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  1. The cartoon intenstine. Ewwww!! Someone called it the Super Bowel. 😂
  2. I agree. Especially since this isn't his first flagrant foul- the eye poke in the Colts game. He needs to go.
  3. Ok, I went back and rewatched. Where are yall getting that this video is saying that bullying is good?
  4. Heigh ho- I'm glad people where you are aren't being targeted for stupid stuff. Sadly a quick google search returns way too many instances of zero tolerance run amok. Here is just the first result I got. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-w-whitehead/zero-tolerance-policies-schools_b_819594.html I didn't see that video as encouraging bullying nor do I think that boys being boys is code for bullying. So you disagree with the video? Which parts? That difference between learning styles that they listed? The current situation in school? The suggested changes? Just trying to figure out so I can understand your point of view better.
  5. The Nissan armada has fantastic legroom in the back seats. Gas mileage is terrible but it's comfortable for big teenage kids and their gear- even in the third row. I test drove it but didn't buy it because of the mileage but my 6'4 guys were huge fans. ;)
  6. This has been all over my fb feed lately. As a mom of boys a lot of it resonated with me and what I've seen with my boys. Some comments criticized it for saying that female accomplishments were all feeling based. I guess I see that but didn't really take that from it. Curious what the hive thinks about it. https://www.facebook.com/prageru/videos/995271883849001/
  7. Best moment: Josh Norman congratulating Peyton. That is class and character. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-super-bowl/0ap3000000634379/Josh-Norman-congratulates-Peyton-Manning Weirdest: the whole Naral/Doritos kerfuffle. Cam Newton: Shockingly, he is a competitive player who just lost the big game. Why the heck do we interview them? What are we going to learn? That he wanted to win and his team didn't play as well as the other team. Um ok. Some camera person zoomed in on one of the Panthers hanging his head and obviously crying. Why did we need to see that? Of course he was emotional. This is a big deal to them.
  8. I wonder if it is a generational thing. My father is retired military. He always thanks returning military personnel for their service ask taught us to do so too. Of course he started serving in the Vietnam era and still vividly remembers all the insults thrown at him and other while in uniform. I also remember talking to a neighbor whose husband was a WWII vet. She explained how hard it was to be the spouse left at home. And just seeing all that my mom went through moving every 18mos. I always make sure that I thank spouses too! Totally agree with thanking firemen, policemen and utility line men. We bring our local area ones homemade (ok from a box but they wouldn't want it if I made it from scratch) brownies. It's harder with utility line men so we just write thank you notes to our utility company and ask them to pass on our appreciation.
  9. "With the judging some of y'all do," - you do see that this is a pretty judgemental remark right?
  10. Congratulations!! That is incredible!! And DawnM- I love my freckles too! Freckles are beautiful. 😊 I think it comes down to individuals. Mlms get a bad rap because of the way certain people (and companies) behave. Sort of how all lawyers get to be the butt of jokes because of a minority of ambulance chasers. Or realtors who stretch the truth beyond belief in write ups, or used car salesmen who are oily. But hopefully we all know counter examples. People who are upstanding and honest and not only out chasing after the almighty dollar. Mlms probably are higher rate offenders because their reps are amateurs and make mistakes. Sometimes a lot of mistakes. And some companies and/or top level leaders encourage that. That's wrong and tarnishes the entire industry. There are some good companies out there and a lot of good people just trying to make a little money on the side with products they really like. I know a few people who are the bad example- only spam you with ads, constantly after you to join, only seem to want to have a relationship if they can get you to buy or join, etc. I unfollow them on fb and turn down invitations. But I also know many more who aren't. They are the ones you don't see posting all the time and always up in your face about joining. They just really like the products and are usually very knowledgeable about them. I like to support those people. If I'm going to buy something and I can buy it from a friend and help her out then I will. Id rather support a friend than a random company.
  11. That sort of dishonest advertising reminds me of some house write ups we read when we were looking to buy. My favorite- "Waterfront" was really a drainage ditch in the front yard. But we saw numerous extremely misleading write ups. I don't get it. Do people really get scammed that way? Did the realtor really think I'd look at the drainage ditch and think, yes! That is the waterfront I was talking about. Oh and the "infinity-type pool" that was actually the pool sliding down the hill. Smh. If you don't believe enough in your product to show real results - and provide free samples for testers- then you probably shouldn't be selling it imo.
  12. Everyone I know who sells shakeology is also a beachbody coach. I *think* shakeology is just shakes.
  13. I got these from Pro-Ed after his latest test scores came back. Our favorite is the April Showers game. It is great. It forces him to really look at pictures and try to figure out what is going on. The speech activities book is good. It's like FIAR but with activities focused on language skills. The other two have been less successful. They are just workbooks and kind of dry. But still I think they have been useful. APRIL SHOWERS SEMANTICS GAME 31600 HELP 1 37631 SPEECH ACTIVITIES GRADES 31658 NO GLAM LANGUAGE ELEMENTARY Sensory seeking- best thing we've done is give him a hammock that he can totally cocoon in. He wraps up and can even hang face down. Loves it. I also have given him fidgets. Oh he also likes these exercise bands that I have. He will wrap them around his head or waist or around the legs of his chair so he can play with them while he works.
  14. I am reading this and looking up your suggestions and will definitely give you a better, more thought out reply. But I just wanted to quickly say that I am almost in tears. No one I've spoken with has understood what my son is like but it sounds like yours is so similar. Thank you. I've felt kinda all alone and without good guidance.
