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  1. Thank you! The song at the Scaffold is a thin book. The opera based on the play of the book has a very impressive ending in music (I think): With the Ladys Choir we sing a different song of it.
  2. Thank you. We have no exams this month, as dd loves christmas and thinks exams are not unitable with that 🙂 The next exam will be at the end of january so we will have some breathing space. But we still have our regular lessons, as we hope to attempt German Written, Math & Science during March - June
  3. I finished this week several books I was reading the last few weeks. They are all over the plate... 🙂 - The Song at the Scaffold + watching opera ‘Dialogues of the Carmelitessens’ - Untrue (about female sexuality) - Van de koele meren des doods ( yes he can write beautiful sentences, yes I disliked the book although it is a Dutch Classic) - I finished the Servo Arbitio in Dutch, I am impressed how readable the book was, but I think most people would need some more background to be able to follow the thought lines. - Gold Mountain Blues a thick book about Chinese Immigrants in Canada. Very well writtten, but just a little too thick... Struggling with the December season as always, so I hope others have a more joyful season.
  4. 😘 Thank you for making the Bingo! As always I will have some questions during the road, but I am impressed it is such a different one!
  5. Thanks! Brit Trip didn't work finally this year (it is hard to do Brit Trip in Dutch ? ) But I would like to continue if possible, so I can finish it in 3 years or something like that ... I think when the majority of the exams has been passed, my brains can handle reading in English again. For the moment I am just glad I can read (in Dutch) and sing.
  6. Absolutely!! you can also use it when someone has a job application interview (sollicitatiegesprek) or when someone has an oral presentation to do. In artistic scenes ‘toi toi’ with two thumbs up means the same thing...
  7. Thank you! It is her track. she has less hours math & science. The Science & Math track has no Latin, and no German, but then she would have 6-8 hours of math per week, and seperate science exams for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. One has to pass for the main subjects of ones track so the choice was narrowed down to what subjects we think dd can pass: Latin, French, English, Math, Physics, Biology or Economics.... and yes we are longing for an exam free month
  8. 6 exams in 3 months might have been a little too much... It is also the travelling, the insights (so more travelling), and the stress... This week German oral, 30/11 Dutch written, and then we have a month no exams... I am waiting for the spring examplanning I hope dd will pass the foreign languages this school year, so we will haven science, math and Latijn next year
  9. Somehow if I don't catch the thread on Sunday I seem to get lost,... So I'm posting so I will be sure to be able to find the new thread next week... I finished Wintergarden, a book about German History during the 20th Century, and Dawn a book from a Turkish Author. Reading a thick book about Chinese Immigrants in Canada and still reading the book from Luther. DD is still attending exams
  10. I finished ‘You are your brain’ by Dick Swaab. He is a neuroscientist and the book has been written for the common people, it has no reference or source list, and is sometimes too popular imo. The line between facts and personal opinions is not always clear, which is problem for me when he states something which is not a logical consequence of the facts. The part of the book about Free Will, lead me to the translation of the Servo Arbitrio by Martin Luther. Luther and Erasmus disputed about Free Will, and I like the book so far.
  11. These are ‘krimi’ graphs, but most graphs will be about consumption patterns.
  12. Dd is preparing her German Oral Exam next month, and we are looking for some graphs that are normally used at Deutsch B1 exams. Her textbook provides one page with 6 graphs, and we just need more graphs to practice .... ? Does anybody else has such pages in their textbook? I will try to post mine as example.
  13. No books finished this week: English EFL written last friday Dutch oral this friday.
  14. It is the Turn of the Screw. It has been translated as ‘the Innocents’.
  15. I don't trust my English skills enough, to read Henry James in English, so when I found: I saved it for october....
  16. Last week I finished several books: De komst van Joachim Stiller (The arrival of Joachim Stiller) written by Hubert Lampo. Lampo is considered the Flemish master of magical realistic writing. I have never read something magical realisitic before and I am not sure what I think about it. I like his use of words though. De bekentenis van de leeuwin (The confession of the Lioness) written by Mia Couto an author from Mozambique. I liked the change of point of view every chapter while continuing the story line. The Fire, a sequel on The eight a story about a chess mystery in current and past times. I liked The Eight better then the fire. Currently reading: Mali Blues by Lieve Joris. Joris is a Flemish author who writes often about Congo and other African countries. Most often her books are a kind of travellogs. I like her writings. It becomes winter by Kasparov. A book about Poetin, compared to Jeltsin and other leaders in Russia after the fall of the USSR.
  17. Somehow I lost the thread of last week ? I finished several books, I hope to post about today. DD is attending French Exams last and this week,she failed French oral again, so we have our hope on the written part this week...
  18. Thank you!!! Someone else on another forum found this: https://www.trotec.be/fr/durabilite/lechelle-de-lansink/
  19. This picture is a typical school thing here called 'de ladder van Lansink' we can translate the piramide, but were wondering if there is such a thing in French more then 'Le Trois R'. Oral Exam here monday ...
  20. And the link to my BINGO shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/40511334-loesje?shelf=baw-2018-bingo
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