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  1. In my state, Florida, homeschoolers can take class through the Florida Virtual School Flex program. They can take one class or a full load and still be considered homeschoolers and they have to submit a letter of intent and have yearly evaluations as homeschooler. If you are in the flex program FLVS does not issue a diploma. But a student can enroll in FLVS fulltime as a public school student and receive a high school diploma from FLVS. A homeschooler and a public school student could be taking the same class. But I guess the difference is about who is ultimately in charge of the education, the parent or the school district.
  2. My 11 year old son has always gained weight quickly and it had starting to be too much and at a point where his future health could be affected. I've had a lot of success by simply measuring the amount of rice or pasta. So 3/4 of a cup. I measure olive oil. And I will weigh higher calorie foods like cheese. This can easily fit in with Mediterranean style eating. I taught him to do this too and he is managing his eating very well, as far as snacking. Maybe he will have an ounce of cheese and an apple.
  3. When I was little it was breakfast, dinner, tea. When we moved to New Jersey we switched to breakfast, lunch, dinner. My grandpa used to have elevenses after breakfast, at around 11.
  4. That was a standard breakfast for us growing up, soft boiled eggs with soldiers, even better if it were marmite soldiers. My parents are British and brought egg cups with us to America
  5. My mother in law gave my 2 children refurbished iPads. They are very excited by this, but I am not knowing what to do with them. First of all, I wasn't too keen on the idea because we already had a kindle fire and the kids only like playing games and prefer reading out of physical paper books. I told my MIL that she needn't buy them any more tech and if anything I was thinking to get them laptops soon. I want them to be able to type their (home)school papers and I have a laptop but we all have to take turns. So my MIL decided to get them iPads and key boards that work with them. 1. How can the iPad be used to type papers? 2. How does the family share work? I set it up and then my son had to ask my permission to download an app but I couldn't figure out how to give the permission, so I signed in instead. 3. What can we do with iPads that we can't do with the kindle fire? 4. What are some apps we should have? Educational, etc. Thanks for your help!
  6. I would start with The Essential Koran, by Thomas Cleary. It is an introductory selection of readings from the Quran. The notes are excellent in my opinion. I think Cleary's translation is beautiful too. But it is not the complete Quran. I highly recommend though. He explains the roots of Arabic words. And even brings up some buddhist paralels.So it would be very informative for a secular or non Muslim reader.
  7. I did the "no poo" type of washing for a while because my hair was very dry and damaged from using cheap shampoos daily for a long time. I didn't want to order Wen, so I just used suave coconut conditioner every few days or so. But at first my hair was quite greasy and yucky (which was sort of okay for me because I covered it with a scarf when I went out).I did try using baking powder a few times but it made my hair feel very dry again. After a while it stopped being greasy. I think the extra oil was because my scalp was producing it because I had been drying it out so much before hand with the cheap shampoo. When I stopped the drying out cycle I think my scalp readjusted. (Is that woo?) So I was then able to keep my hair clean with just conditioner a few times a week. I have gone back to using shampoo about once a week if my hair feels too greasy and limp and I am very happy with the condition of my hair and scalp. I think if I was in your shoes and I had to go out ...I would wash with some regular shampoo and then try the no poo experiment again.
  8. Thank you all for your advice. It has been very helpful. I think I am going to look into R&S. We're not Christian, but I don't think it will be a problem for us.
  9. I know this has probably come up in a number of threads, but I don't really have a clear sense of what would work best for my kids after we complete First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 4. We are more than half way through level 4. This curriculum has worked very well for my kids (twins age 9). They actually enjoy diagramming sentences, repeating grammar rules and the poetry selections. I know I can find the recommendations in the Well Trained Mind, but I am wondering what curriculum is the most similar to what we have been doing. I have been using First Language Lessons since we began homeschooling, so I am sad to leave it behind. Additionally, I don't know how to select the right range of poems for memorization. I like that the work was done for me.
  10. Yes! On Monday a bobcat was in our yard. We just moved to this new place in Florida and now have a backyard. We were doing school at the table and saw this beautiful cat in outside. I reached for my phone but by that time it was gone. We went outside but couldn't see it again. It was so cool. :)
  11. I've been trying to follow low carb diet too. It's only been a few days and I think I have eaten too many nuts. But my question for those that know, is what can I do to prevent muscle cramps. Every time I have started a low carb diet I have muscle cramps at night. It's quite painful. Also, my joints ache, is this due to low carb? What can I do to help this without eating too many carbs?
  12. I've been Muslim for a while now. Before converting I met people very similar to the kind you have described here. I think in the case of Iran, the worst thing for Islam was that it did become a tool for political manipulation. And I have had the misfortune to meet some of those men you talk about. Misogynist j**ks existent in all cultures and religions or political persuasion. However, I have met many people that defy those stereotypes. Especially at the mosque. Normal devout, moderate Muslims just live like other people. They pray in their homes and at the masjid, go to work, grocery shop, and pay their taxes. I think that if people are going to be extremists or terrorists they will look to the prevailing foundational myths of their societies for some sort of legitimacy in the eyes of the people they are trying to recruit to the cause. So for me, I don't find it surprising that in the middle east terrorists will use Islam even though I will say adamantly that terrorism is forbidden and against Islam. Even in America, we have right wing extremists who believe the Constitution backs them up. As Shakespeare wrote: "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." I was tentatively following this thread. It's not worse than any comment section on any news article on the internet that mentions Islam. But I have been very pleasantly surprised to see the civil tone of the discussion. I really appreciate it.
  13. I don't know. I never actually saw them myself, but my DH did and he obviously thought they were very young. I wonder if they are malnourished?
  14. I don't know how long this has been going on for because we moved here recently and it is not a route either of us take daily.
  15. UPDATE: This is very strange. So, I went by again and they were not there, but the situation was weighing on me so I called the police non emergency line. I told the location to the police man and he said "were they a boy and a girl, blonde?" And I said yes, and he said "They're not children. They look like children, but they're not. We go round there to check on them time and again, but there is not much else we can do." Thank you to everyone who advised me to call the police. Even though it turns out they were not children it gave me some peace of mind. Still uneasy about the situation though.
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