  15. Well since the quote was taken from the dissent written by one of the members of the working group, you don't really have to trust the guardian. Here is another link that gives a direct link to his dissent. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/02/05/three-members-of-u-n-panel-said-assange-was-arbitrarily-detained-one-didnt-heres-his-dissent/
  16. Not only are income claims distasteful but in some companies, mine included, they are against the agreement that you sign. That said, I do know two people in my company who already make over a million a year. They are rare and they work a whole lot of hours. They also each had previous sales and sales management positions in other b&m companies. I also have a few friends in the company who make 10-20k a month. I've seen their back office numbers and know those numbers are true. They are in the top .5% of the company. If you go in thinking you will magically make millions right away by barely doing any work you will be sadly disappointed. And a lot of people to recruit by promising that. Which seems like a good way to set your team members up for disillusionment and failure imo so I don't understand why anyone would do it. I will never make a million in my business. I don't work the hours it requires. Most people won't. But when I talk to people about the business I ask them how much they are looking to make each month. The vast majority want to make between $200-$500 a month. That is extremely doable in a lot of companies if people are given the proper tools and training and are willing to/have the time to work. Of course that goes back to not trying to hook people in with false claims of riches without lifting a finger.
  17. what is ID or SLD? I will go grab the test results and post when I get home. We've done two rounds of testing. One was back in preschool. He was identified early with language processing disorder, sensory seeking, adhd , ocd tendencies and aspergers (back when that existed.). He doesn't have any vision or hearing problems. He decodes really well. He just doesn't understand what he is reading. We have been using some curriculum that I got from pro-Ed that seem to target his problems. Lots of word games and then some books that just deal with language and speech activities.
  18. I am at a loss and hoping yall can help. What are your favorite resources for teaching upper elementary kids with language processing disorder? My ds is also sensory seeking. Would love recs for that too. We've been homeschooling him for three years but his last test scores still show him two years behind so clearly what I've been doing hasn't been working very well. If anyone has some advice I would welcome it. Feeling like I'm failing him. Thank you for any help!
  19. You are already doing what I was going to suggest- getting an "expert" in to give your dd pointers. I rep for a cosmetic company and do that for moms preteens and teens a lot. It keeps it from turning into a power struggle between mom and daughter and avoids the "you just don't get it mom, you're so uncool." (Not that your daughter would say that. Just an example). The "expert" can show her what looks good and she will probably accept that better. Fyi I would talk to the teen ahead of time to give her guidelines and maybe even show her some pics of what you like. Oh and I keep putting expert in quotes because the person doesn't have to actually be a makeup artist just someone that your child will perceive as having superior knowledge. Does your dd wear lotion? If so, maybe she woudl swap it for a tinted moisturizer. If she wears Chapstick maybe a tinted one or a light lipstick might be a could swap. Just trying to think of easy ways to ease her in if you want her to start trying some makeup.
  20. I think the dissenting member of the working group says it best. The working group chose to define Assange's choice to hide away in the embassy as imprisonment. Um, no. Do we really want a world where hiding from the authorities is equated with prison time? Where accused rapists and people who breach bail conditions get to avoid standing trial because they successfully avoided interrogation for long enough? "They had assumed that Assange had been “detained in the embassy of Ecuador by the authorities of the United Kingdom,†the Ukrainian lawyer wrote. In fact, the Wikileaks founder had fled bail in June 2012 and used the embassy “as a safe haven to evade arrestâ€. Fugitives often do that, Tochilovsky pointed out. But “premises of self-confinement cannot be considered places of detention for the purposes of the mandate of the working groupâ€." "And then we get to the fatal flaw. The working group considers that Assange’s stay at the embassy “should be considered as a prolongation of the already continued deprivation of libertyâ€. Its members provides no justification for this leap of logic."" http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/feb/05/un-julian-assange-wikileaks
  21. I dont know if you can lay that all at the mlms feet though. I teach fitness classes and have coworkers who spend much more than they make on cute logoed clothing, shoes, accessories,etc. Some people are just not that good with money regardless of what business they are in. I do think agree that some mlms exacerbate that with autoships. Having to spend hundreds each month whether you sell or not is a recipe for financial challenges.
  22. The writer of this article does a good job of detailing the illogic of the UNs actions. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2016-02-05/un-s-protection-of-assange-is-unjustified
  23. I work in an direct sales company and love it. It pays for my son's very expensive private therapies - ot, pt, etc. that run us about $1k a month. Eek. I like my company because I don't have to go lug a bunch of stuff around and do in home parties. I work from my cell when I'm waiting for my kids to finish sports practice or whatever. I don't have to promise that this expensive drink, shake, supplement, what have you will make you lose weight, have energy, cure cancer, etc. and oh by the way you have to use it for months before you see results. My company has a great return policy so my customers try it and if they don't like it or think it's worth the money, I return it for them. They get their money back and I still keep my commission. I also don't like companies that want to dig into my pocket or my friends and customers. Autoship is a rotten deal. My company doesn't have autoship or any fees so if I don't sell anything one month Im not out any money. It takes all the pressure off. I love that I get to work with ladies who cheer me on, help me brainstorm, and really want me to succeed. And I do the same for them. It's a great source of positive energy for me. That said, all of the critiques that have been mentioned are real and frustrating. Im sure I could be making even more if I were willing to exploit my friends, but I'm not. I dont pester or even bring it up. My friends bring it up to me if they want a product or want to join or something. It drives me nuts when all I see on my friends Fb or in emails are ads. I just unfollow or ignore emails. I want to support people and will but not if all you are doing is using me to make money.
  24. Yay! We could have so much fun together.ðŸ¸ðŸ•ðŸ”ðŸŸðŸ©
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