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  1. Picturesque Book of Progress has no fictional content, or science, just history (as seen through the lens of the culture of 1930s America, of course). It's good for logic stage - I wouldn't use it for a younger child without some editing as facts and attitudes are different now. But if you want to start giving an older child an interesting window into how people viewed the world several decades ago, it's pretty neat.
  2. Oh I'm sorry I didn't get in on this thread earlier :) I have the My Book House set from the 1930s. I had them as a child and my mother SOLD THEM when I was away at college!! WHAT was she thinking! So of course I spent the next 15 years tracking down a nice set that wasn't $500. Olive Beaupre Miller also did a lovely set of ancient-through-Middle-Ages history books called A Pictureseque Tale of Progress. It's a terrific set to have on hand for your Ancients study, as it has about half a volume of stuff on ancient Sumeria and Assyria, and well over a hundred pages on the Mongols, an
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