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  1. Oops -- hope your son is happy too! Yikes, open mouth insert foot. I just think about your daughter more because she is close in age to my son.

  2. How is everything going? Miss you on the WTM boards, but I do go to your blog now and then to get my Trivium fix. I hope your daughter is happy and that our kids run into each other at some point in the future.

  3. I'm in Juneau. I love your avatar! We have been enjoying strangely warm weather this year. What about you?

  4. Just waving "hi" from the interior! Whereabouts are you up here?

  5. As usual, I've enjoyed another one of your posts again -- this time, the tai chi one.


    Wish I could make it to your yoga class because I like the way you explain things, lol. I've never tried yoga (or tai chi), but am interested in trying it.... Any pointers or tips for a complete newbie to it all to find a teacher or learn more?



  6. Just wanted to pop in & say hello! :seeya:

  7. Thanks, Stacia. I thought I was the threadkiller for that thread. I couldn't find it and assumed it was deleted. So I searched "Motoyama" and found it again. I see that there was lively discussion after my post, and I was not the threadkiller I assumed myself to be. Glad you appreciated my post. Dr. Motoyama is very modest and consequently not many people know about his works. I happen to study with one of his students (Paul Grilley), who has been kind enough to pass on Dr. Motoyama's knowledge to us.

  8. Wow. I loved your fascinating & thoughtful post about Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama & your beliefs in general. In my eyes, your post was very uplifting and delightful to ponder. Thanks! Stacia

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