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  1. The 1000 Good Book List is a great place to start. I'll try to include the link here. If it doesn't take, just do a google search on "1000 Good Book List" and it will pop right up.. http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/1000.html Pegasus
  2. We don't do a full grammar course every year. So, for us, we are using EPS Writing Skills alone this year. I think grammar is best learned in context with reading and writing but we'll "run through" a specific grammar book every few years. Pegasus
  3. Everyone we talked to about a telescope advised that we spend the money instead on a good pair of binoculars. These are a lot easier to use and work fine. Pegasus
  4. Vocabulary Cartoons have been well received here. We did a few of the Wordly Wise workbooks but it was too much busywork, in my opinion. Pegasus
  5. Yes, many advise starting with the level 3 Challenging Word Problems as this is where they really start emphasizing the use of the bar diagrams to solve the problems. These problems are challenging so by all means, sit and help your son work through them. We do MUS 4 days per week and CWP 1 day per week. One page of problems if they are tough (usually 2 or 3 problems) and 2 pages if they are easier. Good luck! Pegasus
  6. You can start with MindBenders Warm-Up. This will ease you and your DC into the thinking process necessary to solve the later puzzles. Good luck. We find them great fun. Pegasus
  7. We started using Sequential Spelling in the third grade but DD was reading very well. It starts out simply but is based on patterns and the words get big very quickly. They have the first 8 days available for trial on their website. If you aren't sure, maybe start there and see how it goes. Pegasus
  8. I wouldn't hold the younger one back if she is ready. Just treat it as matter-of-factly as possible. Keep the older one in pull-ups at night for a while longer, then try undies at night again, maybe every few months, returning to pullups if she can't stay dry. I think my oldest was 5 before she stayed dry at night and some kids are much much older, especially if it runs in the family. During the day, you'll need to take her to the potty on a schedule, just like when you are first training. Don't wait for her to tell you she needs to go and don't ask her. Sometimes kids will insist they don't need to potty and be wet 5 minutes later. Once she's doing great staying dry on a potty schedule, gradually increase the time between potty trips. Try not to stress. Accidents at 4.5 are very common. Pegasus
  9. I see huge red flags here. He won't consider treating you unless he also gets his hands on your children?!? Plus, he can't/won't tell you what he charges. Run way. Quickly. Pegasus
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