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  1. They completely redid the LA, adding in more grammar and changing the writing assignments.
  2. This is our forth year of using Sonlight and we love the changes! Never cared for the LA before and the IGs were so scattered that we too skipped a lot of things. But now we love the LA and the new IGs are so much more user friendly. Another thing, I personally love the combined 4 day/5 day. It allows you to add in as you can through the year. We're doing the 4 day condensed since it's our second time with this core but I plan to add books here and there as time allows.
  3. 2012-2013 Dd1: TGTL Paths of Exploration MUS Gamma Sonlight readers Dd2: TGTL Paths of Exploration MUS (finishing) Alpha then Beta OPGTR Sonlight readers Dd3: AAR pre ETC MUS Primer
  4. We're actually getting ready to head outside for science :). All the main subjects are done so I thought it would be a nice treat.
  5. Curric for the new year has been a massive struggle for me. Worse yet is that today was supposed to be our start back day and I'm still second guessing every single subject.... So yea, you're definitely not alone and probably in a better place then I am bc I've been buying and then second guessing. I've bought enough curric for 10 students, lol.
  6. Technically, LoF was made to be used as a stand alone math program for the elementary years. You are supposed to have your child work through all ten books and then repeat them again till they are ready for the fractions book. If you look through the website's q&a you will be able to have all your questions answered and maybe it will make more sense. That is what helped me make the decision to use it and we are very happy with our choice! ETA: you are supposed to do a chapter a day, taking more time when needed to concrete a concept.
  7. We have the basic homeschool set for GI. I only plan to use the TMs though, even for PI. I intend to dictate the sentences and cover two important skills at once.
  8. Core A but I feel it may have had more to do with ages.
  9. We use it with other math programs. It is an awesome add on math and my oldest loves it. My second doesn't seem interested at all, but I am hoping it is simply an age thing. We are considering using it as a stand alone program in the higher levels but it will depend on my kids' needs then. I could see my oldest doing well with it though.
  10. Exciting! Our new MCT set and Lit set comes tomorrow. I really can't wait to finally have it in my hands!!
  11. No, only a few of the upper levels have them.
  12. We use both at the same time. It is recommended to start at the beginning with AAS no matter what and we have had no issues doing this even when using the OPGTR.
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