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  1. I was able to get some stuff early this morning, but now the checkout system seems to be a mess.
  2. CLE is nicely laid out. Not overwhelming. MM was not a hit here, for either of us. I think Maria Miller is great, but I wish I could hire a different graphic designer for her.
  3. The biggest thing that has helped me over the years has been purging stuff to the verge of near minimalism. Toys, clothes, sentimental items, even books. When you don't have as much stuff to wrangle, it is easier to keep what you have clean and relatively orderly. My two weak spots are children's books and art supplies. I know it sounds crazy but I honestly think my kids are happier with less stuff. I know I am.
  4. We haven't started it yet but we are using Writing Tales for 3rd this year. It really looks promising.
  5. Last year, I did the weekly file folder thing with the 5 daily paper clips. At first, it was marvelous. I congratulated myself for my genius. After 3 months, I hated it. Every time, we got off on a day or subject, I had to redo the whole thing. There's a reason pages come in workbooks. I am doing subject quarter plans this year and just checking off boxes.
  6. I think it sounds like Sonlight is working well for you. Your personality sounds a lot like mine and I am probably headed that way next year. FWIW, we do SOTW and although we like it and it works, it isn't the be all end all. You could easily just read a chapter from the book every week and get what you need. We bought the AG andi had grand plans for it, but really just used the maps.
  7. Love CLE but planning to switch to TT when the time comes. Whenever that will be.
  8. I don't know... I borrowed it from a friend and tried to read through it. I was bored out of my mind. I kept thinking that I was perhaps not smart enough for it.
  9. I am one of those freaks who finds diagramming fun. Loved it in high school. But then, I also enjoy picking ticks off of dogs. I might not be trustworthy.
  10. Just chiming in to say that I ordered Easy Grammar 3 for next year and have been looking through it. It looks very complete. (And I have a Kindle and the autocorrect is horrible on these things.)
  11. This might be a bit TOO advanced, but The Canon Creative Park stuff is pretty cool: http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/1006/
  12. "Mater's Tall Tales" on Netflix, five times a day. Dadgum.
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