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  1. This was not our experience at WHA, but my daughter's teacher is no longer teacher there. Mrs. Paul was her teacher for Physics 1 at WHA, and they did an enormous amount of math. She also learned to write amazing lab reports.
  2. My daughter has done all her science classes at WHA. She started in 9th grade with Physics 1. In 10th grade she did Honors Chemistry. This year she is doing AP Biology. The thing I like about doing Physics 1 in 9th grade is the algebra-based math. 9th grade is usually the year of geometry for math, so it helps keep algebra skills sharp. I also like that that Novarre science is mastery based. My daughter still remembers the formulas from Physics 1 and enjoyed it so much that she is choosing to do Physics 2 next year as a senior.
  3. Regarding submitting work, I choose to correct the homework assignments with my son instead of having him self-check. He then makes corrections and highlights any questions he has. Each class begins with a quiz that covers answers they got in the homework and is followed by students questions and review. Students are also involved in working problems during class. The Waucom tablet is recommended, but if you have an iPad it works better because it mirrors the computer screen which my son finds easier to use. The writing is also neater and more ledgible. (My son uses a $10 stylus from Amaz
  4. Sorry for the delay in responding. I have not been able to log onto this website for some reason... The math load of Math 6 is very manageable. They do a mixture of problems from the textbook and pages in the extra practice book. The word problems are the toughest (and my son's weakness) and the reason I decided to try Math 6 which uses Math in Focus. I thought the 1.5 hr math classes may be too long, but my son stays engaged and never complains. The teacher is encouraging and fun. The only thing I don't like about Math in Focus is that there is only review at the end of a chapter and a
  5. LA1 is the introductory level in this sequence, typically appropriate for 5th graders or advanced 4th graders. Throughout the year, discussions, debates, and projects will assist the students, and encourage a love of reading as they connect personally to the unique characters and storylines. Poetry, memory work, dictation, and copywork are incorporated weekly, providing opportunities for the students to be involved in the class in a myriad of ways. As biblical truths are discussed and identified within each story and its characters, students are encouraged to share how this impacts their
  6. Incase anyone is interested in Touch-type Read and Spell. Homeschool buyers Co-op offers it at a significant discount. https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/touchtypereadspell/?source=taf-cp
  7. Like your son, I enrolled my son in online classes because he needed to be pushed. My son is in 6th grade this year. He is doing both W&R 3 and LA2 this year. They go so well together. He is also doing Math 6 at WHA and Spanish 2B at Schole Academy. LA at WHA has the literature & grammar I was looking for because my son is a reluctant reader and needed some competition and someone else to be accountable to. The writing is completely different from W&R, but uses some of the same concepts. I was a little concerned about LA being 1.5 hours long, but he is completely engaged and t
  8. My daughter greatly enjoys Mr. Vierra as a teacher, however, she also has Mr. Colvin this year and is really enjoying Rhetoric 1 with him. She is planning to take AP Art History with him next year because she likes his teaching style so well.
  9. Eric Reini at Wilson Hill Academy makes math class fun. I was planning on my son taking pre-algebra with him next year until I attended the open house for Schole Academy. My son is very gifted but lazy. I like how the pre-algebra teacher at Schole Academy addresses sloth, perseverance, learning from mistakes, and the importance of showing work. It also meets 3 times a week for about 1 hour a session rather than twice a week for 1.5 hours.
  10. Anyone have a student take the Programming Harmony class at Schole Academy?
  11. My daughter jumped into TGC in 9th grade and she thinks her younger brother should start in 7th grade. I don't think he is ready to discuss the books in depth, so I'm going to have him do self-paced Omnibus 1. I think the live classes are better for students at the rhetoric level. I'd highly recommend starting with TGC 3 with Mr. Etter. It's not an honors level class and Mr. Etter's passion for literature & learning is infectious, and I think it's good to take it with their writing class. My daughter's favorite year so far has been TGC 5 with Mr. Martin. She will take TGC 6 next yea
  12. Thank you so much giving info about TGC1. It confirms that my son is not ready for the live course. I am going to try Omnibus 1 primary since we can go at our own pace.
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