an area I was completely unfamiliar with: "...then turn left where that girl was hit a few years back."
  25. Thank you for the sympathy and laughs! They really helped. I plan to share the "expert" video during a meeting for work if my supervisor agrees. 🙂 As I was falling asleep last night (funny how our minds seem to become more flexible at times like that), I realized that part of the communication problem was that we were misunderstanding one another on one aspect of the request. It seems to be settled for now. Really appreciated the space to vent, though.
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