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  1. We are using saxon 8/7 this year after completing CLE 600 and are very happy.
  2. At times I've matched up verses to whatever were studying in Bible at the time. The other thing we enjoy is the Seeds Family Worship CDs - scripture set to music!
  3. My kids are similar in age to your big 3 and I have a chart that lists the 2 chores they are expected to do every day Mon - Fri. Things like sweep the kitchen, take out the trash, vacuum the family room, tidy bedroom, wipe down appliances, bathroom sinks and mirrors. Every day everyone has 2 chores to do and we do them directly after lunch. I think it helps that's it's at a set time of day and everyone is doing chores at the same time. I sometimes need to remind someone to do their chore without complaining but once we got the routine established that doesn't happen nearly as much.
  4. I don't at all consider the prices. I think about what each child wants/needs. We also like to keep the number of gifts even and for the last couple of years we've done the "something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read" which makes it easy. I do find it tricky because oldest dd and ds need a lot of clothes and middle dd doesn't because of all the hand me downs from big sis. Some years one of the kids will get a much more expensive gift than another but usually what goes around comes around and nobody is upset. Generally the value is similar but I'm certainly not adding things up to make sure.
  5. Queen sized bed. I make the bed with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket and covering quilt. At night, do has his own twin sized blanket and the rest gets shoved over onto my side for me to use. I may have to reconsider though after reading this because the bed is always a disaster and annoying to make. I'm imagining how much easier it would be with just the fitted sheet, a blanket each, and a quilt to cover it all during the day.
  6. We live at the beginning of dead end road in our neighbourhood and the houses are spaced far apart with long driveways. A lot of kids skip our section so we only get maybe 30 kids!
  7. "The recommended path after finishing Math 7/6 is to take Math 8/7. If your child finishes Math 8/7 with at least 80% mastery, skip ahead to Algebra 1. In previous editions, many people skipped Math 8/7 because they found it to be a weaker text than Algebra ½. In the newer third edition, pre-algebra has been added to Math 8/7, making it a much stronger program. " This is what I found the publisher recommending. Then if the test scores aren't adequate in 8/7 a year may be spent with Algebra 1/2. I believe Art Reed makes the other recommendation.
  8. This year dd is working on Saxon 7/8 and there are guidelines about what percentage she should have in the course in order to move on to Algebra 1. So the grading is important from that perspective. If I decide how much credit to give for a question I can't be sure that my grade is equivalent to what saxon expects for her to be successful in the next course. This is our first year using Saxon.
  9. I suppose I could "happily" deduct 5 points for a wrong answer, but some questions are certainly more complex than others. And some have more than one component - they may have 11a, 11b, 11c or something such as that.
  10. I'm a little frustrated by the lack of guidance given for grading Saxon math tests! Surely some questions should be worth more than others? And sometimes there are multiple parts to a single question. Simply assigning 5 points per question seems a little misleading. I miss my CLE tests where each question was given an explicit value.
  11. We generally do school from 9am - 2 or 3pm. My 7th grader may take a little longer, my 3rd grader a little less. I don't allow a lot of chatter during school. Sometimes I find the kids wanting to talk about what they're doing that night, or something a friend said and I ask them to focus on their work. We have a "couch time" around mid-morning where we are together as a group and they get a break from seat work and the opportunity to talk and participate together (talk is still related to what we're doing, not just free chatter). Our lunch is generally an hour and a half and obviously lots of free time to talk together then! They also do their chores after lunch. I find with the couch time and lunch it's a good balance between focused seat work and a bit of a "brain break". I do my best to keep these hours reserved for school. Occasionally an appointment comes up or we choose to get together with another family but I'm quite strict about keeping our mornings at least completely dedicated to school without interruption. If we know we're going to have an interruption in the afternoon we may start school a little and/or have some "homework". Bedtimes - 8 year old is lights out between 7:30-8pm, 10 year old between 8-8:30pm and 12 year old around 9pm. They all generally wake up for the day around 7pm, the 8 year old sometimes earlier.
  12. I guess I could let dd check her own OYO questions. I do feel like I need to check in too. If she's misunderstood something it's helpful to know before she gets it wrong on a test. I've seen the guidelines about lab reports but I don't know how to evaluate the info she has included without taking time to read through the lab instructions to know if she missed anything.
  13. What is the lab book? We have the text and the solutions manual and the notebook.
  14. The Green Ember all together The Golden Goblet dd1 Jeremy's War dd2 Follow my Leader ds
  15. Downton Abbey Friday Night Lights The Mindy Project Suits
  16. Downton Abbey Friday Night Lights The Mindy Project Suits
  17. Dd 7th grade is doing Apologia Gen Sci this year, largely independently. I also purchased the notebook for her use. The trouble is that there doesn't seem to be an answer key! I'm not reading through the text with her so I'm not sure how to mark some of her answers. I found the "On Your Own" answers at the back of the text, and I have the Solutions and Tests manual. However, I can't find any guidance on what should be included in the lab reports beyond very general guidelines. There also questions in the notebook that don't have an answer guide. Am I on my own here?
  18. I would like to teach my dd how to take notes this year, in 7th grade. She'll be listening to SOTW audio for part of her history program and I would like her to take notes as she listens. She'll also outline Kingfisher. Is there a good resource or YouTube video to help teach her the basics? I wanted to sign her up for TWTM study skills class but we just don't have it in the budget this year :(
  19. Thank you! Those are some very difficult labels you're managing. Thankfully right now all three are on track developmentally and not exhibiting major behaviors. It's the leap between seeing what seems impossible and yet feeling a call and having to have the trust to step out in faith. I really don't see any way of not having the 20 month old home every day - at least not this year. The 3yo will have 3 day a week preschool but the littlest will be home with us.
  20. I'm willing to cut back on other comitments, but not homeschooling! I do tend towards independence but have a number of things with each child that I do need to teach. I'm sure it'll feel like a juggling act and I'll be the one who feels the change the most.
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