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  1. Thanks for the insight. Our dd is a senior in high school now, so we don't have much time to jump through these hoops. Our state is extremely homeschool friendly, so GA is a big adjustment. This Georgia thing popped up suddenly. Never a dull moment!
  2. It seems to me that Georgia is not homeschool friendly. Am I reading too much into this? How hard is it to apply to college as a homeschooler in Georgia. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. It was very easy for our older daughter to apply in our present state, but the Georgia requirements seem crazy! Please tell me I am not correct.
  3. Yes, getting the accommodation was not difficult. Getting the testing center is not as easy as it should be. I have been working on this since January 25th. Do you remember how long it took for them the get back with you? How long did you know before the test where he would be testing? I just sent an email to them with other possible sites. I am trying to be proactive as I really want her to take the March test. Thanks, Josie
  4. This is needlessly complicated! Here is to the cure for T1D and all the ailments from which our children suffer! Keep calm and carry on! :cheers2: :cheers2: :cheers2:
  5. Unfortunately, the PSAT is a different process than the SAT. The College Board won't "help" find a school for you. You have to call the schools and ask if they will accept your student. We found a private school, but I believe we were only accepted because I know a family who is very active in the school. My friend encouraged the school to accept our dd. They let her bring in all of her T1D gear/food, and allowed her to stop and test/treat if needed, but they were not able to stop her time. It certainly wasn't ideal, but it was better than no accommodation. We were VERY careful with wha
  6. Oh, I have banged on the door...twice so far. We applied for and received her accommodation designation over a year ago, but getting her a testing center is proving frustrating.
  7. Has anyone had success getting the College Board to find a testing center for a type 1 diabetes accommodations? How long did it take to find out where the testing would be? We registered on January 25th, and we still know nothing about a test center. There is only ONE school giving the SAT in our county. The others they are looking at are 47 minutes to over one hour away. Why isn't the school in your county required to accommodate? They are required to accommodate type 1 students. I certainly pay taxes for this school. Any insight is appreciated. I am frustrated. It was so easy w
  8. I dislike carpet. Too hard to keep clean.
  9. Our dc absolutely LOVE the Waring CD's. You may prefer the SOTW CD's as they aren't as bubbly.
  10. I am considering using some classes at Memoria Press Online Classical Academy. Please tell me about your experiences. Do you think it is worth the money? Do you think your dc benefitted from the class? Would you do a class with them again? Just any info will be appreciated.
  11. I need an online teacher, too. Oh dear, I hope I can find one!
  12. Anyone know of any online classes for Saxon 8/7?
  13. This is such a rough situation. You will find the words you need to explain all of this to your children. YOu have received some great advice here. Peace and love.
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