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  1. This is the free handbook: https://musescore.org/en/handbook
  2. yes, I work on a regularely base in Musescore. The free edition. It has a steep learning curve, but it is easier to use for me then Sibelius (I use musescore in Dutch, and Sibelius is only available in English.) There is a course one can follow, but I learned the most myself, and asked the online community if I hit a wall. I use Musescore only for Choral and Vocal music. When one install Musescore, the first view only gave 'basic' palets to work with. You can put those palets on 'advanced' pretty easily, and that is my standard what I work with. ETA: Mastering Musescore Course: https://school.masteringmusescore.com/p/complete
  3. My outdoor store adviced this: * cold water program to clean washing machine from standard detergent * product A to clean the jacket from dust and soil and spots * product B to waterproof the jacket If the jacket has been washed with standard detergent or not prewashed at all, the washin waterproof product can’t attach well enough It works well this way.
  4. Downstairs & garden absolutely not. Upstairs yes.
  5. Taking a look at IMSLP makes me think there is enough, just have to pick something… https://imslp.org/wiki/Category:For_violin,_piano I always find a lot of works on IMSLP but don’t play piano or violin myself
  6. In the first lockdown march 2020 we (Belgium) were not allowed to travel for recreational purposes. Borders were closed, everything recreational was closed except nature, and only supermarkets, drugstores and pet feed stores were open. 2nd home owners were not allowed to go to their second homes, schools and outdoors playgardens were closed. We were not allowed to sitdown or to picnic in public. Finally, to keep the people happy at home they opened garden centres and hardware stores. In the second lockdown they also kept bookstores, libraries and craftstores open. September 1st we will finally get out most of the second lockdown restrictions although masking will probably required until Easter 2022
  7. You are not alone. The cases with 40cm and 60cm width are fine, but my 80cm width cases struggled. I had to buy L-hooks to support the shelves. For really heavy stuff I would advice smaller cases..
  8. The day before moving in we got some administration troubles but they are solved by now. She just finished her introduction days and will have 30 aug. her first colleges. A new chapter for us both..
  9. We moved dd also in. She is in her orientation days now.
  10. I am one of the more strict teachers in my church and wouldn’t have used the balls for that reason. But I can see that an unexperienced teacher could let happen this. It is not common in church but I tend to coach new teachers until they are comfortable to do it themselves.
  11. It is good to grief about losts but also good to ponder about new possibilities. If nutcracker is part of the holiday season buy a ticket of a performance, no it will not be the same, but it might be something. A lot of people want celebrate Christmas together but are not possible to do so, so maybe volunteer somewhere to help celebrate Christmas? (Shelter, foodbank, nursing home…?) Again it will be not the same, but maybe better then sitting at home with your dh.. Is there some food you connect with Christmas and you will miss? May be you want to learn to cook or bake that so that you will have at least your holiday food?
  12. https://www.christianbook.com/anyone-beginners-step-guide-sewing-skills/charlotte-gerlings/9781510724099/pd/724099?event=ESRCG https://www.christianbook.com/stitches-pins-beginning-sewing-book-girls/joann-gagnon/9780971494404/pd/494401?event=CBCER1 https://www.christianbook.com/family-consumer-science-lifepac-clothes-sew/9780740301544/pd/301543?event=ESRCG https://www.christianbook.com/home-economics-complete-course/9780878139422/pd/636001?event=ESRCG#CBD-PD-Description Some are written from a specific christian perspective. There was an other serie, but maybe you should do a deep search on the boards for that. The beginner step guide also exists for knitting and other crafts.
  13. Maybe practical to know: EU announces on Thursdays the new colorcode of EU countries, which change on Mondays. Most countries define their travel restrictments in these colors. https://reopen.europa.eu/en/ If tests are a requirement be sure take the right one, not every country accepts the same ones. I understand your excitement as our child moves to the other side of the border next month, and although it is relatively close in distance is is a different world in requirements.
  14. As you mention a love for detailed stuff: Iron beads? (that’s how its called here) It is not my cup of tea but dd liked it. Embroidery for kindergarten ? I think I was 5 when I got my first embroidery package. Weaving? Or maybe first spool knitting?
  15. I started to dye my own hair during one of the lockdowns and still doing it that way. I liked the dark brown in the loreal serie but it had a strong coconut smell which only disappeared at time I had to dye again. I didn’t like to smell like a coconut. I am using Syoss now, the color is a little to red in my personal tast but the smell is just flowerish: I can handle that 🙂
  16. 20 deaths, 20 missing in Belgium at this moment. Dikes are breaking. Coordination is in hands of the federal government now.
  17. By our (flemish) morning news there are 14 deads in Belgium now. The rain has stopped (at least where I live) so now it is keeping the fingers crossed dikes and dams won’t break through. Living in Belgium, but not in the East part.
  18. Elementary Greek is easy to self teach and written for elementary grades. I think it is a nice taster to start with. We worked also with Athenaze but I think it is harder to self teach if you have no Greek under your belt yourself. So you may start with a elementary program, and study ahead yourself the athenaze text. It might be nice to know that as Elementary Greek teaches biblical Greek it has a focus on learning bible verses in Greek, not everybody is equally interested in that
  19. Old Greek , Modern Greek or Biblical Greek?
  20. If my household has any organisation rule it is I try to store stuff where I actually use it. There are some exceptions for storing books and not-now-used-craft supplies, but the actual used stuff is where it is used…
  21. As EU citizen from country X living in country Y we get the vaccins in the country where we live. Citizens from this country, living outside the EU may choose to get the vaccin where they live, or travel back and get it here.
  22. I had to read some Judge Dee stories during Highschool: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/499653.Judge_Dee_at_Work?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=jNv50vsww8&rank=16 A Chinese mysterie has a totally different set up then I was used to, but it might be a nice addition if you need something for comparative writing / discussing assignments. It might be not really grade 10 literature standard, but nice to balance your program.
  23. I thought it was one of her roommates, but that is my connotation with pickwick papers too 🙂
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