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  1. I don't currently have any plans on using them. If our community was hit hard by swine flu, Id maybe consider using one. But since I have 3 kids in public school, I think they would be more likely to bring it home than I would be to pick it up at the grocery store
  2. I have a bunch.....the 2 I found myself using the most were the Baby Hawk mei tai and a Maya Wrap sling (also had a mesh sling for the pool that came in really handy)
  3. I know it suggests pages in a few different encyclopedias...but do you have to use it? Or is it complete enough on its own? Im trying not to over do it this year and keep it simple thanks
  4. thanks...I just ordered through Peacehill and did the media shipping I don't have a copier or I would have just copied them as I needed them
  5. For kindy we just did Singapore Earlybird and McRuffy Reading/Phonics. It was enough that it felt like we had "school" but it wasn't overwhelming. We didn't even do it every day.
  6. nope, none of those. Just the student pages (which is the second half of the activity guide). I don't want to try and photocopy all of them myself (I think its about 125 pages or so)
  7. I know peacehill press has them but they charge $7 shipping....anyone else that has them but charges less? I went to FedEx/Kinkos and Staples to get prices of making copies and Fed Ex was really expensive, Staples was around $14 I think
  8. I also let the fever go unless the child is miserable....then I'll treat with motrin/advil My one son was horribly sick with a fever of only 101 (ended up in the hospital) yet another DS had a fever of 104 and was playing normally
  9. I need to add something to my RR order.....do you prefer the thick foam pattern blocks or the magnetic ones? thanks!
  10. I do not want longer days....in fact one of the reasons I am HS'ing DS is because his school portion of the day can be shorter and it gives us more time to do outside activities (while learning MORE than the kids in PS) My DD doesn't get home til after 4:30 and we have to rush around to get to dance classes on time....if they extended the day, she wouldn't even be able to take dance anymore
  11. SOTW lists 4 options: Usborne Book of World History Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World Kingfisher History Encyclopedia Which would be the best for a 6 yr old? I was going to get the internet-linked one but since I haven't seen any in person I figured I'd ask here first thanks
  12. are these kind ok? : http://rainbowresource.com/product/Student+Thermometer/044808/1250220543-1638382 I guess it just looks odd to me because its attached to the plate (Im already placing a RR order so it'd be great if these worked)
  13. Im looking at our supply list (for Elemental Science Biology) and we need 2 thermometers. Where can I get them? Im assuming its the old-fashioned kind we need and all I can find are the digital ones thanks!
  14. I agree....my DS has a severe allergy to eggs and nuts....he doesn't need to injest them, just contact with any residue from these can cause a serious reaction. We've seen reactions just from him picking up a pack of crayons someone else used before him. Honestly, its pretty freakin scary. It may be inconvenient to others to have a ban in place, but it could mean death for my son (and just for the record, I don't always think a ban is necessary if proper cleaning protocol is followed) OP, that paperwork mess is one thing I despise about public school! I swear every year one of the schools messes up something
  15. Really? I thought that Hep A was a self limiting illness, but Hep C was a chronic one. Did they say how/why Hep A was worse?
  16. there are so many out there.... we are using Singapore, but also throwing in some MEP and RightStart (for the abacus work)
  17. Im gathering some manipulatives, building toys and puzzles for my 3 yr old to play with while I am doing school work with my 6 yr old I want to get a set of zoobs but not sure if I should get the regular or the junior set. Would the regular set be too hard to connect? He is good about putting together/taking apart linking cubes and larger legos. I'm fine with getting the jr set if that's better for his age, just thought the regular set may be better to grow with (and also since I have a 6 yr old)
  18. Im reaaaaally careful about exposing my kids to illnesses, but I wouldn't go tonight, Id just pick her up tomorrow
  19. my kids like both crayons and colored pencils.....depends on what they are doing
  20. We adopted our DD from China. We used CCAI and have nothing but wonderful things to say about them and the adoption. I would love to adopt again but DH hasn't been on board Good luck! Its a wonderful way to grow your family :)
  21. My 3 yr old looooves music. Im looking for some really good cds that have classic kids songs. Please no Raffi, Barney or any high pitched kids singing (Ive suffered through those before lol) Songs like wheels on the bus, I'm a little teapot, if you're happy and you know it etc He has been listening to Laurie Berkner all.the.time and we need a change :D
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