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  1. Thanks! Great idea! I forgot about them. I did look at those links you posted but I think my daughter would enjoy those too much. Any other ideas?
  2. Great idea! Thank you! How much teacher involvement/time is there for the Guest Hollow kitchen chemistry? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the idea!!! I did look at that and tried it with my older child but the experiments were difficult for my non-science child to complete....it was probably just not her learning style.
  4. This would be for older middle school. Or any science video curriculum that is somewhat fun :) Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know of a science curriculum that uses the Sower Biography series books? It would be for a 7th/8th grade child. Thanks!
  6. Wow, thank you Lori, and all the other responses! That was very helpful. I can't wait to read the articles more closely as I am planning high school. I just love the support on this site. It has been a tremendous help and blessing to me on this journey!
  7. So glad to hear other comments and to know that we are all together in this :)
  8. Thank you so much for the responses! I think it is just hard to not have those free park days :)
  9. Hi, how long is a typical high school day for academics in a homeschooled High School curriculum? My child will be starting 9th grade this year for a reference. Thanks!
  10. I bought the history to use for next year and it looks really good. Very thorough and professional. The history game is really neat! I also bought the Nature Journals that we are using this year and are enjoying. I am also using the PreK set. That is very fun! I love the games and how well everything is laid out for you in the plans. Very easy to follow! I have the K set that I will be using next year. My child is in K this year but wasn't quite ready for the Good and the Beautiful K set. Jenny's site says that the K set is very advanced K/1st grade. The Science looks great too! I haven't bought that yet but am toying with the idea :) Edited to add that I also use the cursive handwriting and my child loves it!!! The addition of drawing is pretty neat. At first she didn't like that so much but now she enjoys the challenge and can do pretty good :)
  11. I really liked it! It is very easy to use and has good follow-up discussions with answers which help to tie together the big picture.
  12. Thanks so much for all the responses! I can't wait to look into all of these! What a blessing!
  13. Hi, I would love to hear your favorite French language curriculums for an 8th grader with no knowledge of the language at all. I also don't have any experience with the language either to help teach it. Thanks!
  14. I don't but she posts on here. Maybe rename your post with "who created a magic school bus curriculum" and she might see it. Great curriculum!!
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