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    A homeschool mom of 1 son, 10, and 2 daughters, 5 yrs and 1 yr. I have been with Clint for 6 yrs.
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    Macon, Ga
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    Flowers and Pets...I love reading, movies, music, and being with my family.
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  1. I actually didn't know that until college! Of course, it was probably mentioned somewhere in school, it wasn't a huge deal. I studied an entire chapter on Puerto Rico in college and was astounded at what I didn't know!
  2. My 5 yr old daughter is hairy as well. She's biracial, but she inherited my hairiness. My parents wouldn't let me shave until I was 12, but I probably could have started much younger. My daughter hates her hairy legs, so I'll let her shave when I feel she's mature enough to do it on her own and maintain it. She just started bathing herself pretty good and washing/conditioning her own hair. Shaving would be something we will tackle probably around 8 or 9 if she's ready (which I'm sure she will be).
  3. My walls are ivory/eggshell. My decor is blue and brown. Very cozy and relaxing!!
  4. Just remember that it doesn't taste as good in cereal as regular milk unless you add sugar to it. You can use evaporated milk just like regular milk, but I don't recommend drinking it, YUCK!
  5. Thanks....I feel better already. She :001_wub: her bottle, and giving her a straw cup exclusively doesn't seem practical right now, especially for travel. So I'm gonna take a :chillpill: and enjoy my baby....bottle and all. And I'll let her pediatrician know the next time I see her that she just isn't ready yet. What is she gonna do? Revoke my parenting license?
  6. I appreciate the input and advice. I've thought about getting her the small cups with lids that have straws (not the sippy cup, but the kid cup), but I'd figured they'd be messy since they're not spill/leak proof...although that may be the only cup she'll take. I'm fine with her being on the bottle as long as it doesn't interfere with the development of her mouth or teeth, but the pediatrician says the longer I wait the harder it will be to take her off the bottle, and THIS is what scares me. My other two children were so easy; they drank out of whatever I gave them. But now that I think about it...my oldest daughter wasn't really on a sippy cup that long before she used regular cups.
  7. So my 12 month old has been weaned off of formula and is on whole milk. Pediatrician wants her off the bottle ASAP, and it has been WAR!!! I tried to start her on a sippy cup with handles when she was 9-months old, just like I did with her siblings. This is the look I got :001_huh:. Then after her 12 month check-up I threw away all of her bottles and gave her different sippy cups to see which one she liked the best. Still I got this:001_huh:. After a couple of days, I had to run to the store and I bought her a couple of bottles because she wasn't drinking at all unless it was from an "adult" cup or from a straw. I tried the sippy cups with the straw and still I get this :001_huh:. Now, instead of :001_huh:, I get :angry: any time I give her a cup. My mom and DH says to give her time, that some kids don't accept change as easily as others....but I'm scared that I'll have a 3 year old still wanting a bottle with tooth decay!!!! I hate to see what we're going to go through when I plan on taking her binky!!!! Suggestions please!!!!
  8. :grouphug: I know what you're going through. We had to go to rent a center to rent a computer until we saved up enough money to buy a new one when our old one died last year. We don't believe in credit cards either....and don't feel bad. I cried like a baby when we went through it too. I was going to school online, and had to use the library's computer until we figured out what to do. They will only let people use the CP for one hour at a time...it was sooooo frustrating!!!
  9. I think primary colors would be awesome for a school room, that's what I would paint if I had a school room. Two yellow walls, a red wall, and a blue wall.
  10. We live in a tiny duplex 3 bedroom apartment, so no school room for us. We set up a table in our kitchen, and I've converted part of my bedroom into storage for school books and supplies. I have three bookshelves, a plastic cabinet with different size drawers, and a desk in my bedroom. I also have this neat nylon collapsible organizer that has six small removable compartments and a very large compartment. I keep all of our math manipulatives organized with this. So far this works for us, and I have plenty of room for everything. Our kitchen is the classroom, the living room is our media room, and my room is everything else :lol:
  11. My children have had the same pediatrician since my son was 3 yrs old. She came to see my daughters when they were both born. I feel I have an awesome relationship with her, and will be sad when my children outgrow her. It CAN be hard to find a good doctor that you can afford (or accepts your insurance) and trust, especially on the vaccination issue. I prefer vaccinations, and since we have been seeing her my children are up to date. It is very important for babies to see a doctor aside from being vaccinated. There are various developmental milestones that babies should reach that sometimes only a qualified physician can look for. If babies don't reach these milestones, doctors can start finding causes and solutions. It's never too late, and don't beat yourself up. It can be overwhelming. Why not call your local hospital, your insurance provider, or even recruit local friends and family to help? I found their doctor through my hospital. Ask neighbors what doctor they use for their children...call around. I'm sure you will find what u r looking for. :grouphug:
  12. I'm a Catholic convert, my husband is a traditional Baptist. We are raising our kids Catholic. My advice to you is to pray, pray, pray!!! IT works and can do wonders for your family. My husband sometimes feels like the ugly duckling since my kids don't really enjoy going to his church anymore. He's agreed to go to mass with us to check it out, but he hasn't done so yet. I converted because I had a calling from God to do so. Stay firm in your faith and believe that God will bring peace to your family.;)
  13. I am considering veiling for mass and skirt wearing full-time. My DH said he wouldn't have a problem with it. It's not that I don't think a woman cannot be conservative in pants or capris, it would just be so much simpler for me to buy clothes that I would feel comfortable wearing anywhere. I wouldn't need a separate wardrobe for church, errands, around the home, family get-togethers, etc. I could just wear a skirt and blouse. Of course during the summer, I would probably wear culottes under my skirts, and tights and boots during the winter. But I would save a ton on clothes with this transition. I would also feel more feminine. I would do whatever feels like God is calling me to do. I wouldn't make this a requirement for my daughters, but my five year old prefers skirts and dresses to shorts and pants. She's very girly. She wants a mantilla to match mine, as well. I think many of our daughters will adapt to what we do anyway.
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