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  1. My course has a Russian Songbook: https://www.amazon.de/-/nl/dp/1899785264/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_nl_NL=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Russian+ruslan+song&qid=1620581371&sr=8-1 I don’t own it yet as I am still in the ‘my cat drinks milk’ and ‘my horse eat apples’ stage...
  2. I think this is the ‘red grammar’ 8filltheheart is referring to: https://www.amazon.com/Сборник-упражнений-грамматике-русского-иностранцев-ebook/dp/B0184KH87U/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=По+грамматике&qid=1620579597&s=books&sr=1-4
  3. I am studying Russian for almost 6 weeks now and have not covered the cases yet, but learned some German during middle school, and failed the exams because nobody had explained me how cases work.. I think I would suggest to do some more English Grammar before starting Russian Grammar. You’ll need a reference grammar to explain grammar of other languages. Dutch hasn’t cases but we do have sentence syntax, if preposition is similar to the dutch ‘voorzetselvoorwerp’ it is that sentence part that starts with the fixed preposition that belongs to the verb. So ‘for’ in ‘looking for’ is a fixed preposition, which makes in the sentence: I am looking for my glasses for my glasses as the voorzetselvoorwerp I don’t have quick definitions. If it differs from Russian ignore my explanation 🙂
  4. DD applied to www.WUR.nl for a second year on row. Also for a second year on row she has been accepted conditionally. (That’s how it works in the Netherlands, because of the exit exams in may/june). She did a Latin-Modern Languages track in homeschool, but needed a math-science track for this University. She tried last summer an ‘exam only’ option but failed 3 / 4 subjects so she is in a kind of community college for adult education now for math, physics and chemistry (she passed biology last summer) About 2 weeks the central exit exams start and then we will know if she will be accepted unconditionally (after she gets her diploma) She plans to study biology at WUR. @RootAnn as you wondered how we were doing...
  5. Homeschooled 1 child from 4-17yo, preK starts at 2yo here so she visited school during 2 years but otherwise I homeschooled ‘whole way through’
  6. So to those who use Duolingo, what do you add to support the language learning? I started Russian, which is fun, but I feel I need more support in explanations.
  7. I would limit my visits to every other week or less. If jig saw or crossword/cryptogram puzzle together is no option, I would combine the visits to my mom with visits to a beautiful garden or nice garden centre / plant breeder. Just to balance out the visit. I like the idea of visiting on a workday.
  8. You may want to consider what the goal becomes of this language: becoming tri-langual or will this be tackled as a foreign language? Becoming multilangual is cost intensive if you don’t have a library with enough reading sources in the targeted language.
  9. I quit Duolingo German, after passing the 50day strike it became a burden to not loose a day. And my German is somewhere between - not good enough for.... - and - to good for..- and Duolingo didn’t fit well in filling in my gaps, and learning German from English (also a foreign Language) is difficult as I learned German from Dutch in highschool. I think I should try another way to improve my German then through duolingo after doing nothing for a few weeks, I started Duolingo Russian and so far it gives what I need: fun short brain teazers. I have a lot of fun with decoding the alphabet and trying to pronounciate. Goal: being able to pronounciate words in Russian alphabet (so it becomes easier to sing in Russian) I would love to improve my English but I am not sure how to do that.
  10. My tier will not open in the next 2-3 months. And with delays in the delivering pace it might become even the next 6-8 months. Not living in the USA.
  11. I passed the 50 days milestone in Duolingo German (with help of those blue amulets). I still don’t have the idea of learning much new stuff but still repeating what I learned at middle school. Just doing to keep my mind active. I am bad at goalsetting in foreign languages.
  12. Then I'll play with the mailing time until I receive it at a right moment
  13. I can set the time I want to receive the reminders, but I can't find how to set my timezone... That's why I came here...
  14. Does anyone knows in what timezone Duolingo is based? I get my reminders at the wrong times (before or while sleeping) I changed it yesterday but it made it worse. At noon would be nice, but obviously ‘my’ noon, not someone elses noon...
  15. 👋 Hi, I’m still here! I managed to read some weeks well, and some weeks less well, I am almost at my goal of reading 100 books, but it will become a cliffhanger if I’ll make it.
  16. I have a better library now, but we don’t have Norwegian books. (We do have English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and I thought a bit of Russian) I can help you with Dutch, but not with Norwegian...
  17. Still doing German at DuoLingo. I am absolutely working at a wrong (too low) level, but I can do this now even on ‘brainfog days’. As I probably never will use foreign languages for conversations or travels, I am pondering what I want to do, want to reach.
  18. I can have ‘ heavy’ tinnitus on bad days. I did not overcome it, but noticed it is (partly) stress related in my case: the more stress I have, the louder the noises are, the more noises I have. silence stimulates the tinnitus too in my case, so I try to avoid that.
  19. I only know by name: - Leonard Cohen - Celine Dion- - - Neil Young - Joni Mitchell- I have no idea where they come from I am more a classical / choral music type 🙂
  20. I like the idea of this thread. Dutch is my native language, and I am not working on a foreign language specifically for the moment. I don’t know were to start as my English is ‘somewhere in the middle’, and my French and German are just good enough to communicate I don’t speak / understand the language well. As I don’t learn easily, it should be something I can actually use.
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