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  1. I really don't want to drastically change the way we homeschool. I love how we homeschool. I don't want to switch them to super independent things. I homeschool because I love teaching them and I want to give them more and better than what the local public school can offer. If the homeschool suffers I won't be happy. I can see how it fits in the evenings, on weekends, etc. The big concern is homeschool. Like I said, one is full time school, the other daycare likely 3 days a week. So 3 days of having a 2 year old toddling around and 2 days of a 2 and 3 year old.
  2. Thank you for saying that. Seeing God in this is a big part of what's keeping me moving forward with it.
  3. I currently have 3 kids, ages 8 (grade 3), 10 (grade 5), and 12 (grade 7). We have fostered for the past 6 years, adding one or two kids to the mix, always younger than mine, generally infants or toddlers. Last year we took time "off" full time foster care and did respite and emerge. There's a sibling set of 3, ages almost 2, newly 3, and 4 that we've been asked to take. We know these kids from providing respite for them over the past 14 months regularly (especially the older two) and have always loved having them, anywhere from 3 nights to a couple of weeks. Generally though it's a weekend and generally only the older two. The oldest would be in full time school, middle in daycare 2 or 3 days a week, and youngest always at home. I tend to use fairly teacher intensive curricula for my kids and am teaching from 9am - 2pm. I directly teach math, grammar, composition, spelling, foreign language and history to each of my kids separately. We do a morning meeting together (devotions, poetry, geography, fable, music/art appreciation). Then they have a variety of things they do with relative independence (bible, science, reading, handwriting, etc). I love these kids. If they were to become free for adoption I would strongly consider adopting them. My kids love them and ask if we can adopt them all.the.time. They are "good kids", but they are young and needy. The reality of 6 kids, homeschooling, toddlers, one in public school, extra curriculars....is very anxiety provoking. Is it possible? Without having to change the way we homeschool? Is it possible that it could be at least somewhat smooth?
  4. Ugh. I'm in the same boat. But I need to make a decision this week! We have completed 600. Dd is excited to try Saxon and I thought if we try that for 7th I would get a sense of whether or not we want to use it for Algebra. But I love CLE and don't really want to leave it! I wish I felt more confident that just 700 would prepare dd for Algebra.
  5. I'm wondering about this too. Dd is 7th grade this year and I'm completely on the fence about whether to continue into.CLE 700 or transition now to Saxon. If we go with Saxon for high school....
  6. Following. I was planning to have dd outline Kingfisher this year.
  7. I don't think dd dreaded it....we just fought sometimes when she needed help but didn't want to actually take my help or I didn't know how to guide her to where Susan was trying to get her.
  8. Now you've got me thinking about Cover Story..... Maybe that instead of The Creative Writer Level 3. Is it so much work that I couldn't do it alongside something more formal?
  9. That's exactly it; nothing feels like "the one". We've loved Killgallon and while WWS 1 almost caused a family breakdown last year, I do think it improved her skills a lot. But I don't want to attempt it with her on my own for level 2! I had forgotten about Cover Story and OYAN....
  10. So you found LAoW appropriate for 7th grade? I've heard you mention WWaT before but I haven't really looked into it. I'd love for you to post what you think of Kidswrite after your dd has done it.
  11. I asked dd last night if she wanted to do another level of EIW and she was kind of negative about it. I know she'd do it if I asked her to but she wasn't excited about it....
  12. I'm stumped as I try to plan writing curriculum for my 7th grade dd. She has worked through all 4 levels of WWE, an elementary and middle school Killgallon book, EIW level 5, some of Scholastic's Paragraph Writing Made Easy, The Creative Writer level 1 and 2, and 2/3 of WWS Level 1. For 7th grade I was thinking of starting out with an online Bravewriter class, completing the last 1/3 of WWS Level 1, and going through The Lively Art of Writing. Dd would also like to do The Creative Writer Level 3. Then, in 8th grade, I would like her to do WWS Level 2 through The Well Trained Mind Academy. As I actual complete my planning though and consider paying for the various materials, I'm second guessing. I'm not sure Bravewriter is worth the money. I keep hearing glowing reviews of EIW. I'm not sure LAoW is a good fit for grade 7. Revising the plan is getting confusing, mostly because I don't really know what I want to use and what I'm comfortable skipping. Added to that is the uncertainty of whether or not dd will be going to high school for grade 9 (she has started to express an interest so it is a possibility, but not a certainty). I have started wondering if I should do EIW 7 this year (also finishing up WWS 1). Then 8th grade would be LAoW? If she's home for 9th we could do WWS 2. But - I don't love the idea that she might miss out on WWS 2 if she goes to school and I would really love for her to get some solid instruction with outside accountability and feedback before starting high school, whether at home or at school. Feedback?
  13. I was considering signing my kids up for a Kidswrite Basic class through Bravewriter but I'm hesitant, mostly because of the cost and I'm not entirely sure what I'm buying! (I have not read The Writer's Jungle). I was planning on doing this class with my grade 5 and grade 7 student. My grade 5 student is definitely a reluctant writer and my grade 7 student is at a place where I think some outside feedback would be valuable. I do plan to have her do WWS 2 through The Well Trained Mind Academy in the next year or two. We've never done any kind of online class or had any outside writing instruction.
  14. There is no easy way. I'm sorry :( Letting go is never easy, regardless of the circumstances of the child's departure. You making this choice in no way destines this child for a life of disruption. You know him well, you can provide really good information to your agency so that they can match him with an appropriate family. And if you can give them at least a little bit of time, all the better. About a year and a half ago I had to ask to have a sibling set removed from my home because of dynamics among the kids that were not healthy - I had to protect my kids but also the foster children. I gave the agency 2 weeks, supervised like a hawk, had tons and tons of conversations about what I thought would be the best case scenario moving forward, and transitioned the kids in good way. And they thrived in their new home. Had the behaviors not been dangerous we could have continued to care for them but honestly after getting to know them for 8 months and being able to advise the agency of their needs, the new home was actually even better for them. I know it feels horrible. I know you never saw it ending this way. I know that it is GOOD and RIGHT and HEALTHY for you to prioritize your marriage. Hugs.
  15. Following and commiserating with you! I am on 20mg and have been since shortly after my first baby was born. I still struggle with anxiety when faced with decisions or unexpected events. It's got the daily stuff under control but not the other. We are facing a major life change and I am a wreck. I am seeking a therapist.
  16. Perogi


    I'll definitely pass on the protein and rest tips! And encourage her that it's possible to go "late" with twins. She's 37 weeks on December 30 and really wants the babies to stay in until January.
  17. Perogi


    I hope all went well with your niece!
  18. Perogi


    My sister in law called last night to tell us that she's expecting twins! She just found out yesterday. They have 2 girls, ages 18 months and 3.5years. They do fertility treatments and had decided they would try ONCE for a third child and if it didn't work they would be happy with the two they have because it's expensive and stressful. What a surprise!!! She's excited and overwhelmed :)
  19. Very timely thread! We have 3 and are very likely adding a sib group of 3 in the near future through adoption. Yes, I'm panicking :p
  20. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  21. I'm a dropout too :-( Maybe I'll try again with walking....last time I was doing well and SO proud of myself but I injured my hip doing it and could NOT continue :-( It is apparently a common injury for inexperienced/out of shape runners.
  22. I'm a dropout too :-( Maybe I'll try again with walking....last time I was doing well and SO proud of myself but I injured my hip doing it and could NOT continue :-( It is apparently a common injury for inexperienced/out of shape runners.
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