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  1. Math Mammoth with Beast supplement and Right Start games. We started with strictly Right Start, but with 4 kids math was just taking too long. I needed something we could all sit around the table and do. With MM I can have everyone have their sheets out and float around giving directions and help. I also didn't love the scriptedness of RS.
  2. Planning my 2nd grade year. I am feeling fairly sold (at the moment) on the MFW Adventures program and loving the history cycle that happens after that. Many things I like about the CM/classical-ness of MFW and the fact that I don't have to plan certain things but still have freedom with the book basket, etc. For LA we currently do a mix of ETC and ELTL and I See Sam readers. But The Good and the Beautiful LA just caught my eye, and it seems that it could almost take the place of all of these things. But I do NOT want to over-do our curriculum at all. Would it be too much to be do
  3. I would look into Wayfarers if I were you. I love/hate all the same things you do about Sunlight. I bought PreK but never fully used it (just read through the books). But I LOVE the book selections of Wayfarers and the schedule is nice too. I like that I still have options, but not too many. Now, for the science, I'm not sure I would use Wayfarers, but since you are just buying the guide and not everything else, it is easy to fit in your own science on science days. We are currently using Mystery Science and my boys are loving it!
  4. Give Your Child The World by Jamie Martin!!! This is what you are looking for!!
  5. Also wanted to add... he did the Math Mammoth end-of-year test for 1st grade and scored 92%. So technically he could advance to 2nd grade math in MM. Even though we haven't FORMALLY covered some of those topics (measuring, telling time... he knows just through life). Thoughts on that? I appreciate any input!!
  6. I'm in the same boat!!! 6, 5, 4 and a 10 month old! Right now we do morning time together, then I'm finding it works best to rotate kids. 20 mins with my 4yo, 40 mins to do math and reading each with my other kids. They do copywork and handwriting by themselves. I really keep it as minimal as possible. Because someone always needs something - food, diaper change, baby won't nap, etc. We have time on our side. In the afternoon I read our content lesson - right now we're doing beautiful feet history for 3 weeks, then we'll switch our block schedule and do a mystery science for 2-
  7. We have been using Right Start Math this year. However, it has been difficult to get it done well. I personally have struggled with all the moving parts and feeling like it takes me too much time to wrap my mind around what they are doing and where they are headed before presenting it to my son. Some other factors here - I am teaching RS A to my kindergartener, RS B to my first grader, I also have a preschooler (with sensory needs) and a 10 month old. I really do like the method behind it - I see it working in the end. But my oldest is a math kid and literally can multiply simple numbe
  8. I am VERY MUCH in the same position. I have RS A and B. I have a 4, 5, and 6yo boys and then a 10 month old girl. RS is difficult for me to get done. Part of it is that it simply isn't very open and go for me. My oldest DS recently asked me for more worksheets like he did in K (we did Singapore essentials). I was looking at MM, but unsure if I want to totally drop RS. Although I think I would personally like it better and I think it would get done. Not easy decisions!! Hah!
  9. I’m glad to see some have skipped those parts. My kids really do resonate with this method of learning but sometimes I struggle to enjoy it for these reasons!!
  10. Slight vent. I love the hands-on-ness of Right Start Math, I do. But I bought SO many manipulatives they said I needed. WHY must I then print out 37 hundreds squares out of the appendix. I swear every other lesson has me copying pages out of the appendix and cutting shapes out, etc. It makes it not feel open-and-go and is irritating to me. At this point with 4 kids and a baby, I need open and go. Vent over. But also - might there be a curriculum that truly is open and go but with the same hands-on visual approach? Or perhaps as we progress there won’t be as much of the printing and cu
  11. Has anyone switched between ELTL and BW? I'm a little concerned about BW not being structured. For me that means it may not happen very well. I have a new baby coming in a month, so being able to just "do the next lesson" is appealing. I think maybe in a couple years the flexibility would be nice. And my kids would still benefit from it. Perhaps I'll just have to try them both at some point! This is why I end up with so many curriculums!! 😣
  12. I don't want to overdo 1st grade, but I want to have some tools in my back pocket. We are currently doing AAR and I plan to stick with it. I also was planning to do Brave Writer Jot It Down and add Quiver of Arrows when my son is at that point. BUT - I keep reading great things about ELTL, and I am drawn to simple and structured. I have looked at the samples for both. ELTL seems to offer a bit more hand holding and seems more well-rounded maybe? But I'm having a hard time getting a handle on what the differences really are. Could I easily swap one for another? Would ELTL work well with
  13. Having a son from China also, those first few weeks home are brutal. Don't underestimate jet lag. Honestly, if I were you I'd take the next month off of school and focus on enjoying time as a new family. Read a lot, but include her. Do fun activities that promote bonding between you and siblings. It's a hard road, but you can do it. We've been home 2 years in May (my son is now 3.5). Sensory activities are huge with my son. Of course make sure it's stuff that is safe in her mouth. Are you in a part of the country where you can be outside? That saved us when my son came home. Feel free to PM m
  14. I see that difference. What is funny is I was taught the way MUS does addition, but my math brain functions the way Singapore does it. I think we'll stick with what works until it doesn't.
  15. We are sticking with exposure for 1st grade. We'll be using "Exploring Nature with Children" as a guide for our nature walks and nature journaling. Anything else will just be interest lead. Which usually means triggered by Wild Kratts......
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