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  1. Angelicum Academy sends it out to new families in the great books online program , i think. I have gotten to page 80 at least twice1 I looked at the two copies, one old and one new and thought that if I read them both, I would be following Adlers advice to always read a book twice. I would love to discuss it as I could make it to the end of the book!!:lurk5:
  2. The online discussion classes for the Great Books of the Western World are great motivators and Socratic. They are optionally college level with credits, which is slightly more intense. The Latin course is also recommended and linked to the National Latin Exam http://angelicum.net/great-books-program/great-books-college-credits/ http://angelicum.net/curriculum/online-latin-courses/
  3. I have a cousin named Dymphna who grew up near the Mourne Mountains It isn't a common name.

  4. I have both Saxon and TT. My elder children liked Saxon but the next three hated it. Math is not a fearsome subject anymore. Some folks think it isn't hard enough but we want it to be fun. The new versions are tempting. We did TT 7 and my 12 yr old loved it. She said that the difference is that Saxon hates kids and wants them to get things wrong and spend time in Math. Teaching Textbooks likes you and tries to explain how to do problems. ;)
  5. I remember someone on one of the homeschooling boards posting that she had home recording studio. was it here?
  6. I ve been brainstorming stay at home business ideas. Anybody got some experience with these/ Recording books on tape in my own home. I do read at least as well as most of the audiobooks we buy and have a bit of money to set up the studio Selling books on line I had a baby product business online and liked it. I love books. Crafts/or Craft supplies online This is because I often get compliments on the earrings I make. Also we make pysanki eggs and you can't get the supplies or the eggs over here. Any other great ideas?
  7. My first dc absorbed books and I didn't have much else to do but try to stay with them. I agree that I wish I had gone to the IEW course when my friends did. I would have had that head start I needed when we just folded over writing difficulties. But I didn't have the money then! I trust that God gave me the money when I needed to find IEW. I have to say that audible.com saved us again when reading became a problem. The money spent there has returned again and again. iPods are part of our lives. The refurbished shuffles have many cousins. I think this board and Ora et Laboro have kept me
  8. Sonitus Sanctus: Free Catholic MP3 Links I love free mp3. Great lectures all free! Catholic Culture : Home News and lots of stuff for liturgical year http://catholicexchange.com/ Great with the morning cup of coffee http://www.insidecatholic.com/ Vivificat!: Plenty of Good Reading for Lent at Your Fingertips just what it says in the title! Divine Office - Liturgy of the Hours - Breviary - Free Audio - Bible - Prayer Great way to pray. http://www.materamabilis.org more home educationish
  9. Dear Susan, I want to thank you for generosity in writing WTM and WEM. They have given me the words to express what my dh and I wanted for our children. Thank you for the generosity and vision in creating and keeping this site. There are so many ways of living the same dream. :cheers2::cheers2:
  10. If we figured out how little we could spend. My dh and i lived for a month on black beans, and rice but it wasn't what we wanted to do again. I know that many of the families in the world have little choice and my heart goes out to them. If you look at ambleside online http://www.amblesideonline.org/ you can see what you need to purchase. I think that math worksheets can be found online as well. But then again, you need internet, computer and ink! hth
  11. Mapping the World with Art http://www.ellenjmchenry.com/id151.html It teaches drawing from memory quickly. I use National Geographic on cd as well. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/complete-national-geographic/
  12. All I can say that real books have shelf value beyond the home schooling years. I eye any textbook with a sick look as I know it will have to be recycled and by the time I finish with it edition #next will be out and no one will even want my second hand copy. And then there is the iPad!
  13. http://www.mymusictheory.com/home.html http://www.classicsforkids.com/
  14. We used Mavis Beacon teaches typing, which we got at Staples for under ten dollars. When that was worn out we got another, I figured it was worth it and we found it at discount My sister gave Timon and Pumba typing program to the kids one year and they really went for it. Something new. It is very gamey and although i am NOT a Lion King fan, we probably use it more than old fashioned Mavis
  15. "I'm happy for them to do chores around the house at weekends so that they become familiar with how the house works, plus do a little on week days (packing the dishwasher and tidying the kitchen) but I want them to have just a little time to themselves in the evenings" At the moment, I don't have an outside job and all the kids are hs. I have had more kids at home and most of the elder ones in private school where they had lots of home work. I wanted everyone to feel part of the household, there were 2-3 boarders living with us so I gave everyone " a responsibility". I gave one the ta
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