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  1. Like the signature line!

  2. What a beautiful message to Bethany. You are absolutely right ... where there is love there is God. Glad that you've found this together. : )

  3. Great post on the employment thread! Your son's lucky to have you!

  4. You're welcome! I like to make sure things are "balanced." We love Dr. Keller's curriculum too, but even if we didn't, I really cannot handle it when people post things as fact with no information to back it up. Blessings!

  5. Thanks so much for the link to Dr. Keller's response to bias claims. What a thoughtful and well-written piece. I really appreciate hearing her perspective. We used RS4K for bio this past year and liked it. Hearing her perspective makes me like the product even more. Thanks!

  6. Thanks. I often hear Zinn come up in homeschooling circles as a reliable resource. It's good to get some perspective. Appreciate all the review comments in particular. :001_smile:
  7. Hey, just saw this! Thanks. It probably came out snarky but I did mean it. There's a lot of enthusiasm needed really for one to start to homeschool. For right now, it may be more like the "best parents in the world are the ones who don't have kids" type (translated into homeschooling, of course!). : )

  8. Love Heidelberg! Smiling at the image of you homeschooling in those heels too! : D

  9. "if you start homeschooling too." LMBO!

  10. Imagine anyone with dyslexia, aspergers, sensory-processing issues....many of which were undiagnosed in those days. :glare: Those were just a mess for all kids -- the chaos, noise level, distractions, lack of focus on one subject, often (always?) sitting on floors or carpetted tiers rather at desks.
  11. Love this!!! I love multi-faceted people. Much more interesting to be around. Fwiw I have a quiet manly guy who still continues to surprise me after all these years. I'd vote a definite yes. Still waters run deep and all that.
  12. Should I mention the homeschool moms who don't bother teaching their teen girls higher math since they won't be using it anyway?
  13. :lol: I noticed that one too, Holly. Saw this in a theatre with friends and we laughed out loud at some of the classic phrases. Great fun. Haven't seen Avatar yet....not sure I'm interested in giving the king of the world more money.
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