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  1. Hi there - I just discovered a feed on my book, A Pirate's Guide t' th' Grammar of Story - and I'd love to hear what you thought of it! 

    Jennifer (on behalf of that dreaded pirate Yogger LeFossa)

  2. Ok. Intuitive group you are. I think, based on your advice, and from listening to SWB’s commentary on her children’s different learning styles, I’m going to chill and offer them help if they ask for it. They’re in school now and I’m happy just being dad.
  3. Thank you for your thoughtful replies. Writing is a difficult skill. And I think kids underappreciate how difficult it actually is. Adding in a research component adds another layer of stress and complexity that seems to end itself to a lot of time wasted in front of the screen. My choice would be to use the PC for final draft only, and to have a reliable structure to plan, research, and write rough and second drafts on. I guess the answer for now is that they do not know how to write an essay, and are not organized in their approach. The open ended nature of the writing task leads in too many directions and is too subjective for them to produce a reliable result. This year we fix it hopefully.
  4. well- SOTW activity books have excellent suggested reading. Maybe the paper activities are unloved by your child but some of those books in recommended reading are gems. I'm referring to the picture books not the chapter books or textbooks. Super stealthy too if you're just reading a book.....
  5. So my 9th grader and my 7th grader will sometimes ’work on an essy ’ but just sit in front of the computer trying to squeeze words out. They are capable summarizers and have good habits for school otherwise. I can't be alone here- what is the collective mind on preventing students from thinking that sitting in front of a PC is ’work’? And how to make the writing process more efficient? Most important of all- how to do this gently, when they were homeschooled I may have been too strict of an editor!
  6. Ok just bought th pirates guide t story telling and I believe it'll be a great success. Feel like creative writing is an important missed outlet for my kids.
  7. It's amazing to me how spotty MY modern history is. I'm reading my public schooled 8 th grader SOTW and I'm learning things for the first time, getting the seeds of some of our current conflicts and issues. So glad that SWB wrote these books. Thanks again for the help with the time lines and links. Getting a handle on this year
  8. 4th grade student , were in SOTW final book and I'm apprehensive about the intensity of the stories, WWI and II and Nazis - although we covered civil war very well and resurgence of nazis in American news has to be confronted I guess I just miss the initial volumes where the conflicts were more abstract because they took place so long ago. I'm hoping someone can tell me that this was a great year for them and what their highlights were...
  9. The Republic of Pirates! That is an intensive book. I think it's the one that describes the poor money management strategies of pirates? I recall a description of flush pirates buying casks of alcohol and blockading a street and forcing people to drink shots in order to pass through.
  10. We'll be finishing up this great book in a few weeks and any recommendations for the next step? I am not overly concerned with tenses at this point due to young age and am more looking for furthering the love of language. I'll spend maybe 20 minutes/day max.
  11. BBC typing online free and super fun
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