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  1. Does anyone have an opinion of Calculus by Michael Spivak? How does it compare with AOPS calc book in terms of rigor? https://www.amazon.com/Calculus-4th-Michael-Spivak/dp/0914098918/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  2. DS also qualified for AIME and we are trying to figure out he can take AIME II instead of AIME I being offered at this center. Is there a way to figure out and contact other locations that might be offering AIME II? We looked at the list of alternate sites on MAA sites and that is very short. We are in the SF Bay Area if that helps
  3. Did anyone attend her seminar for parents last night " Seminar for Parents with Gifted Mathematicians"?
  4. We are going to order the book as well. It looks pretty interesting! Noticed that some of the topics like truth tables are covered in AOPS Intermediate Counting & Probability?
  5. We have the sentence composition book for middle school. What is a reasonable pacing for it? Do you all do an activity per day and how any days/ week? We are planning to use it with a rising 6th and 8th grader.
  6. DS 13: -Close to a perfect score on SAT math in October last year months before turning 13. - Highest score AMC 10 at school/ math circle - Math Olmpiad winner at school ( top 5%) - Qualified for AIME in 7th grade on his first attempt -Silver medal Russian School of Math -Second highest score on his ARML team in Nationals ( youngest on the team...all others were high school kids) -Made the highest Tier ice Hockey team few months back DS11: -Silver medal in Russian school of math -A+ in AOPS Algebra A class. Doing very well in his AOPS Geometry class ( half way through) - Took AMC 10 with a pretty respectable score! -Made Mathleage state (CA) and was in the Top 20 - Played up an age level in hockey
  7. Interesting thread given the number of choices. I am not familiar with HIG. What does it stand for?
  8. My DS 10 took it last year along with Pre Algebra over summer. It was challenging to do both at the same time. What we loved about the class was the capstone project where they had program one ( or more) board games and he had lot of fun doing that. He collaborated with some of his classmates to program mastermind! He is planning to do start intermediate Python this summer.
  9. Thanks for pointing out SIG. We have looked at them in the past and they looked like TIP and CTY style camps? Not sure if I am missing something but that was our feel looking at their website and their offerings.
  10. That is a great idea. We will use the forums for our research as well!
  11. Thanks for information on AMY. We have the books from their summer programs (105 Algebra programs, 106 geometry problems etc) and they are also divided into introductory and advanced problems). Is your son doing AOPS as well ( intermediate?) concurrently or will be doing that in the future? My DS 12 is pretty solid on AOPS Introductory books and I am thinking of having him do AMY as well (for level of challenge as well as for writing more detailed proofs). Other option is to have him start Intermediate AOPS Algebra in January and do Awesome math camp at Cornell next summer.
  12. It is interesting to see these offerings from MathZoom and Ideamath. I know A star also has similar offerings in the bay area and of course there is awesome math which has a year round program. it would be interesting to hear from someone who has done any of these after/ before doing AOPS.
  13. Thanks. We have mental math...time to get it off the shelf and use it! Will look at magic of maths as well. Our challenge is going to be how to put what we learn into practice. Are there websites / softwares/ workbooks that have timed tests that could help practice? This link gives more information on the contest and rules for number sense: http://mathleague.org/nsrules.php. They have contests from previous years that we could buy and practice ( each $ 10!) but I am hoping to find a more efficient and inexpensive way of doing this
  14. Thanks Kathy. We will look at MathZoom's summer camps as well.
  15. DS 10 wants to take the mathleague's elementary contest that has a number sense section which requires some very quick mental math. There are 80 questions on the contest and time allocated is 10 minutes. In his first practice test, he barely got through 50 of them!! He was not very happy with his own performance and wants to get fast soon! He is otherwise a very strong math student having finished AOPS Pre algebra and is half way through AOPS algebra with very little help from me. Any suggestions on books, tricks, practice sheets that might get his number sense speed up?
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