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  1. Susie in CA

    How to study for physics?

    This is fantastic! Thanks for writing this out. I forwarded this to both dss.
  2. Well, we also went back to homeschooling for sport. My ds loved the high school sport, but disliked almost all else. He too is an introvert. We were able to complete high school with a charter school as an independent study student; essentially like homeschooling. He continued with the sport every year and loved it. He, too, had almost all A's at the high school. He never regretted the choice. He graduated last year and is now a full-time student at our community college on track to transfer within two years to a university. He is doing really well. And we are more than happy with the choice he made. For what it's worth I actually made him finish the year probably because I didn't want to 'quit' and I wanted to see if maybe he started liking it after a while. He never did.
  3. Susie in CA

    CA related question regarding CHSPE

    It depends on your daughter. My son did in much less time then they allow in one sitting. He was done so early I was nervous that he didn't pass. Well, he passed without any problem the first time.
  4. Susie in CA

    OSU German?

    The placement test seemed pretty accurate to me. Both my sons took the placement test to place into German II as they did already know quite a bit of German. What they were missing mostly was grammar. For that reason, I believe, it was the right choice to put them into German II. There was enough grammar review from German I for them to learn while at the same time they did not have to go through the very basic vocabulary of German I. Neither of my boys took the AP exam; only one took the AP course. However, just as we were ending our journey with OSU online were getting UC a-g approval. I cannot remember which levels. You should definitely check into that, though. A couple of years ago they got approval for, I believe, two of their German courses. Maybe the others got added on in the meantime. It is very self-paced. Nothing is due at any particular time. My sons worked on it completely at their own pace. This was good for one; difficult for the other. Neither of them took the SAT German subject test because we chose to go the community college route. Hope this helps.
  5. Susie in CA

    OSU German?

    We used OSU German 2 - 4. One son also did AP German; though he did not take the AP exam. Overall, we were happy with the program. Both sons took it for level 2 - 4. Both learned a great deal. They are both taking German again now in college and have no problem with it at all. They do not have live classes, however, the program includes weekly skype sessions. The skype sessions are optional at the lower levels and required later on. Even if they are optional I do recommend doing them. Sometimes these sessions merely helped the boys stay on top of things; sometimes they did answer specific questions. Either way it is a good thing to do. The program is very much self-paced. This was difficult for us at times. Overall, I definitively recommend the program. I would use it again. Hope this helps.
  6. She will have a fantastic time and learn so much! Yes, she will be ok. :-)
  7. Susie in CA

    Homeschooling a reluctant teenager

    reflective listening that is supportive of how she's feeling: - "I can hear how upset you are about this." - "Gee, that sounds frustrating." - "Wow, that must be challenging." - "You sound very excited about this. That's great!" - "Sounds like you're doing an awesome job!" encouragement that keeps her in charge: - "How were you thinking of taking care of that?" - "Did you have some ideas for how to get this done?" - "Interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing how you tackle this!" - "Cool! Thanks for sharing about what you're doing for that project." supportive guidance available if she chooses to use it: - "Let me know if there's something I can do to help out." - "Great work! If you feel like you would like an extra pair of eyes on that, I'd be happy to look it over tonight." - "How do you suggest we schedule this? Here are deadlines that the rest of the family has, so we don't run into time conflicts." Thank you Lori D. for the above phrases! I MUST practice these more. :-)
  8. Susie in CA

    what are you hoping to get for Christmas?

    I would really like some UGG boots. :-)
  9. Susie in CA

    The Friday Before Christmas Teachers Lounge 12-22-2017

    Who's ready for Monday? Mostly ready. Completed grocery shopping today. All gifts are here; just need to wrap. If you are doing a special meal for Christmas,what will it be? Well, on Christmas day we'll be visiting dear friends and have dinner there. We are contributing Scalloped Potatoes. I am considering a quiche for Christmas morning, though I have never made one. Christmas Eve will be our special family dinner at home. We voted and Filet Mignon it is. Plans for the weekend? Mostly spending time with family and friends. On Christmas Eve day we will be going bowling; it's known as Christmas bowling around here. We have been doing this for 18 years. We all look forward to it.
  10. Susie in CA

    Pacific Northwest SWB Meet-and-Greet

    Though I am in Southern California I would make a trip up north to meet Susan. She has been such an inspiration to me!
  11. Susie in CA

    older teen x-mas ideas

    Thank you! More ideas are welcome!
  12. Susie in CA

    older teen x-mas ideas

    Love this!
  13. Susie in CA

    older teen x-mas ideas

    They are both big on clothes this year. We do have that covered. Thanks for the weight plate idea...that brought to mind some exercise equipment.
  14. Susie in CA

    older teen x-mas ideas

    The car idea is good for one of them. I will look into that. Thank you!
  15. Susie in CA

    older teen x-mas ideas

    Hello Hive, My dss are 18 and 17. We are stumped for 'fun' non-electronic X-mas ideas. Electronic stuff is easy. What are some cool books or games or.... these days? Any ideas would be very much appreciated. What do your older teen boys like. Thanks, Susie
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