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  1. I am exhausted these last couple of days, possibly because of not enough sleep lately. Skipped the private lesson yesterday, as there was no way it would be useful. Went for a short run/walk with DS, then did 45 minutes of easy biking, which I barely managed to finish. Planned on a run this morning, but I could barely move around the house after I got up, so skipped that. Maybe a private lesson tonight, but it will depend on how I will feel when I get there. @wintermomI also think it depends on mileage. Sometimes I technically get 5 days, but 2-3 of them could be barely jogging 1 mile or
  2. I did a short run this morning, had a lovely walk with DS, and hopefully will get a bout or two to fence in the evening (it is questionable, as almost everyone is at Junior Olympics, so it will be very empty tonight) Three days is way too many for me. I am trying for something every day. It doesn't matter how short or easy, but it has to be done, just to check the box. And I only use a fitness tracker and a smartphone, in addition to shoes, of course, and a good supporting sport bra, so I guess I have a long way to go 🙂 By the way, running on the streets is dangerous even during
  3. I did stationary biking, which helped with stamina, but it doesn't help with mood at all. I don't know what it is about running, but it totally energizes me for at least 36 hours. Nothing else so far had the same effect, and I have really low energy throughout the day (as in I rarely make it without a nap) so it is really important to me. I only started running 6 weeks ago, and tendons also need time to adjust, actually more time than muscles, so I think I'll try running for a while longer, paying attention to not doing too much too soon. We'll see if my body can adjust. I had tennis elbow bou
  4. It is certainly a possibility. I still hope that if I introduce it slowly enough I manage to combine both without hurting all the time. Plus, this year due to scheduling conflicts I feel like I don't fence enough for it to be my only form of exercise. Most weeks it is just 2-3 hours total. I woke up today feeling totally exhausted and with a headache, so I spent most of the morning thinking if it would be better to cancel the private lesson. I finally decided that I can manage to push myself for 25 minutes and it actually went pretty well.
  5. Well, they travel. I never know which one will act up. The worst was at the back of my knee, where the hamstring? connects to the knee (two obvious tendons on the back of the leg just above the knee). I felt it at every step faster than a slow walk. It is gone now, but took about a week of rest to heal. I stopped everything, except light stationary biking that week. The most lingering one is on outside of my foot, below and in front of the ankle bone. That one doesn't affect my walking or running, I cannot feel it at all when I am wearing running shoes, but after a run it tends to get inflamed
  6. Thanks! I have just started running, period 🙂 Seriously, it was the first time ever I run 1km without switching to walking a few times. But unfortunately, it is not the muscles that bother me, it's tendons. I am trying to start very gently, but still usually something hurts for a day or two. My main problem is that I feel like running works like a drug on my mood and energy levels, and it is something none of my other activities does. I really want it to work, but I am afraid that doing it more will make me do it less or not at all, kwim? Soror ~ I am having PMS as well. Sleep is terribl
  7. Most of my January was great, but the last few days of it and the beginning of February are hard. Every time I run, I have some pain for a couple of days (a different one every time). If I don't run, I feel like throwing a temper tantrum (I don't, but I surely want to most of the time, and holding it all back is hard) or alternatively I am super exhausted. Grrr. Plus, my eating is far from great, and I feel boated, probably the first time I actually notice it. I blame it all on hormones. I registered for a small local competition this Sunday. Most (all?) of the people are much better than
  8. @Murphy101Maybe next time you go for a walk, turn on the app on your phone and start recording exercise/walk. Let your tracker hand be free/swinging. It will track the distance through GPS and calculate the right stride length for you. It shouldn't be too long, just a few minutes of you normal walking. It might reset it.
  9. It is raining, everybody is busy with their own stuff, and I have nothing better to do, so I just tested it. Standing still and swinging arm as if I am walking accurately added steps. It's trickier when walking without swinging arm. It did add steps, but only if I traveled more than a certain distance, and then less than the number of steps I actually took. So, walking around my small kitchen holding my arm stable in front of me did not add steps. Walking along my long hallway did, but in increments of 10, and after the same distance, not after the same number of steps. It also doesn't add sta
  10. I have Fitbit Charge. It counts wrist swings really. I got about 1k recently folding laundry 🙂 If you carry something in that hand or hold someone's hand it will not register steps. Basically, make sure that your arm swings with every step.
  11. Due to various reasons, I'm missing fencing till Thursday or even Friday. I ran yesterday, and then took DS for a walk. Ended up with over 20K steps for the day. Today was another walk with DS with some running included. I am trying to get him moving more, as fencing for him is just not enough (since he is younger, he can't really do open fencing, as there is nobody his level there). We started doing C25K-like program through Zombies, run app. So far he likes it, but he is OK with regular walks as well. I might do some bike tonight, but my knees are slightly tender, so I'll try and decide if b
  12. Congrats! It's totally ok to take it slow and in several attempts. Trying to get everything done fast and perfect on the first try usually leads me to just dropping it altogether.
  13. Feel better soon! Thanks for sharing your workout plan! And sometimes lazy is good! It's great that skiing helps your tennis! ________ I may have overdone it last week. After Saturday run instead of the usual high I just felt half-dead, even though I felt normal during the run itself, not really pushing myself. Now, 48 hours later and after very easy two days I am still not sure how I feel. Or it could be the middle of my cycle and my hormones are out of wack again.
  14. I hope you are feeling better! And way to go on those push-ups and crawls and hangs. My hands don't like hangs at all. Maybe that's what I should add... You can do it! Sounds beautiful! I woke up early today, and decided to go for a run before I needed to take DD to CC. Another 2.5 miles. A bit later I had a private lesson, and that is it for today. I am not feeling hungry anymore, but now I am feeling sleepy . Not sure which is better.
  15. Hope your foot heals fast! And congrats on losing weight/size! My weight seems to be relatively stable, fluctuating up and down around the same numbers, but my TDEE table says that it trends down a little, .25-.5 lbs a week. I took some measurements today, and I lost around 0.5 inch off my waist and hips (I didn't measure my chest 🙂) I did an hour of stationary bike on Monday morning, and felt really tired all day. In the evening I went to fencing, hoping to do 2-3 easy bouts. Well, the class had odd number of people, so the coach had me suit up and jump in. So, instead of easy 20 m
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