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  1. It is literally the ONLY math that my older dd will do without a complete meltdown I don't know why but if it's because they only have to see one problem at a time that makes since for a child completely overwhelmed by math. I know I'm glad for the program!
  2. We have tried a lot of things to help my older dd who struggles with math and CLE we have loved
  3. Thank you! I am going to try that.
  4. I know with my littles it almost seems intuitive. They pick it up do fast not what I was expecting at all but so glad we have found them.
  5. We are loving the cuisennaire rods because it had basically eliminated this 1,2,3,4,5... Counting stuff over and over a million times. I am seeing that they are understanding the value of the color/size of the rod and when rods are put together they are able to see that it is the same size as another rod that it equal. Clear as mud huh. I'm sure someone else could do a much better job of explaining but say they have two light green rods together and they know that they each equal three they then are able to see that it is the same size as a 6 rod and then make the connection 2 light greens/ 2 threes EQUALS one dark green/ 6 rod :D Go to education unboxed and watch her videos...pretty awesome stuff.
  6. So you think I should sit down and do as much as she can/wants a day until we hit something that she kind of lingers on? I just don't want to expect to much or to little as far as how many pages per day. KWIM?
  7. She is 11. I am wondering if perhaps she has some dyscalcula but that's another post I only say that to demonstrate that she is brhind and has in general a hard time retaining new concepts learned. I'm assuming I should start at the beginning and then go quickly through the easy material?? Am I correct in thinking this also how fast should I go through the worksheets? Obviously the orange book is very easy for her so far. Please forgive my iPhone typos:D
  8. Since being on these boards I have read Many posts both good and bad regarding miquon. I have always completely dismissed miquon mistakenly under the assumption that it was for extremely mathy individuals who did math for "fun" ;) I was afraid that somehow the way this program taught concepts would somehow escape this VERY NOT Mathy mommy. However out of sheer desperation of trying to teach math to my equally non mathy dd I have recently purchased miquon and some c-rods and let me tell you the genius of it has not escaped me. The c-rods allow my children to see whole numbers right off the bat instead of counting each unit like they did with the mathusee blocks(drove me crazy and they learned nothing this way) so my question is
  9. Cuisennaire rods. My dd has always liked the abacus too:) Oh yea I second fraction circles!
  10. Does anybody who recieves the National Geographic for kids magazine know if it would be easy for a second grader to read?
  11. Just out if curiosity do the Christian liberty press ones have pictures and text or just text?
  12. My 2nd grade dd isn't to keen on reading but has been reading a lot more since I found some little science readers. I'm thrilled to find something that she is so interested in that she is asking to read but she has pretty much exhausted the couple science readers that we have. Could someone recommend some science/animal related books that would be around a first to second grade reading level?
  13. Well I'm glad to here that it's working out well for some. My dd seems to Be less overwhelmed by math that is on the computer...have NO idea why but if it helps then I'm all for computer math for her! I think I might give this a try to help her get some extra reinforcement.
  14. It is an online math supplement/curriculum
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