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  1. How hard is it to do each day? I have an almost 6 year old and a 4.5 year old along with 18 month and will have newborn in December (and homeschooling older kids). How much time do you guys spend on AAR?
  2. I've been homeschooling for a several years but now my oldest is heading into 8th grade and my other two will be 6th and 4th. I have an upcoming kinder (he will be 6 in the late Fall) and a 4.5 year old daughter who likes to tag along. Neither of those two are reading or writing (other than some practice letters...) we did not do preschool other than one day a week and my son is showing interest in learning to read but we would need to start from scratch. For two of my older kids I used IEW PAL but my daughter knew all of her letters by age 2 (and she started PAL R/W at 4.5) and my son had gone through preschool and new all of his letters and most sounds to begin with. It was a great program but I feel that it would be best to wait another year and start it with him when he is in 1st grade (age 7) and daughter is in Kinder (age 5.5). Now, I think I need to work on letter sounds ... I'm not sure but I was starting to lean toward MFW Kinder and work with both of them. I also thought of Memoria Press Junior Kinder because I wasn't sure if regular Kinder was too difficult for their levels. I love Memoria Press for some other stuff but in general lean more Charlotte Mason with a bit of classical. My other option is working with them without a formal curriculum but I'm afraid I will get off track. Opinions?
  3. I LOVE their literature guides. I am currently using their astronomy and like it. I'm not familiar with their other subjects...
  4. I'm not sure ... I'm just lurking to see what everybody else says. I'm trying to decide for my 5.5 year old, as well for next year. This year we are just doing some MUS and not too much phonics (like Reading Eggs but nothing formal)...
  5. So, it is the same type of problems he is getting wrong each day? Could you just do some sort of remediation work on those types of problems (like fractions, for instance) ... I recently tried A+ Interactive mini courses for one of my sons and I'm about to add it in for my 11 year old. If it is only one or two types of problems he is missing I would not do the entire 500 series of CLE again...
  6. love that! Need to look it up ... anything for music?
  7. I'm looking for a middle school art & music curriculum. Do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking of something that talks about specific artists and art movements, composers and the movements in music history and then combines them with listening to music and studying art (possibly creating some art in the style of the famous artists).
  8. Well, yes - I like independent but I can teach short lessons each day - I'm looking for something that is mastery. I found teaching singapore a challenge (we used it with my son in 1st grade). Is there a good mastery math out there?
  9. We have been using CLE for first and 2nd grade with my now 3rd grader. We had gotten behind on the LU so she is supposed to be starting CLE300 now. I really love CLE math for my boys but not sure I do for my 3rd grade dd. I think I would like a mastery approach with her - but not sure what to do now. I'm leaning toward Math Mammoth but not sure if I should get her a subject book or a grade level book? Any other ideas?
  10. Are any of you on Periscope? I only heard about it a few weeks ago when my husband sang with his quartet on it. I now follow a few people. I'm starting to scope a couple times a week about homeschooling topics and wanted to know if any of you guys use it. If you want to follow me, I'll be happy to follow you as well. My name is @suchatimeblog I think it is fun and I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before.
  11. We do a lighter day. We do an "all-about-me" page. We try to make it fun and usually go out for donuts or some type of fun treat. We usually go to a "not back to school day" but that doesn't always coincide with first day of our school (usually we do it with a group of homeschoolers around Labor Day).
  12. I feel like, in many ways, ABA is what saved my son from regressing and falling apart. That may sound dramatic but it really really felt like a life saver. We started using it full time 5 years ago. I love it. My son has full time therapy in home and it is wonderful.
  13. It isn't always fair, here, either. My oldest is special needs and gets less structured school work than his younger brother who is in 5th. My 3rd grader is usually done in much faster time than the 5th grader ... but I do let her play iPad apps for math facts and do puzzles and free writing after she gets done with her book work.
  14. We have made a to-do checklist for each kid. This includes items in different time blocks. The first section are chores (1-2 per day) to be done in morning, independent school work and work with mom, meals and a quiet time where they can work on a craft, hobby (drawing), or read a book for 1 hour. After those things are completed they get an hour of screen time.
  15. We do them. It helps me see how much the kids understand with no help from me.
  16. I've created workboxes that have little games they can play by themselves (mainly logic puzzles - that type of thing). I've also downloaded a bunch of math apps they can play while I'm working one on one with other kids. I also like the ideas above: write a letter, write a story, draw a picture. Or they can read quietly to themselves. You can see the workboxes I made for my preschoolers here: http://suchatimeasthis.com/2015/08/01/homeschooling-with-preschoolers/ I haven't written yet about the older kids (but they also have one).
  17. I need a free or cheap typing curriculum. My 10 year old is dyslexic and dysgraphic. He can write but sometimes his hands get tired and I need something especially for creative writing (I want him to be able to start typing his own stories). Any suggestions?
  18. I love being a part of a 1 day a week co-op which is academic but also social. I'm not sure I would like to be out of the house 2 days a week ... but then again I have a lot of young kids (including an infant).
  19. We are schooling in the afternoon and loving it! In fact, I'm about to write on my blog about that because it is so new to me.
  20. Thank you everyone! That helps so much and calms some of my fears of moving. I think wherever we go, we'll be fine. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't regret it. :)
  21. I just started using Easy Grammar Grade 4 with my 5th grade son. Would Daily Grams be good to do with him as well or is it too much?
  22. We might be considering a move and I have only lived in "easy" homeschooling states. Tell me about your state and why it is good or not good. How bad are the states with more laws? I'm especially interested in the NY, PA, VA, CA, CO and a few others. Thank you!
  23. Don't feel bad. My 3 year old needed glasses and I had no idea. It took a physical therapist to make the referral. I felt terrible, too ... but you couldn't have known.
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