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  1. My girls are finishing up Saxon 8/7. Plan to go in for Saxon Algebra 1 next. Usually I do 3 months basics before we go to the next level of Saxon. Had been using Singapore math all these years. This year was considering LOF Algebra or Key to Algebra. Anyone care to compare these 2 for me. I am looking for something simple like SM.
  2. I did not know Khan Academy had online practise problems. I thought it was subject - videos only. I will alos checkout AoPS Alcumus. Thanks for the info/
  3. My girls are just finishing up Saxon 8/7. Unfortunately, there are some topics they still have not mastered yet. In the past I had used Singapore Math for mastery of topics. Can someone suggest something similar for Pre-Algebra & Algebra. I had bookmarked a set of books that covered algebra topics and it had a set of books for Pre-algebra. Lost all the bookmarks. Can anyone suggest a book set that gives extra practice.
  4. Has anyone used The Sitton Spelling Cirriculum? I happened to see some pages from Sitton Spelling and word Skills Sourcebook 6 - from Educators punblishing Service. I was pretty impressed with the proof reading tests. Do you know where I can get these books from?
  5. My dd(10) has been lying about almost everything off-late. about finishing her school work, throwing trash, just about everything. 2 days ago she told my DH that I ate all their snacks. Fact is, I find them yucky. Today I find several snack wrappers in her desk. This I understand because we curb her sugar intake. What worries me is her lying about finishing her school work. Tonight I open her book and she has done only 1 problem out of 30. Her sister had difficulty & was asking questions about it earlier.She said it was a easy worksheet and finished it quickly. Yesterday, she was telling her sister to write answers on her palm and was telling her it is not considered cheating because no one will know. She is now getting gifts from her friends. Not sure what she giving them in return. My policy is you need something ask me, don't take it from others. I can't be policing her all the time. Is this a 10 yr old trying take control or bad companionship? How do you stop this behavior?
  6. Where can I get the following 3-Ring binders kind that is easy to open - Need may be 2 dozen Zipper 3 -Ring binder with a shoulder strap - Need 2 Reinforced paper Tabbed Dividers I want to them qaulity stuff whick will last atleast few years. Last year got them folders from Walmart which tore up in 3 montths.
  7. I bought the Killigan Grammar books for my rising 5th graders- Sentence Composing for Elementary school (Yellow book) & Story Grammar for Elementary School (Blue Book) I was hoping these are going to be something the kids can do on their own. I feel very confused with the structure of the book. Has anyone used this book. If so, how do you structure the lessons? Does it require a lot of instruction time? Do you make your child write in the WorkText itself or on a sheet of paper? How many pages do you do per week?
  8. I need to get 2 sets of Singapore Primary Math workbooks & text books (US Edition) - Level 4a/b & 5a/b. Where can I get them? Anyone having discounts on SM books?
  9. I just used Student Ruled Spiral Notebook. Skipped a line between words so the markings were more clear. But their phongram CD & the card set was very useful.
  10. We did the AAS before WRTR. Did not work for us. Spalding-WRTR, she found the rules easy to understand & the phongram CD definitely helped her. White board and magnets were simply a distraction.
  11. * She finds dictation verry boring hence the idea of making her own sentences. * Do you have any suggestions for web site for word games? espcially one that allows me to add only review words. * I certainly like the memory tricks. Will try that out while driving.
  12. We will definitely not skip 8/7. As you all have advised, will test them on 6/5 and 7/6 and cover the lessons where they have a gap.
  13. Thanks for the great inputs. The girls have an idea of the concepts, but have not nailed it down completely. Practise should fix the problem. I looked at the MM books. Hard copies - which is what I would prefer costs the same as Singapore Math books. I will check the price of Key to books in a local store. If it costs less I will go with it.
  14. My rising 5th grade DDs need review in Fractions and decimals. I was wondering if I should get Singapore Primary Math 4A & 4B workbooks Or Is Key To Fractions set & Key to Decimals set better? We used Singapore Primary Math 2 & 3 and then switched to Saxon. Whenever we needed extra practice I used Singapore Math Primary workbook. Have not use Key To books. Can someone compare and tell me which would be a better choice?
  15. We are finishing up Saxon Math 5/4 and doing excellent. Has anyone skipped 6/5 or 7/6? Or Have done only portion of the book? i.e only 2nd half of the book & going to the next level?
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